How did Tyler ‘Flip’ Priddy on Street Outlaws die? Cause of Death Revealed?

Originally posted on January 27, 2020 @ 1:52 pm

Some people are gone from this world, but they will never be forgotten. Looking back at the times of Street Outlaws reminds us of a motorhead a lot. Of course, we are talking about Tyler “Flip” Priddy, who is still an irreplaceable person of the crew after his unfortunate death.

However, Flip’s friends and the entire crew have done their best to keep his memories alive while the show is running on its 13th season as of 2020.

Street Outlaws’ Tyler Priddy AKA Flip was a big name in this industry as a street racer, but unfortunately, he passed away, leaving behind his legacy in this sport. So, keep reading the article to learn what happened to him. Also, take a peek behind the cause of his death.

Caption: Tyler “Flip” Priddy’s El Camino

Who is Tyler Priddy?

Tyler Gene Priddy was born on November 30, 1981. He grew up in Chickasha, Oklahoma. Priddy was born to Gene Priddy and Glenda Long Priddy.

Talking about his education, Flip went to Hinton Elementary School. Later, he graduated from Putnam City High School.

Image of Caption: Tyler "Flip" Priddy
Caption: Tyler “Flip” Priddy

Most of you might know Justin Shearer AKA Big Chief. Well, Flip and Big Chief were friends since they were kids. The two of them grew together and were passionate about muscle cars, and they even watched drag races.

Tyler ‘Flip’ Priddy From Street Outlaws

Tyler Priddy was one of the oldest members of the Street Outlaws. He made his debut in Season 1 of the show. It was back in 2013 when the show was aired, but the shocking and unfortunate happened.

He passed away in May just before season 1 aired on television. Well, that’s is the only reason why Flip was not seen in the following seasons.

Despite having a short time with the show, Flip’s love for racing was well known in the industry. He grew up surrounded by gearheads, so it was clear that he would be one in later times.

Caption: Flip Versus Dominator

However, being a meanest dragster in Oklahoma was far from sight. Before he joined the Street Outlaws, Flip was a storekeeper.

He came from a humble background. So, to sustain life, he worked in a construction company named Warren Caterpillar for almost a decade.

Despite all the hardships, he finally had a shot on his passion as Warren Cat sponsored his drag racing.

Tyler has beaten several other talented racers on Street Outlaws. He had an ’80 Chevy, The El Camino. The racing car was also known by the name Old Slut.

Image of Caption: El Camino AKA The Old Slut
Caption: El Camino AKA The Old Slut

How did Flip die? Was it murder or suicide? 2020 updates

The reason behind the death of Tyler Priddy is still surrounded in mystery. But what we do know is that a bullet shotted him.

It is a mystery if the bullet was self-inflicted or it was just an accident. The debate about the cause of Flip’s demise is still happening today.

So, what actually happened to Flip. Here are some updates on the circumstances in 2020.

Image of Caption: Tyler's gravestone in Hinton Cemetery
Caption: Tyler’s gravestone in Hinton Cemetery

Tyler Priddy passed away on May 28, 2013. He was 31 years old at the moment.

Now, Neither Street Outlaw nor his family disclosed the actual reason for his death. But we do know that this unfortunate incident was not related to racing at all.

Most sources speculate that Flip shot himself as an act of suicide. Rumors also suggested that he was suffering from depression when his wife was caught cheating on the man.

Well, it was Morgan Priddy who fueled the suicide speculation saying, “Suicide is so often swept under the rug, and I’m ready to share with the world how it shouldn’t be.”

However, we cannot conclude the statement as well.

Some say that it was just an accident. Rumors are saying Priddy self-inflicted gunshot while he was drunk. But only like before, this reason for his death was never confirmed either.

Image of Caption: Flip from Street Outlaws
Caption: Flip from Street Outlaws

Tyler Priddy’s wife Morgan Priddy and four children

Tyler Flip Priddy was also a husband and a father of four. He was married to his wife, Morgan Amber Priddy.

They shared a happy relationship until the rumors about Morgan cheating her husband was out. However, the stories were not true.

The couple shared four children: Remey J, Bennett William Edward, Dresdyn Rinot, and Tovey Gene.

Flip loved his children a lot, which is why he had given a nickname to all four. Morgan is not active in social media and likes to keep a low profile.

As for Flip, he has indeed left a legacy behind which will inspire the generations to come.

Remembering Street Outlaws Flip Priddy

The cast and crew members of the Street Outlaws often remember Flip. The fellow racers gathered around with their variety of cars in his honor.

They featured a colossal burnout spectacle in Flip’s honor in 2018.

Caption: In the memories of Flip Priddy

Caption: Hearse burnout for Tyler (Flip)

Flip Priddy’s old pal and one of the members of Street Outlaws, Big Chief, posted a message on his Instagram saying that he missed Flip.

Also, back in 2015, Shawn Ellington, also known as Murder Nova, posted a message and a photo collage on his Facebook to remember Flip.

The post reads,

“It’s been two years now, and there’s not a day that goes by that we don’t think about all of the crazy stuff we did together. We all know you’re still riding along with us, and have never missed a beat.”

Image of Caption: Photo collage of Flip and Street Outlaws by Murder Nova
Caption: Photo collage of Flip and Street Outlaws cast by Murder Nova

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