Who is Zac Efron’s Partner, Darin Olien? His Wiki, Bio, Age, Net Worth

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Anybody else excited for the brand new Netflix ‘Down to Earth with Zac Efron.’ It is one of the unique series we have heard about in a while, and it has got everything. The show’s concept of traveling to faraway countries in search of healthy and sustainable food, cooking, and cultures sounds like a blast, but the fact that Zac Efron leads it makes it the frosting on top of the cake.

However, Zac Efron is not alone in this life-changing journey. He is in the good company of Darin Olien, who is the best man for the job. Who exactly is Darin Olien? Check out his net worth and married life in his biography.

Caption: Down to Earth with Zac Efron and Darin Olien

Who is Darin Olien? Early Life Bio

Darin Olien is a man of many titles; wellness coach, author, TV host, and entrepreneur. Moreover, he also introduces himself as an “exotic superfood hunter” and “supplement formulator.” Darin Olien was born in Minnesota, United States. We have no further information about his early life and childhood.

We couldn’t even find his birthdate even though we know he celebrates his birthday annually on November 8, making his age also a mystery. However, if we were to estimate his age, we would place it in his mid-50s. We also know that he comes from Caucasian ethnicity and is Christian in terms of his faith. After witnessing firsthand the effects of a grapefruit cleanse in school, Darin Olien dreamed of becoming a health and nutrition specialist.

Image of Darin Olien's net worth and married life
Caption: Darin Olien’s net worth and married life

His dreams and desires became even more apparent in college when a football injury left him seeking alternative forms of medications to the western ones. He also had a childhood full of illness and thus always knew there would be a healthier treatment method.

Darin Olien’s Profitable Business of Barùka Nuts

Darin Olien, since then, was on a path of greatness. It was this search of new, healthy, and sustainable food that got him to the discovery of the barùka nut. For people who do not know, Barùka is a nut found in South America that is rich in protein, fiber, antioxidants, and minerals that was important to both the indigenous people and the environment where it is found.

Image of Darin Olien promoting Barùka nuts
Caption: Darin Olien promoting Barùka nuts

Darin Olien was in Cerrado, Brazil, when one of his fans from the country reached out to him to inform him about the nut. He even sent in some samples which scientific research was proving to be exactly the kind of item Olien was looking for that the Western world was oblivious to. He immediately began investing in the establishment of a market for these buts.

At first, the unorganized market almost collapsed because large portions of money were being poured onto the indigenous groups who would produce the nuts. It even led to some conflict among different groups. So, Olien learned from his mistakes, creating a more transparent and well-planned market system.

The indigenous groups were now working under equal fair wages that were made public along with a long-term promise of a 20-years work contract. Now, Darin Olien is part of a thriving business of Barùka nuts, which is sustainable, just like his ideology. His single endeavor could easily collect him a net worth of hundreds of thousands of dollars, but we are just scratching the surface of his career right now.

Image of Darin Olien helps indigenous communities through business
Caption: Darin Olien helps indigenous communities through business

Darin Olien, the Author & Radio Personality

Darin Olien has many other ventures, but some of them made him more famous, on top of bringing him a lot of money than others. We are talking about his career as an author as well. Many may remember him as the writer behind ‘Superlife: The Five Fixes that will Keep You Healthy, Fit and Eternally Awesome,’ which came out in 2015.

Image of Darin Olien is the writer of the book 'Superlife.'
Caption: Darin Olien is the writer of the book ‘Superlife.’

On top of his quite successful book, Darin Olien also hosts his popular radio podcast, ‘The Darin Olien Show.’ He invited several high ranking guests to attend his podcast that ranges from Rich Roll to Lauren Monroe. Now that he is also Zac Efron’s co-star in ‘Down to Earth,’ he is bound to shoot to ever greater heights of fame, which will certainly increase his net worth.

Olien also constantly develops new dietary programs that are massively popular and effective. He currently works with the company Beachbody to produce multiple incredibly successful programs like ‘Shakeology” and “Ultimate 21 Day-Detoxes,” which are about shakes, detox drinks, and other food items for fitness.

Unfortunately, despite knowing so much about Darin Olien, we have no idea about his net worth and salary, which is still under review.

Darin Olien Married and Dating Life

Darin Olien as interesting as a life he has remains very private about his married and dating life. He was married to ‘Happy Endings‘ actress, Eliza Coupe, near the end of 2014. There is very little to go on about their marriage, especially when they got a divorce as of 2018. It seems it was the couple’s mutual decision to get a divorce as they still share a good relationship even after their marriage is over.


Maybe that was also the reason Olien was able to get his ex-wife’s ‘Scrubs’ co-star, John C. McGinley, to ‘The Darin Olien Show.’ Darin Olien, also as a wellness coach or nutrients and fitness guide, has made acquaintance with many A-listers like Hugh Jackman and Josh Brolin. He owns a German shepherd by the name of Chaga that he loves very much.


Darin Olien Wiki Table

Name Darin Olien
Birthplace Minnesota, US
Birthdate The 1960s
Age The Mid 50s
Profession Wellness coach, superfood hunter, entrepreneur, TV, and radio personality
Net Worth Under review
Salary Under Review
Marital Status Divorcee
Ex-Wife Eliza Coupe (m2014-2018)
Children No
Social Media Facebook, Instagram, Twitter

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