New Face of Mountain Men, Josh Kirk’s Married Life & Net Worth

Originally posted on July 16, 2020 @ 12:58 pm

We are delighted to meet new cast members of our favorite shows, but at the same time, we value your reviews and feelings as well. So, let us have a look at what you thought of Josh Kirk, shall we? Josh Kirk is one of the newest members of the History TV’s hit reality show ‘Mountain Men.’ It’s our duty and honor to write everything we know so far about him.

So fasten your seatbelts as we take you into a ride through his married life, net worth, and biography. Without further ado, who is Josh Kirk?

Who is Josh Kirk? Early Life

Josh Kirk is the hunter, homesteader, and rancher who will be one of the new stars of ‘Mountain Men‘ on its latest season 9. Josh Kirk just recently came into the limelight with this currently running season so, figuring out his wiki and bio details were next to impossible. As anticipated, we don’t have his exact birthdate, but he is 35 years old, so he was born in 1975.

Image of Josh Kirk's Net Worth & Bio
Caption: Josh Kirk’s Net Worth & Bio

Josh Kirk came from a strict and religious family in Georgia. His great-great-grandmother was a Cherokee Native American, and his father wanted to homestead when he was young, and their family had to move into an Amish-Mennonite community. After staying there a few years, his entire family learned all the basics there were to live in a homestead. So, Kirk grew up homeschooled and self-educated.

At the age of 11, he was already working full-time, and at the age of 15, he left his home. He then began to move around with indigenous groups for a while at the age of 18.

Josh Kirk’s Earnings from his Bison Ranch

Josh Kirk’s net worth is something we will have to calculate through detailed data. He currently owns a ranch where he raises probably the most dangerous cattle, which are the American Bison since 2018. Once a species of animals that were often hunted to extinction, hunting and produce bans are slowly rejuvenating their numbers. He himself owns 403 Bison, who are 3.5 to 4 years old.

Image of Jason Kirk runs a ranch with American Bisons
Caption: Jason Kirk runs a ranch with American Bisons

Soon, Bison may be able to return as a delicacy as their numbers grow even further. Even today, Bison meat is quite popular among people with exquisite taste who considers it meaner and even slightly sweeter than average beef. Bison meat that cost only an average of $2.36 in 2008 and $2.73 in 2010 per pound rose significantly in 2017, almost doubling to the price of $4.83. Now, it costs well over $5 in many states.

Furthermore, the whole Bison industry is a large market that is not even fully commercialized yet. In 2017, Bison meat worth over $370 million was bought overall. So, the chances are that it could be a multi-billion dollar industry with a limited number of suppliers. Mind you, unlike regular cattle; Bison are neither domestic nor docile. They are wild and smart and can quickly kill a human being.

Moreover, Bison are raised in their natural habitat, which like Josh Kirk’s ranch in the feet of Wind River Range, Wyoming. It is a surrounding of cold weather and dangerous hills and mountains where a wrong step will kill you just as much as a Bison. Kirk definitely makes a majority of his net worth through his earnings from the ranch and homestead, but he also has other endeavors.

Josh Kirk’s Net Worth from Other Endeavors

He is a hunter, so he hunts most of his food. So far, viewers who keep up with the show already got to witness his hunting skills. In one of the episodes, Josh Kirk hunts down an adult Buck and then proceeds to cut into the carcass then and there to remove its heart. Many viewers looked away from their TV screens as Kirk bit into the heart claiming the motive of it was to free the animal’s spirit.

Caption: Mountain Men season 9 teaser trailer

We know Josh Kirk spent time with the indigenous people, so he probably learned some Native-American values. Josh Kirk is also now a part of ‘Mountain Men, ‘ which means than on top of a handsome salary, he has fame and recognition, which will bring him more earnings. Kirk is definitely happy for some national attention towards his work as a conservationist of the once-extinct Bison.

Net Worth from Conservation & Survival Education

He also has some strong views of the modern sense of civilization. He preaches a doctrine about how modern-day conveniences have forsaken our freedom. Being brought up without amenities like a fridge, TV, in-house heating, or cooling, he thinks people pay more than such superficial materials are worth.

Similarly, he takes pride in being a survivalist and teaches people how to survive and live directly out of nature just like him. After himself having a near-death experience at 21 years of age after catching hypothermia in a Utah blizzard, he helps other people to find all necessary things that are food, water, shelter, and fire in the wild.

Moreover, to spread the knowledge of the conservation of nature, he even goes on a little tour of schools. Now he accompanies him, a Bison baby by the name of Pendleton, to help gather interests of young children. All his career pursuits have to be given credit for both financial and humanitarian reasons. His net worth is still under review, but we believe we will have the amount shortly.

Josh Kirk’s Married Life & Future with the Show

Josh Kirk, as clearly stated and seen in ‘Mountain Men’, is married. His wife’s name is Bonnie, and they also have a daughter together whose name is Eden. Nothing more is there to know about his marriage or family. Both his wife and daughter make their appearance, but it is clear that Josh Kirk does not want to give out any more details about his family, and we respect that.

Now for Josh Kirk’s future with the show, it is still too early to tell, but so far, the feedback hasn’t been so good for the 35-year-old. Many do not think he is the right cast member for the show, while some are still on the ropes with their decision. Josh Kirk does have big shoes to fill with several original cast members like Tom Oar and Marty Meierotto, leaving the show in quick succession.

However, we doubt that even if the feedback is too bad, Josh Kirk will leave the show immediately. The creators will have to understand that new faces require second chances and then son, so Josh Kirk will probably return for one more season at the very least.

Josh Kirk Wiki Table

Name Josh Kirk
Birthdate 1975
Age 35 years old
Home state Georgia
Current Residence Wind River Range, Wyoming
Profession Bison Rancher, Hunter, Trapper, Survivalist
Net Worth Under review
Marital Status Married
Wife Bonnie
Children One Daughter (Eden)

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