Jason Hawk: Who is His Wife? Know His Net Worth

Originally posted on June 19, 2020 @ 12:54 pm

Living off the grid isn’t that easy as you think, but watching the show, Mountain Men, is fun to watch. Mountain Men is one of the famous shows on the History Channel. The show has invited viewers into the lives of the cast members, Marty Meierotto, Charlie Tucker, Eustace Conway, Tom Oar, and The Hawks. The cast members live in the North American wilderness.

Jason Hawk is one of the main cast members who have been featured in the show since the beginning. He and his family all homestead in Arkansas and stake their claim in the untamed Ozarks. Let’s get a little deeper to know more about Jason Hawk.

Quick Facts

Name Jason Hawk
Birthdate 1960
Birthplace Arkansas
Age 60
Profession Reality Star
Net Worth over $300,000
Spouse Mary Hawk
Children Three
Nationality American
Height N/A

Jason Hawk is a Knife Maker

Reality star Jason Hawk was born in 1960, making him 60, but the exact date of his birth is still under wrap. Jason spent his childhood and adult life in the Ozark mountains in Arkansas to a family of artists and forged in the heat of the Arizona desert. Jason grew up at his father’s shop learning the skills of handcrafting. He has been living off-grid for more than a decade. Furthermore, Jason is honing his skills as a bladesmith and hunter.

Image of Jason features on the Mountain Men along with his wife, Mary
Caption: Jason features on the Mountain Men along with his wife, Mary

His forge career began in the late 1990s, and since then, he has been forging blades. In 2016, Jason Hawk achieved the rank of Master Smith under Neo Tribal Metalsmith founder and knife, making legend Tai Goo. Additionally, Hawk has his own blade-making business named Outlaw Forge Works.

Jason Hawk Features on The Reality Show, Mountain Men

Jason is well-known for her appearance in History Channel’s Mountain Men. He joined the show in season five, and since then, he has appeared on the show.

See the video below.

The Season 9 of Mountain Men has aired on History Channel on June 4, 2020. After bone-chilling winter, the Mountain Men relied on ingenuity, tenacity, and determination to weather the worst that the elements could bring to bear.

This season is very different than in previous seasons. In season 9, the cold-forged mettle will be tested like never before. You can check out Jason and other cast members on Thursday nights at 9 pm EST on History Channel.

Watch the short clip of the Mountain Men Season 9.

Aside from that, Jason appeared in other television shows such as No Man’s Land and Epic Movie.

Jason Hawk is Married to Mary Hawk

The reality TV persona, Jason, has been married to his wife, Mary Hawk, since 2008. The duo has been living 12 years of blissful married life. His wife is a herbalist, as well as a grid expert.

Mary also featured in the show and worked by her husband in his work. The Hawks have been able to overcome anything that nature has thrown their way. In recent years, the Hawks left Arizona to build a homestead in Arkansas.

Jason and Mary have two beautiful daughters, Madeline Rose and River. He often shares photos of his children on his social media.


According to Distractify, it is claimed that Jason has a son, Kai, from his previous relationship. However, not much is known about his son’s mom or his childhood. Hawk even shared a few pictures on his Facebook account. In 2011, he posted a photo of his son and daughter, River, on his Facebook and showed the siblings cuddled up in a tent.

Image of Jason’s son, Kai, and daughter, River were cuddling up together
Caption: Jason’s son, Kai, and daughter, River were cuddling up together

Jason Hawk’s Wife is a Herbalist

As we earlier mentioned that she works with her husband and even appears on the Mountain Men. By profession, she is a herbal specialist and also makes jewelry and medicine from natural products. Furthermore, she is a nature lover and loves adventure.

Being a reality star’s wife, she zipped her mouth and didn’t talk about their personal matter on the camera. In addition, she has a tattoo below her left shoulder.

How Much is Jason Hawk’s Net Worth?

Jason Hawk makes quite a decent amount of money from his appearance on the reality TV show. We aren’t sure about his salary. He hasn’t disclosed his salary that he earns per episode. Let’s talk about the net worth that he accumulates from his professional career. Further, the net worth is not revealed to the public.

According to some online sources, Jason Hawk’s estimated net worth is more than $300,000. Surely, his net worth will increase in the upcoming year. Also, he makes extra money from his own blade business.

Jason Has a Tattoo on His Face

Jason hasn’t addressed the tattoo on his face or the scars that appeared underneath his eyes. Also, Hawk hasn’t made any social media post regarding his tattoo.

Image of Jason has never talked about his face’s tattoo on the camera
Caption: Jason has never talked about his face’s tattoo on the camera

Jason is Active on Social Media

The reality star does have an account on social networking sites such as Facebook and Instagram. In addition to being a reality star, Jason doesn’t show off his lifestyle on social media, but he does promote his business and the beautiful knives he crafts.

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