New Season Updates of the Street Outlaws Cast and their Net Worth

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“Street Outlaws” is all about street car racing. Street Ourlaws is an American reality series that premiered on June 10, 2013, on the Discovery channel. It boasts some of the fastest street car racers in America. This reality show is currently in its 14th season. The racers endanger their lives, spend a small amount of money and risk going to jail, and move to their top ten list. If a racer wins the race, then he will grab a cool worth; otherwise, you know what will happen.

Let’s learn the net worth and salary of each of the show’s cast members, including their short wiki-bio.

Justin Shearer Net Worth

There wouldn’t be Street Outlaws without Justin Shearer, aka Big Chief, is one of the most famous professional street racers. He was born on 9 December 1980, in Louisville, Kentucky, in the USA. After his father’s death, Justin was raised by his single mom, working at two different places to bring up her two sons.

Image of Justin Shearer
Justin Shearer from Street Outlaws TV show

At a tender age, Justin interested in car racing after he moved to Oklahoma City with his family. He participated in car racing when he was 12. Eventually, he became part of the Discovery channel’s Street Outlaws.

As of now, Justin Shearer’s net worth is $2 million. His first car was a 1972 Pontiac LeMans, and later, he named it “The Crow.” The racer is now living a blissful married life with her long term girlfriend, Allicia Shearer. The two met when he was 18 at the full-gas station.

Justin and Alicia got married on September 29, 2006, and they share two sons; Corbin Shearer and Covil Shearer. Moreover, he was rumored to have an affair with Jackie Braasch following him on the show.

Kye Kelley Net Worth

Kye Kelley is the man to beat who is also known as “Shocker.” he was born to American parents to Kyle Kelly I and Tammy Kelly on May 18, 1985, In magnolia, Mississippi, making is age 34. He graduated from South Park Senior High School. When he was not in school, he did odd jobs to earn some money. Due to inadequate financial conditions, he left his study and started worked as a fire watcher.

Image of Street Outlaws cast Kye Kelley
Street Outlaws cast Kye Kelley

The man left his job after 12 years to became the street racers. He makes pretty good money as a street racer. Kye Kelly’s net worth is $500,000 and earned an annual salary of $150,00 from the show, Street Outlaws.

Kye Kelly was married to ex-wife, Alise Moto, who is a nurse by profession. After being a relationship for a short period, the couple got engaged on May 21st, 2014, and exchanged the wedding band in August 2015. They have a daughter named Kenadeigh Alexa Kelly, born on March 25, 2016.

However, their marriage lasted for about three years and subsequently got divorced. Now, Kelly is in a relationship with his girlfriend, Lizzy Musi, since 2017.

Farmtruck Net Worth

Sean Whitley, aka Farmtruck, is best known as the driver of the 19870 Chevy long bed truck. He is one of the original cast members of the Street Outlaws. Farmtruck got his first interest in trucks from riding his father’s 1956 Ford pickup, at the age of 12. He had a series of the truck that he messed in his life.

Image of Street Outlaws cast Farmtruck
Street Outlaws cast Farmtruck

Apart from racing, Farmtruck, and his buddy, AZN love to go fishing. Farmtruck and AZN, along with their engine genius friend Terry aka The Mad Scientist, can’t get off the crazy cars.  Farmtruck gathered a surmountable amount of fortune as a car racer. Farmtruck’s net worth is said to be $2 million.

Furthermore, many rumors are swirling around regarding his relationships. No one knows the reality star’s personal life, including his family and wife. He is a secretive person and has revealed anything about his dating affairs and kids.

Daddy Dave Net Worth

Daddy Dave‘s real name is David Comstock, born on 4th April 1973 to Peter and marge in Shawnee Oklahoma and raised along with his brothers. He has been racing quite a long time.

Image of Street Outlaws cast Daddy Dave
Street Outlaws cast Daddy Dave

At the age of 16, Daddy Dave started driving his father’s cars and gradually developed his interest in car racing. Before featuring on the Street Outlaws, he made his first appearance on a Tv shows, Pinks, in 2009.

With 20-plus years in the racing, Daddy Dave earned a considerable amount of net worth. David Comstock has a net worth of $900,000 and has a salary of $20,000 per episode. Moreover, Daddy Dav is a family man and has two beautiful daughters.

Shawn Ellington Net Worth

Shawn Ellington, aka Murder Nova, rose to prominence after making his appearance on the Discovery reality show ‘Street Outlaws.’  Street Outlaws’ Murder Nova was born on 15th November 1977, in California, which makes his age 42. After moving to Oklahoma City, he got a 1969 Chevy Nova and named the racing car ‘Murder Nova.’ With the help of Big Chief, Chuck, and other friends, he reclaims his spot in the top ten list.

Image of Street Outlaws cast Daddy Dave
Street Outlaws cast Daddy Dave

According to sources, Shawn Ellington has an estimated net worth is $700,000. Moreover, he was “Kings of the Streets” for three years before losing the title to Doc. Murder Nova has been married to his wife Erin for more than a decade. The couple has a son, Aiden, born on 8th February 2006.

Kamikaze Net Worth

Chris Dave, aka Kamikaze, popped up in the background on the episode of Season 3 of Street Outlaws. Kamikaze is the childhood friend of Big Chief, and growing up riding bikes together can continuously get into all kinds of trouble. However, it is unknown when and where he was born. Chris’s nickname ‘Kamikaze’ was given by his friend Big Chief.

Kamikaze got into street races because his father used to race cars and boats. After he got his driving license, he traded his dirt bike and involved in street racing with his friend. Sources claim that Kamikaze’s net worth is $300,000. We can safely say that most of his wealth comes from the show, Street Outlaws.

Image of Street Outlaws cast Kamikaze
Street Outlaws cast Kamikaze

Fans are asking about his personal life that this star is married or not in real life. Does he have children? Unfortunately, we are unable to find the answers to these questions. As though he has kept all of the details to himself.

Chuck Net Worth

TV personality Chuck is one of the racing veterans out of the group. He is best known for his 1989 Ford Fox Body Mustang ‘Death Trap.’ Chuck was titled Rookie of the Year by the NOPI Drag Racing Association and also won the 2004 Nitrous Express P/4 XBOX Cup Championship in the 4 Cylinder division.

Image of Street Outlaws cast Chuck
Street Outlaws cast Chuck

Chuck was born in Oklahoma City in 1970, and currently, he is 49 years old. Although not much info is known about his early life and family background. The Street Outlaws star is married to his unidentified wife, whom he has three daughters. His eldest daughter, Chelsea Kathryn Swanksinger is studying veterinary medicine at the University of Oklahoma.

Chuck earns a good amount of fortune in terms of salary. As per sources, Chuck’s net worth is $500,000. However, his actual salary is still under the radar. Moreover, Chuck Seitsinger is the owner of Chuck Seitsinger Racing. In addition, Chuck is a friend of Big Chief, Murder Nova, and Daddy Dave.

Dominator Net Worth

The real name Joe Woods was born in the automotive world. He is popularly known as Dominator and got his first car a 56′ Chevy at the age of 13. Since then, Dominator fixed up and raced muscle cars. Currently, he drives a 1967 Dodge Dart car on Street Outlaws.

Image of Street Outlaws cast Dominator
Street Outlaws cast Dominator

Also, Dominator is a welder and rebuilt lots of cars by himself, including the car cage. In 2017, Dominator’s net worth was $500,000. Now, it is believed that Dominator’s estimated net worth to be approximately $1 million. Besides his profession, he has his own merchandise and apparel like t-shirts.

Dominator is married to Kylie Woods. The two went on their first date way back in 2012, and briefly, after dating, they married.

Monza Net Worth

Image of Street Outlaws cast Monza
Street Outlaws cast Monza

Standing at six feet four inches, Jerry Johnston, aka Monza, drives a black Chevrolet Camaro and of the famous cast of Street Outlaws. Monza owns a 1972 Chevrolet Camaro Sports and named it “Sinister Split Bumper.”

Monza defeated Doc in the race and moved into the No. Three, and one day sure, he will get the title “King of the Streets.” Monza accumulates a net worth of $500,000. Most of his earnings come from the show. However, his actual salary is not available yet.
Jerry Johnston tied the nuptial knot with his wife Tammy Johnston in the year 1986. The couple is living together for more than three decades without any rumor and scandal. They have two children named Brandon and Britanni.

Doc Net Worth

Birth name James Love aka Doc races “The Street Beast,” a 1970 Chevy Monte Carlo. He was born on 19 February 1969, in Moore, Oklahoma, that makes his age 50. Doc graduated from Moore High School and later enrolled at the Universal Technical Institute in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Image of Street Outlaws cast Doc
Street Outlaws cast Doc

His passion for cars dragged him into racing. Doc summoned massive cash as one of the most popular racers in the Street Outlaws. As of now, Doc’s estimated net worth is $550,000.

Further, the reality star married Judy Love in 1990. Doc and Judy have two daughters named Ashtyn and Haely Love.

AZN Net Worth

Everybody knows AZN and Farmtruck are a team. The two have been in this profession for years. AZN met racing the streets of the 405 and eventually became close friends. As though his birth date and family background’s details are not known. As per sources. He is in the 30s now.

Image of Street Outlaws cast AZN
Street Outlaws cast AZN

He owned a 1966 Volkswagon bug, affectionately known as the “Dung Beetle.” Also, he loves to go fishing with his buddy Farmtruck. Street Outlaws AZN’s net worth is $350,000. Other than that, he makes extra wealth from other ventures that include a clothing store. Information about his wife of girlfriend has remained under the radar.

Street Outlaw’s Cast Controversies

Discovery’s reality show “Street Outlaws” have surrounded by lots of controversies. As the show kicked off, many automotive fans loved it. One of the casts, JJ Da Boss, once fell asleep at the wheel. While he was driving home after the race, he fell asleep and lost control and crashed.

As well, Daddy Dave had a car accident, but the good news is he survived and had minor injuries. Furthermore, back in 2015, Street Outlaws stars Justin Shearer, aka Big Chief and Chuck was in a horrible car crash. Luckily, both of them survive, but Big Chief suffered from serious injuries.

Who died on Street Outlaws?

Lets’ go back to when the Discovery’s reality show ‘Street Outlaws’ first premiered with a throwback special episodes. Car racing is one of the world’s dangerous auto races. Street Outlaw’s lots some of the legendary racers. Tyler Priddy, aka Flip, died at the age of 31 before Street Outlaws premiered. He passed away on May 28, 2013, in Yukon, Oklahoma, home.

The cause of his death is still under review. However, his death was not car racing. Another cast Butch DeMoss was one of the memorable faces on Street Outlaws. Butch DeMoss died on January 29, 2017, at the age of 43. Reported, he was found dead in his home due to a heart attack. You can tell that Fli was a beloved member of the racing community as a bunch of riders came to give him a tribute in a mass burnout. See the video below.

Street Outlaws New Season, or is it Canceled?

Street Outlaws is one of a kind reality show that contains urban city action you can never find anywhere. The fans are understandably addicted to this show and can’t seem to get enough of it. In 2019, Street Outlaws had not just one new season but three of them. Yes, Seasons 12, 13, and 14 came out in 2019 the latest season 14 coming out in September.

All the racers on the list in the new season of Street Outlaws

Still, we already have fans asking, “Is Street Outlaws Renewed?” or “Is Street Outlaws Canceled?” Well, for those people, we are unfortunately able to produce any surefire answers, but we doubt Street Outlaws has been canceled. There is no buzz about a new season 15 in development so far. Come to us in a few days to find out any new updates of the Street Outlaws’ new season.

Street Outlaws Cast Net Worth Table

Cast’s Name Spouse Net Worth Age
Justin Shearer Alicia Shearer $2 million 39
Kye Kelley Alise Moto (ex-wife), Lizzy Musi (girlfriend) $500,000 34
Farmtruck N/A $2 million N/A
Daddy Dave Cassie Comstock $900,000 45
Shawn Ellington Erin Ellington $700,000 42
Kamikaze N/A $300,000 N/A
Chuck N/A $500,000 49
Dominator Kylie Woods $500,000 N/A
Monza Tammy Johnston $500,000 N/A
Doc Judy Love $550,000 50
AZN N/A $350,000 N/A

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