Jackie Braasch – Facts About Justin “Big Chief” Shearer Girlfriend

Originally posted on January 28, 2020 @ 5:05 am

Auto racing has been a man’s sport ever since the beginning of the automobile. Men dominated racing worldwide, but there have always been women who are trying hard to blaze their own trail in motorsport. Women proved that they could drive faster than men. Among them, one famous name is Jackie Braasch.

Garage mechanic’s daughter, Jackie Braasch, became a famous female in motorsports. She has always been passionate about racing, and car racing is in her vein. The exciting fact is Jackie is in love with Street Outlaws star Justin Shearer aka Big Chief.

Follow us to know more about Big Chief’s girlfriend and their love story.

Jackie Braasch is a Drag Racer

The daughter of a motor mechanic Jackie Braasch is an excellent car racer. She is one of the renowned faces for the car racing organization “Car Chix.” She was born on 4th July 1990, in Illinois, the USA, this makes her 30 years old. She holds the American nationality, but ethnicity is unknown.

Image of Caption: Jackie Braasch is a dragster
Caption: Jackie Braasch is a dragster

Since her childhood, she has known cars because her father worked in a garage. She began her professional racing in the Junior Dragster Division when she was a child. Jackie has participated in many car competitions, including the Super Pro and Rocket Brand Race Fuel Bracket Series.

Is Jackie Braasch Married to Boyfriend, Big Chief?

Jackie gained the attention of the people after she got involved with Street Outlaws star Big Chief. Big Chief is a famous TV personality and street car racer. They have been together for more than two years. But fans of Big Chief are wondering if the duo married secretly or if they are still even dating.

Image of Caption: Jackie Braasch is living happily with Street Outlaws star, Justin Shearer aka Big Chief along with two dogs
Caption: Jackie Braasch is living happily with Street Outlaws star, Justin Shearer aka Big Chief along with two dogs

On the other hand, Big Chief was married to his ex-wife Allicia Shearer from 2006 to 2017, and together they have two kids. It is said that Jackie was the leading cause of Big Chief and Allicia’s divorce. Well, neither Jackie nor Big chief has talked about their wedding. It seems like they haven’t planned to get married soon.

How Did Jackie and Big Chief Meet?

We are not sure when Jackie and Big Chief, aka Justin Shearer, started dating. According to the relevant source, it is said that their romance began to surface in the media in 2017. None of the sources had mentioned where and when Jackie and Big Chief met. However, we surely say that their love for cars and car racing brought them together. Some of their fans speculated that they met at the car racing.

Currently, Jackie and her boyfriend are living a blissful romantic life and loving each other’s company. Her boyfriend even shared some of the pictures of the two on his social media. In November 2019, Big Chief posted a picture with Jackie and his sons on his Instagram. Looking at a photo, we can assure you that the couple is having a good time.


Jackie Braasch is a Dog Lover

Big Chief’s girlfriend loves dogs. The duo is the parent of their two dogs and even shared a picture of it on social media. In the below post, Jackie dog is sitting in front of a white car, Crowmod.


Big Chief’s Girlfriend’s Net Worth in 2020?

When it comes to her income, Jackie has managed to keep it herself. There is no doubt that the dragster is living a lavish life with her partner. In her career, Braasch has competed in many car racing and even won several championships and became the face of Car Chix after she joined the organization. She was Ms. May 2015 Car Chix.

Most of her earnings come from her car racing and some from repairing cars at her father’s garage. It is believed that Jackie Braasch’s estimated net worth to be $1 million. On the other hand, Jackie’s boyfriend, Big Chief net worth is about $3.5 million.

Jackie Braasch is an official member of Car Chix

Jackie joined a member of Car Chix, a motorsports organization for women. Her sister is also a member of the organization. She encourages all-female, young, and old to follows there dreams and pursue it.

Braasch said, if you have passion for something, then get involved. If people doubt you don’t get discouraged, prove them wrong.

How Tall is Jackie Braasch?

The blonde drag racer maintained her figure perfectly. But she isn’t as tall as you think. Jackie has a height of 5 feet 2 inches (1.58 meters) and weighs around 62 kg (135lbs). Additionally, her body statistic is unknown.

Image of Caption: Jackie Braasch height is 5 feet 2 inches
Caption: Jackie Braasch height is 5 feet 2 inches

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