Everything about Ryan Martin from Street Outlaws

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The Discovery Channel has indeed made a considerable buzz among the fans with one of its shows, Street Outlaws. The reality show is quite popular with some talented individuals like Precious Cooper, Big Chief, JJ Da Bos, and many more.

Ryan himself is a supercar maverick and a racing champion. Just like any other motorheads, he is pretty good at auto-tuning techniques, modifications, and his swift skills on the racing track.

You will be fascinated to learn about Ryan Martin from Street Outlaws and his exciting stint so far. Also, find out about his net worth, wife and his racing journey from B&R to Street Outlaws.

Ryan Martin Before Street Outlaws

Ryan Martin is a co-owner of B&R Performance, where he worked full time with his venture. He began working for the performance shop before making his journey in Street Outlaws. As a part of the business, he worked on many performance modifications for both street and track cars. Similarly, Martin worked with some big names like Jackie Knox and Freakin’ Rican to have them race-ready.

Image of Caption: Street Outlaws cast Ryan Martin
Caption: Street Outlaws cast Ryan Martin

Well, these moments helped him to have good knowledge about the nuances of the racing sport. Also, Ryan and 405 other guys have raced on the service road outside their Oklahoma based shop for many years straight. His love for cars and racing is absolute, which helped him succeed in his passionate career. He even said, ‘a bad day behind the wheel still beats a good day at the office.’

Ryan Martin in Street Outlaws

Have you ever thought why the street racers are respected so much? Well, it’s obvious why. First, the entire industry is full of risks with rough and brutal street races. Unlike any other formalized racing events, Street Outlaws requires reliable metal caliber and strength like no other.

Street Outlaws is a reality television show which includes the best in the racing scenes. However, Ryan Martin lived up to all the expectations of a great racer in this sport. He made a massive name in the racing circuit in recent times.

The 46-years-old racer has his hands behind the Fireball Camaro, which is a 2010 Camaro SS having twin turbos. But, his career as a street racer has just begun, and it’s impressive how he is quickly heading to success.

Caption: Street Outlaws Ryan Martin Vs. Jeff Lutz

Caption: Street Outlaws Murder Nova Vs. Ryan Martin

There is no doubt that he lacks experience as a street racer having no strategy out on the track. Nevertheless, the speedster is confident with his Fireball team.

From competing in the Memphis race to his asphalt in Oklahoma City, Ryan Martin has done a pretty good job with his Fireball Camaro.

In his short career with Street Outlaws, he has competed with some big names. He ranked second in a racing event named The List in Street Outlaws.

Recently, he competed against Donn Gingrich and also won the event. So, Ryan is making headlines with each passing moment behind the wheels. No wonder to what lengths will he reach in the future.

The newly crowned champion Ryan Martin also got his first nickname, No Prep Kings champion.


Caption: Ryan and his Fireball team

Ryan Martin Net Worth; His Salary from Street Outlaws

Almost every person involved in automobiles has impressive earning. The same is the case with Martin, who is a wealthy man.

Ryan Martin has surely gathered a massive fortune from his profession as a professional street racer in Street Outlaws. Apart from that, he is the co-owner of B&R Productions, which adds to his earnings even more.

Ryan’s estimated net worth is an outstanding figure of $5 million as of 2020. He has a variety of car collections as well. All of his assets are quite expensive as he has a luxurious house too.

Image of Caption: Ryan and his team
Caption: Ryan and his team

Meet Ryan Martin’s Wife Alicia & Their Kids

Ryan Marin met his future wife, Alicia, while working full time at a gas station. They dated for quite some time before sharing their vows.

Image of Caption: Ryan Martin with wife Alicia and their son
Caption: Ryan Martin with wife Alicia and their son

Ryan is married to Alicia Martin. The couple shares two children. The two boys are named Corbin Martin and Covil Martin.

Image of Caption: Ryan and his son in front of B&R Productions
Caption: Ryan and his son in front of B&R Productions

However, many people are still curious to find out about his personal life even more. Ryan is full of mysteries, so his fans would like to know more about his family at this point.


Ryan Martin’s Car Collection

Ryan Martin is famous for his Fireball Camaro on the racing tracks. The 2010 5th Gen Camaro SS is one of its kind. This car’s entire purpose is drag racing and street racing.

However, Ryan and his team made some significant mods in this beauty, making it a monster in the races. The Fireball Camaro has a twin Precision Pro Mod turbochargers. Also, a lock-up converter and an M&M Turbo 400.


Recently in 2019, Ryan Martin revealed his new car ZL1 Camaro at the Performance Racing Industry Show. Just seeing the car gives a chill, and it is a real work of art.

The new ZL1 has a wheelbase of 111 inches, which is 2 inches short than his previous car. The engine is stored in the chassis, focusing more on better balance.

Caption: Ryan Martin’s car collections

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