Why did Lance Gatcomb leave Maine Cabin Masters? All about His Net Worth

Originally posted on March 29, 2020 @ 3:42 am

We recently wrote all about the lovable cast of the hit DIY network’s ‘Maine Cabin Masters.’ While we think we gave out adequate information about the five current cast members of the show, we feel that we may have done poorly not to involve a former cast member of the show, Lance Gatcomb.

If you were a ‘Maine Cabin Masters‘ fan since day one, we apologize for our discretion. To make up for it, we are dedicating this entire article to one of the most popular and former cast members of the Maine Cabin Masters.

There was not a lot of information about Lance Gatcomb, but we did our best to access you with every bit of information available on him from his net worth to his married life and wife. Why did Lance Gatcomb leave Maine Cabin Masters in the first place?

Image of Lance Gatcomb's net worth and married life
Caption: Lance Gatcomb’s net worth and married life

Why Lance Gatcomb Left?

For people who don’t know Lance Gatcomb, you must surely be new fans who only began watching the series from its currently running and latest season 4. You undoubtedly did miss out on quite a bit of the series then and, more importantly, the fun chemistry that now the forgotten cast member, Lance Gatcomb, brought to the table.

A fan on Twitter who was equally upset about Lance Gatcomb leaving the show gave the best description of him as a “comedy relief” of the show. He was the random and unpredictable character whose actions brought a wave of smile and laughter to an episode.

From making doughnuts for the rest of his crew in a motorboat to cozying up in a hammock with a bag of Cheetos in the middle of the work, Gatcomb always knew how to get the viewer’s tumbling on their seats. However, we all know that the Maine Cabin Masters cast is like a family, and his co-stars understand that despite his peculiar actions, he is one hell of a builder.

Image of Lance Gatcomb as Maine Cabin Masters' cast
Caption: Lance Gatcomb as Maine Cabin Masters’ cast

We still do not know why Lance Gatcomb left so suddenly? It is a trend we saw with his entire fellow Maine Cabin Masters cast as well. None of them are open to sharing their personal lives so quickly, and we have to pry their social media to find out what little info we have on them. It was the same for a reason behind Lance Gatcomb leaving Maine Cabin Masters.

Is He Returning?

The reason whatever it may be must have been a grave one for Lance to just walk out of his family-like crew and a hit show he helped build. On the bright side, this could also mean that the reason is not severe at all. He had some minor things come up, which is why there was no explanation form his or his co-stars as he will be returning soon. We do hope that it is the second case as there is nothing better than to see Lance return.

Lance Gatcomb’s Net Worth

Lance Gatcomb’s net worth is a tricky little area for us to explore. Since he left the show in its prime at season 4, he missed out on grand net worth. From the show, we do know that he and his crew take on projects of a few hundred thousand dollars with a broad profit range. Everybody remembers their $30,000 profit they pulled on a project.

For the time being, the only one we know the net worth of is his co-star Chase Morril whose net worth is approximately $600,000. Keeping that in mind, his net worth must also be in amounts of hundreds of thousands of dollars, but his net worth, for now, remains under review.

Lance Gatcomb’s Married Life & Wife

Lance Gatcomb’s married wiki is available but at a minimal amount. All we know is what we got to witness in the episode ‘A Cabin for the Bride.’

The episode got deep into Lance Gatcomb’s married life as not only did it feature his wife, Lily, but also an overview of their married life. We even got to hear all about their wedding ceremony.

The episode did not show Lance Gatcomb having any children with his wife, but it looks like they still lead a satisfying family life. We also got to know that the house they were living in was built by Lance Gatcomb himself from the ground-up. No wonder we kept hearing about his exceptional skills as a builder.

Lance Gatcomb Bio

So far, we were not having great luck, but we still got some info on the Maine Cabin Masters star. However, we reached a dead-end when researching his early life and bio. His mother’s name is Pamela Gatcomb, and he has one sister Elizabeth Anita Davis. He also has a step-sister by the name of Crystal Perkins.

We got most of this information from his Facebook page. However, he is not big on posting too many photos to keep his fans up to date with his ongoings. You will also not find much but a lovely white sailboat. Perhaps that is his hobby. Do come back in the future to see what more info we get on Lance Gatcomb.


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