What is Rich Lewis’s Net Worth after Leaving Mountain Men?

Originally posted on July 16, 2020 @ 12:59 pm

Trust us! ‘Mountain Men’ cast members are not the group of boomers you should be disrespecting. You won’t survive a day living only off of nature’s graces while combating the deadly cold weather, rough geography, and dangerous wildlife like these, but these older men can. So why did one of the cast leave the show? Is he permanently leaving the show or returning soon? Find out

Also, in this article, we are covering what Rich Lewis is doing now. Learn about his biography here, where you can also see Rich Lewis’s net worth and married life in a wiki.

Why did Rich Lewis Leave’ Mountain Men’?

Rich Lewis joined the ‘Mountain Men’ in season 2 and quickly became one of the favorite cast members among the viewers. He appeared in altogether 83 episodes of the series until 2017. Yes, season 6 was the last that we saw of the great Rich Lewis.

Image of Rich Lewis's net worth and married life
Caption: Rich Lewis’s net worth and married life

So, why did he leave? Although we still have no precise answer, insiders believe that age was a contributing factor. Rich Lewis’s age is not available information, but we can say that the man must be at least in his early 60s. Not only does he live off the land away from civilization, but he is professionally a hunter.

He mostly just hunts for Elks and other small games for food and other materials, but he also kills for mountain lions, which pose a threat to himself and other people living in the area. It is a job that requires great patience and a greater reflex. Lewis already paid the price of not being careful and fast enough when he lost a lion killed one of his dogs named Roxie.

Caption: Rich Lewis training his dogs

Lewis still feels guilty about not being able to protect one of his lovable hounds. It just goes to show how dangerous and unpredictable life can be at his profession. So, his slowing reflexes sue to his ripening age could be a factor of him leaving the show.

Is Rich Lewis Returning to ‘Mountain Men’?

We are still not sure if Rich Lewis will ever return to the show. He could be done with the entire “Mountain Men” gig and retiring from the lifestyle like co-stars Tom Oar who also left the show one year after Rich Lewis. Tom Oar is now living a more comfortable life in Florida.

However, he could also just be done with being part of the TV show like Marty Meierotto, an original cast member of the show who also left after season 17 to be away from the camera and spent some quality time with his family. It was mainly for his 13-year-old son Noah who he wanted to raise with his undivided love and attention.

Caption: Rich Lewis left Mountain Men

Whatever be the case, Rich will certainly not be returning to the show anytime soon. As his well-wishers, it will be a bittersweet moment for us as he is leaving, but it is for his well-being. We wish his good luck in whatever plans and endeavors he has set for his future.

Rich Lewis Net Worth

Rich Lewis, despite his long tenure as a reality star of ‘Mountain Men’, has considerably less information about his net worth.  We know that ‘Mountain Men’ is one of the most popular adventure documentary series in History Channel, which gets a lot of ratings. Even a mediocre reality star could easily hold a salary of over $10,000 per episode, but this is ‘Mountain Men’ we are talking about.

Without a doubt, Rich Lewis’s salary should have been much higher, especially in the first few seasons of the series, which were trending on cable TV. Sources estimate Rich Lewis’s net worth to be around $300,000, and we think that is about the right amount. Many may believe that Rich Lewis leaving the show could decrease hi net worth, but we disagree.

Image of Richard Lewis's net worth and married wiki
Caption: Richard Lewis’s net worth and married wiki

People who are reading this article is proof that he is still a famous figure for a lot of people even after leaving the show. Furthermore, we know as the fact that all of the ‘Mountain Men’ cast are minimalists who don’t need anything more than basic necessities to survive and most of which they can find themselves in nature. So, Rich Lewis’s net worth is undoubtedly intact to the $300,000.

Rich Lewis’s Married Life

Rich Lewis, as also made public through the show, is a married man. He is married to his wife by the name of Diane, for more than 30 years. Despite having such a long marriage, the couple does not have any children yet. At their age, perhaps they will never will, but that’s for them to decide. We don’t have any more information about his marriage or wife than this.

Rich Lewis Bio

Richard Lewis was born in Idaho, USA. Almost all of his early life bio and childhood are missing from our archives. We do know that his love for nature roots back to his childhood. He would wander around and explore the nature around him. He only came to Montana along with his wife to settle in Ruby Valley.

The Mountain Men star is a hunter of a legendary status who is considered a hero by the villagers of Ruby Village. He goes well beyond his way for other people, taking care of pesky mountain lions that terrorize the entire village. He also once came to help them put out a fire.

Rich Lewis Wiki Table

Name Rich Lewis
Birthplace Idaho, USA
Birthdate N/A
Age The early 60s
Net Worth $300,000
Salary Under review
Marital Status Married
Wife Diane
Children No

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