Dirty Mudder Truckers Cast and their Dirtily Massive Net Worth

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Some people find it difficult to park their cars in a tight corner. Then again, there are people racing trucks and heavy vehicles with utmost ease and comfort. Dirty Mudder Truckers is one reality TV show which focuses on truck racing teams going through the difficult and dangerous roads full of extreme obstacles that an average driver cannot comphrend.

So, are you a person who has interests in truck racing? And loves reality racing show? If so, then move down and read the short bio of four of the main cast members of Dirty Mudder Truckers from the following article.

Chris Libak Net Worth & Children

Even though there are no official records concerning his date of birth, however, as per sources, Chris Libak is currently 27 years of age. Furthermore, Chris was an admirer of cars and trucks since he was 12 years of age. Moreover, he started to race cars and trucks since the age of twelve. He has car racing in his blood as his father, grandfather, and uncle all have been accomplished racers of their time.

Image of Dirty Mudder Truckers cast Chris Libak
Dirty Mudder Truckers cast Chris Libak.

Chris is the leading cast member of the show and has competed for the Dirty 7 in the mega truck. Some other places and events he was in include; Lazy Springs Recreation Park, Redneck Mud Pack, Charlotte County’s Florida Tracks, and many more.

In the Discovery Channel, Dirty Mudders Truckers, each racing event comprises seven challenging races, which are designed to test the endurance of any participant willing to take on the Dirty 7. The races take place in The Pit, a 750 stretch of turf having a space of 10-foot jump.

The event is not for the lighthearted people, as only the toughest, fiercest cast members are likely to survive the many obstacles during the course before making it on to the finishing line. After which the claim bragging rights to being the best of the best and receives the prize pot.

The prominent Dirty Mudders Truck star cast members, Chris Libak, uses his 392 Chevy custom-made, which also goes by the name of Animalistic in the show that can tackle any rough track. Furthermore, Libak is a family man and a father of two children with whom he shares his lavish home in Florida.

On the other hand, his salary per episode from the show, Dirty Mudder Truckers, has not been officially disclosed by the Discovery channel as of yet. However, as per several sources, Chris Libak’s net worth is estimated to be around $250,000.

Pete Net Worth & Bio

Pete is one of the prominent cast members of Dirty Mudder Truckers. He is the type of person and driver that will do anything to win and put on a show. Pete wants everyone to talk about him at the end of the season. He has not officially revealed his date of birth or family details as he kept the information under wraps. However, he has been passionate about car and truck racing since his early childhood days.

Image of Dirty Mudder Truckers cast Pete
Dirty Mudder Truckers cast Pete.

In the show, Pete named his 1993 Toyota mega truck Chasin’ Paper because he will go any length it takes to get that money – whether as a landscaper by day or winning cash and other side bets.

His racing philosophy includes putting his truck in gear and holds on. The ambitious Pete has not officially disclosed his annual salary from the show. However, as per several sources, Pete’s net worth is expected to be around $175,000.

Randy Priest Net Worth

While there is not much about his parent’s details and early life, however, when Randy was a child, people used to mock him by saying that he was a stick boy because he was fragile and skinny. He took that name seriously and built Mudstick, a 2003 Dodge Dakota, a substantial, sturdy truck that possesses a lot of horsepowers.
Furthermore, he has also built the truck in only four months and said that one doesn’t need a college degree or some fancy lawyer to create a beautiful and robust vehicle.
Image of Dirty Mudder Truckers cast Randy Priest
Dirty Mudder Truckers cast Randy Priest.
Similarly, Randy is also very obsessive about his Mudstick truck, as he always wanted to upgrade it every time. Nonetheless, he’s looking forward to a return grudge matches against Ricky Fowler of the Cajun Lonestars, who drives the Hulk truck.
The hardworking Randy Priest has earned a substantial sum of income from his career. As of now, the Dirty Mudder Truckers cast member. Randy Priest’s net worth is $125,000.

Keith Spiker Net Worth

Keith Spiker has one of the biggest mouths on Dirty Mudder Truckers. Spiker named his pride and joy Hammerhead after his own personality; he’ll do the same thing again and again.
Spiker is known for being the loudmouth of the show and has made his bright orange, 1983 Chevy 1500 truck. Furthermore, Spiker is one of the OG racers from Central Florida, who helped shape and gave direction to the sport from its grassroots days until what it is today.
Image of Dirty Mudder Truckers cast Keith Spiker
Dirty Mudder Truckers cast Keith Spiker.
He is not in Dirty Mudder Truckers to win the overall competition but also to make a statement to other competitors. Likewise, everybody on the show wants to take on Keith Spiker just to shut him up but none more so than his fiercest competitor Matt Bonette of the Southern Mudkings.
On the other hand, he makes a decent living from his career as a car and truck driving profession. As per several sources, Dirty Mudder’s loudmouth, Keith Spiker maintained his net worth at $150,000.

Dirty Mudder Truckers Cast Net Worth Table

Cast Members Net worth
Chris Libak $250,000
Pete $175,000
Randy Priest $125,000
Keith Spiker $150,000

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