Daddy Dave Alive despite Near-Death Car Crashes; Check Out his Married Life with Wife Cassie

Originally posted on February 10, 2020 @ 4:34 pm

A small wound may turn out to be huge if left untreated. And the same goes for small issues in a celebrity’s life. For example, ‘Street Outlaws’ Daddy Dave has been involved in some controversies and some accidents, which resulted in rumors of his death. There’s a lot to know about him. 

Most importantly, learn about Daddy Dave’s death rumors, car crash, and his new car. But in the way, we will inform you of his net worth, salary and also married life with his wife.

Who is Daddy Dave?  

Firstly, Daddy Dave is a professional car racer while also being a well-known TV personality from Discovery Channel’s Street Outlaws. Daddy Dave’s real name is David Comstock, who was born in the 4th of April 1973. The native American Dave got his driver’s license when he was 16 years old. The first-ever car that he drove was Chevrolet Impala. 

Image of Caption: Daddy Daves From Street Outlaws
Caption: Daddy Dave From Street Outlaws

Moreover, Daddy Dave was born to Caucasian parents mother Marge Comstock and father Peter Comstock. However, Dave did not reveal more details on his family and parents except for their names. Nonetheless, he started with the TV show Pinks, but ever since after that, he has been devoted to Street Outlaws.

How Much Does Daddy Dave Earn? Net Worth & Salary

As Daddy Dave is such an iconic racer and has a lot of fan following, his net worth and salary is something that might be a recurring question to his fans. If you are one of them, then get ready to hear what his salary and net worth might look like. 

It is true when we say that Dave has a handsome amount of salary, which is only natural for a reality star and a famous racer like him. Though it has not yet been revealed. How? It’s because though not salary, what we are aware of is Daddy Dave’s net worth, which is estimated to be around $1.5 million in 2020

Image of Caption: Daddy Dave’s Net Worth, Salary
Caption: Daddy Dave Net Worth from Street Outlaws is $1.5 Million

Isn’t that fascinating? And what’s netter is that with the increasing time in his career, Dave surely will stack up more net worth earning a higher amount of salary in the future.

Is Daddy Dave Dead or Alive? Car Crash & Death Rumors

The year 2015 in street outlaws was a little too much to handle for all of the cast. Everyone went through a thing or another. Similarly, so did Daddy Dave.  Moreover, Daddy Dave has not been in any controversies and is an immaculate man.

While racing his car Glothia when the vehicle slipped, and he suffered fatal injuries. The injuries were indeed so fatal that a huge rumor went out, which followed about Daddy Dave’s death. However, yes, he had to lose a very precious thing to him, his car “Goliath,” but apart from that, he is alive, and it was just some false death rumors. 

Image of Caption: Daddy Dave’s Car Crash (2015), Goliath
Caption: Daddy Dave’s Car Crash (2015), Goliath

After the crash, now Daddy Dave drives his new car that he built himself, which is known as Goliath 2.0. Similarly, Daddy Dave’s new car uses twin turbos.

Image of Caption: Daddy Dave’sGoliath 2.0
Caption: Daddy Dave’s Goliath 2.0

Moreover, Dave’s race with a Mustang, Goliath 2.0 vs. Mustang is a video that people still watch. Daddy Dave took a lot of time to improve his new car Goliath 2.0, which he became successful at. 

Caption: Daddy Dave racing in Mustang Goliath 2

Who is Daddy Dave Married to? Meet his wife, Cassie

It took quite a while for Dave to open up about his marriage to his gorgeous wife, Cassie Comstock. Apparently, they exchanged their vows in 2013, and since the day till today with no controversy and rumors of falling apart, they have been together. It is known that Dave and Cassie are entirely in love with each other even after so long. 

Image of Caption: Daddy Dave with Wife Cassie
Caption: Daddy Dave with Wife, Cassie Comstock

Being together for so long, Dave and Cassie’s married life inevitably might have produced children, right? Cassie gave birth to their children a while ago. However, Dave has refused to provide any information regarding the two daughters. 

Image of Caption: Daddy Dave’s Baby Daughter
Caption: Daddy Dave’s Baby Daughter

We don’t know much about both of her daughters. One of them is called Krisyana, who is currently a freshman at Yukon High School. She plays baseball and has been a star player since Middle School. Cassie really loves to hang out with Krisyana and uses ‘#shesgonnadogreatthing‘ in photos of her daughter. She is truly a proud mother.

Image of Caption: Daddy Dave and Cassy Comstock's daughter, Krisyana
Caption: Daddy Dave and Cassie Comstock’s daughter, Krisyana

Daddy Dave’s wife also has another daughter from a previous relationship; it seems by the name of Shaia Comstock. Through Shaiah, Cassie is the grandmother of her baby son, Kai. So, Dave is also a step-grandfather.

Daddy Dave Social Media Updates: What is he up to now?

Instagram is Dave’s go-to. He updates his fans on his cars a lot through Instagram.  Dave’s recent Instagram post was about an event for children with cancer, which he captioned, “Racers & Sponsors… it’s not too late to be part of this race for children with cancer and their families!”

Similarly, his Facebook post was also about the same thing. He keeps on updating his Facebook and Instagram feed with racing details and car.

Now, as per his twitter account, the last update on his twitter was back in November of 2016.

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