Tricia Day – 8 Unknown Facts about JJ Da Boss Wife

Originally posted on January 22, 2020 @ 1:06 pm

If we are going to talk about ‘Street Outlaws,’ we can’t certainly leave out all the badass women from the show. Drivers like Mallory Gulley or Kayla Morton have their moments but the one who always steals the spotlight from the male-dominated show.

Who is JJ Da Boss’s wife, Tricia Day? You know a lot about her husband, but now it is time to learn Tricia Day’s net worth, married life, and children in detail. Does she have a sister? Find out in all the facts below.

Tricia’s Age and Bio are Well Kept Secrets

If you came here for some background and bio information about Tricia, we don’t know how much help we can be. Tricia Day has been tight in revealing that part of her life. Tricia, probably short for Patricia, is the wife JJ Da Boss, aka Jonathan Day.

Image of Caption: Tricia Day and husband JJ Da Boss
Caption: Tricia Day and husband JJ Da Boss

Her life before marriage to JJ is a well-kept secret. We have not even been able to find her birthdate or age so far. Many websites estimate her age to be in her 40s. However, we think they said that to make her age similar to that of her husband, who is currently 46 years old, being born in 10th August 1973. Our keen eyes say she looks much younger like she is in her late 30s.

What do you think? Do you agree she is in her 40s, or does she look younger?

Tricia Day Unexpectedly does not have That Big of a Net Worth

We meant what we said that Tricia Day shares a lot of the main spotlight of ‘Street Outlaws.’ However, that being said, even JJ Da Boss‘s net worth is only estimated to be around $1.2 million. It is an impressive amount but not as much as one would expect from highlighters of a hit Discovery show like ‘Street Outlaws.’

So, looking at her husband’s net worth, Tricia Day also probably has a similar figure for a net worth, which is still under review. American race car drivers can earn anywhere from $16,000 to $166,000, with an average of $40,210. Big Street racers like Tricia’s husband JJ, may easily make more money.

We cannot forget that the husband and wife duo are more vested in betting than racing, so they earn a lot more. In a 2018 season of ‘Street Outlaws,’ we saw JJ and Tricia win $5,000 in one night. That is a pretty hefty salary, how it can result in a net worth of only around $1 million, baffles us.

Caption: JJ Da Boss and wife Tricia make $5,000 in one night

She has known her Husband a Longtime Before their Marriage

Tricia is from the same town as her husband, which is right outside of Memphis and a total population of some 700 people. So, it is really crazy how the two did not meet until JJ was in his 30s. In a February 2018 interview, we find out that they had been together for almost ten years.

We know very little about their married life to the extent that we do not even know when they got married. But, the fact that they already have four children tells us it has been a while, and they are happily married. Just look how happy they look in any one of the many family pictures, JJ Da Boss shares on his Instagram page.

Image of Caption: JJ Da Boss with wife Tricia and kids
Caption: JJ Da Boss with wife Tricia and kids

She has Altogether 11 Children

Didn’t we just say that she has four children? Yes, we did. Well, she has four children with JJ Da Boss, which are three daughters and one son. However, by the time she met and soon after started dating JJ, he was already a father of 7 children from past relationships.

So, she is technically a step-mother to 7 other children. We don’t know about all of those seven children, but one of his sons, Joshua Day, is a racer in ‘Street Outlaws’ who goes by the name of ‘Doughboy.’ The names of the other two children are Whitney and Arlene Day.

Image of Caption: Two of Tricia's stepchildren; Whitney and Joshua Day
Caption: Two of Tricia’s stepchildren; Whitney and Joshua Day

Tricia and JJ, by this essence, are also grandparents to 5 grandchildren. 2 of the grandchildren are by Joshua Day and his wife Chelsea Day by the name of Kam and Nova.

Image of Caption: Joshua and Chelsea Day with their children
Caption: Joshua and Chelsea Day with their children

Not Jealous of Precious Cooper who is like a Sister

You have to Google JJ Da Boss and Precious Cooper‘s name together to see so many websites suggesting they are married or having an affair. Whoever was responsible for spreading such false rumors probably did not understand the relationship that Precious Cooper had with Tricia and her husband.

Caption: JJ Da Boss Gifts Precious Cooper a new car

JJ is a mentor who has trained Precious since she was 19 years old. He gave her his Ole Heavy to race on ‘Street Outlaws’ and later also gifted a new car, a Zip tie Nova. Apart from that, Precious also knew Tricia since their childhood, and thus, it’s almost like they’re sisters. JJ even posted this picture on his Instagram to show just how much both of them meant to him.

Image of Caption: Precious and Tricia since their childhood
Caption: Precious and Tricia since their childhood

JJ taught Tricia to Race

The entire town where JJ and Tricia are from seems to be motorheads so, Tricia also likely knew her way around cars. However, it was her future husband, JJ, who taught her everything about racing since the beginning of their relationship.

“At first, she tore up a lot of stuff and cost us a lot of money,” JJ said in the 2018 interview, but it did not matter to him because he loved her and could see a future with her. “I love Trish. I feel like she saved me and my life,”

Tricia is a Mean at Racing but Meaner in Betting

There have only been limited times where we got to see Tricia Day racing in ‘Street Outlaws.’ However, in the limited times we have seen her in action, she smoked every one of her opponents. She has the nickname of ‘Midget’ in the street for her petite structure.

Caption: Tricia Day wins a street race

Maybe it is good for other racers that Tricia doesn’t race that much. Plus, she might be a mean racer, but she is meaner when it comes to betting. You have little chance of walking out with your money if you are betting against her.

Tricia Day’s Social Media Presence

Tricia Day has no social media presence whatsoever. But if you want, you can follow JJ Da Boss on his Instagram account, where he sometimes posts pictures of his wife and their children. Or you can also follow him on Facebook.

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