Everything about Chase Landry from His Wife & children to His Lawsuits

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People are often looking for humor, suspense, and excitement, so Swamp People is among the premier options to feature some of the most excellent hunters of the swamps. Chase Landry is undoubtedly among the few selected people who have the depth knowledge about the ins and out of the swamp area. He has made his name hunting alligators for his living, and he is one of the best in this industry.

Here are some fascinating facts about Swamp People star Chase Landry’s married life, wife, and lawsuits. Also, learn more about his net worth, children, and many more. So, let’s begin!

Image of Caption: Chase Landry
Caption: Chase Landry

Who is Chase Landry? His life besides Swamp People

Born on April 25, 1989. Chase Landry grew up in Pierre Part, Los Angeles. According to his bio, Chase’s zodiac sign is Taurus. He belongs to white ethnic culture having an American nationality.

He was born to Troy Landry (father) and Bernita Landry (mother). Talking about his siblings, he grew up alongside his two elder brothers: Jacob Landry and Brandon Landry.

However, there is only little information about his education and early life. Besides, he had an adventurous childhood with his dad on the swamps during his school holidays.

Caption: Chase and Jacob Landry featuring together in Swamp People

Chase Landry following the Father, Troy Landry’s Footsteps

Troy Landry is fondly known as a deadly hunter around the swamp areas. So, it’s evident that Chase would have similar qualities. He learned all the aspects of alligator hunting from his veteran father, Troy, who comes from a family of gator hunters.

The entire Landry family has been fishermen, hunters, shrimpers, and trappers for five long generations. Chase grew up in the swamp areas of Louisiana, so he learned all sorts of hunting techniques and gradually polished his skills.

Now, he is a witty gator hunter with a fearless gut, so his father must be proud of his son carrying out the family trait.

Image of Caption: Chase Landry with his father Troy Landry
Caption: Chase Landry with his father, Troy Landry

Chase Landry From Swamp People

Most of you might have seen Chase Landry in the History Channel’s show Swamp People. The television star featured in the series from 2012, and he has appeared in over 50 episodes.

The hunter rose to great prominence from his career as a cast of Swamp People. For those of you who don’t know about this show, it reveals the day-to-day activities of natives from Louisiana residing in Atchafalaya River Basins. Chase and his brother Jacob appear in the show alongside the legendary hunter, Troy. However, one of his brothers, Brandon, does not appear in the television show.

Image of Caption: Chase Landry, his brother Jacob, and his father, Troy Landry
Caption: Chase Landry, his brother Jacob, and his father, Troy Landry

It’s a fact that he had a significant role for many seasons, and he quickly became a favorite among the fans. Also, the famous TV star is linked to a well-known mobile game, Choot’Em Angry Swamp.

Besides that, he is also an entrepreneur. He owns a small seafood business named Chasin’ Tails. Be sure to check out the special crawfish dish if you ever visit his restaurant.

Chase Landry’s Married to Wife Chelsea Kinsey

Chase Landry tied the knots with his girlfriend, Chelsea Kinsey. The details about their wedding are still under wraps. Even the couple often shares their pictures on social media that shows how much the two love each other.

Adding to their happiness, the couple had their first daughter on March 18, 2017. They named her Riley Blake Landry. She is their only child as of 2020. Regardless, Chase doesn’t have any other affairs or dating interests from his past.

Image of Caption: Chase Landry and his daughter, Riley
Caption: Chase Landry and his daughter, Riley

Chase Landry Controversial Lawsuits and Arrest

Swamp People star, Chase Landry, was arrested in September of 2016. The lawsuits accused him of firing a gun on another shrimping boat on his hunting trip. However, the hunter didn’t show up for his trial while the authorities issued an arrest warrant on his name.

Chase made it very clear that he shot the boat, fearing his safety. The shrimping boat showed no signs of slowing down, and it was heading straight towards his own. He fired at the ship and while no one was hurt, the victim’s ship was damaged. Landry was caught and taken to jail.

Caption: The Landry family

How much is Chase Landry’s Net Worth?

Chase Landry has gathered a considerable amount of riches and fortunes over the years. His primary source of income includes his private business ventures and from Swamp People.

He earns around $3,000 from every episode of this show, which contributes a considerable margin in his fortune. Furthermore, his net worth is an outstanding figure of $200,000 as of 2020. Also, Chase has a collection of various expensive bikes and guitars.

Image of Caption: Swamp People cast Chase Landry net worth
Caption: Swamp People cast Chase Landry net worth

Chase Landry social media updates

Chase Landry has over 50K followers on Twitter. The hunter often shares pictures and videos of his hunts in the swamps.

Image of Caption: Chase Landry out for a ride in the swamps.
Caption: Chase Landry out for a ride in the swamps.

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