Maine Cabin Masters Cast: How are the Maine Cabin Masters Paid?

Originally posted on January 31, 2020 @ 1:31 pm

The first thing that comes to our mind when we say Cabin is wonderful memories like Holidays and Camping. Anybody who owns a cabin will tell you how close they hold it to your heart, but, at the same time, they will also tell you how hard it is to maintain it.

Well, if you are in Maine you are in great luck, not only do we know a group of experts who can renovate your cabins but also make you appear on national television. We are talking about none other than the cast of ‘Maine Cabin Masters’ who will fix and renovate cabins to unrecognizable results.

The team of 5 people who form the ‘Maine Cabin Masters‘ are; Chase Morrill, Ashley Rae Eldridge, Ryan Eldridge, Dixie, and Jedi. Let us learn all that we can about the ‘Maine Cabin Masters,’ including their net worth and bio. Do not forget to talk about their new season.

Image of The Maine Cabin Masters Cast Members

Caption: The Maine Cabin Masters Cast with their net worth

Chase Morrill Net Worth, Wife & Kids

Chase Morrill is arguably the leader of the group, and also the most popular character from the reality show. He is the younger brother of Ashley and since the show’s release in 2017 has become a household name. Indeed, he plays a big part in the show’s success. Chase Morill’s net worth is estimated to be around $600,000.

Caption: Chase Morrill and Ashley Moril are siblings

It is no surprise considering how the show had over 3.5 million collective viewers in its 3rd season. The show was even the top-rated shows of the DIY network. So if you have not started watching the ‘Maine Cabin Masters,’ we suggest you do.

Chase Morrill is even happier in her married life; after all, he is married to his beautiful wife, Sarah Morrill. Morrill met his wife at the College of Atlantic, a Liberal Arts college in Maine. They hit it off right off the bat and now also have two lovely daughters together; Maggie and Nori Morill. Chase Morrill could not be happier, as is apparent from his Instagram pictures with his family.

Caption: Chase Morris with his wife and daughters

Chris Morrill was born on December 25, 1977, making his age 41 years old currently, and he will soon turn 43 near the end of the year. He was born to the late Erik and Peggy Morill in Augusta Maine, where he would grow up and now become a star of the DIY network show.

Ashley Morrill Net Worth; Is Ashley Pregnant?

Ashley Morrill is the only female cast member of the Cabin Masters, but she is a master-designer and does not shy away from dirty work with the guys. For Ashley, this is truly a family business as not just her brother, Chase, but her husband, Ryan Eldridge, is also her co-star and colleague in ‘Maine Cabin Masters.’

Caption: Ashley Morrill with husband Ryan Eldridge

Moreover, Ashley is like the team mascot who can brighten up the entire crew’s day, just see her bring the guys some ice-cream sandwich because they were having a hard day. Awww

Caption: Ashley brings ice-cream for rest of the cast

Ashley Morrill is married to co-star Ryan Eldridge which makes Chase Morrill his brother-in-law. The trio is very close together. Ashley has still not found the time to legally change her name to that of her husband, even though she now goes by her husband’s name of Ashley Rae Eldridge.

Caption: Ashley Morrill and husband Ryan are very close to Brother Chris

We doubt that Ashley and Ryan have any children together, or else we would have found out by now. However, they are parents to two Labrador retrievers, who they treat like their children. The black one is Gus, who loves Cheese and follows Ashley around like a shadow, and the yellow one is Sadie, who likes to smile when her favorite people approach her.

Caption: Ashley Morill’s Dogs are like her kids

As far as Ashley Morill’s pregnancy goes, we have no idea why people are wondering about it. Ashley is active in Instagram, and so far, we have seen no signs of pregnancy. She did, however, hint that one of her friends who are couple might be pregnant.

Ryan Eldridge’s Happy Married Life

We don’t know much about Ryan Eldridge. We were checking out his bio in the official ‘Maine Cabin Masters’ page hoping to get his net worth or career information. However, we were only able to find out how truly he loved his wife, Ashley.

Caption: Ryan wishes his wife Ashley on her birthday on January 29

It will not make clear sense at first, but if you also see Ashley’s bio page, then you will find it both humorous and adorable. The married couple was both asked the same question, “Who is the messiest person you know?”

Ashley frankly confessed that she, herself was the messiest person she knew but not in a gross way. Ryan needed a second but had the same answer, “Uh oh…my beautiful wife.”

When asked, “What’s your annoying Habit?” Ashley replied to ask her husband. They never really got to ask Ryan, but in a separate question, Ryan said that one of his favorite things to do in his spare time was Ashley. On top of all this, Ryan Eldridge if ever has a chance to name a boat, it will be Ashley Ray, after his wife.

You must forgive us for not having much information on Ryan Eldridge’s net worth and career except the fact that he likes to consider himself a “Ninja” in demolition work. He does not have any children with his wife, but he is a great uncle to Chris Morill’s kids and also has a cat named Lizard.

Caption: Ryan with Chris Morill’s daughters

Dixie Net Worth and Bio

If we thought we had less information about Ryan Eldridge, we are unfortunately going to disappoint you even more with what we have on Dixie. We do know from the show that his real name is Matthew Dix. He loves Labrador Retrievers in particular, and he would be a Labrador if he ever got to be an animal.

Image of Dixie

Caption: Matthew Dix aka, Dixie has no known net worth

His reason as he quotes, “because they are loyal, loving, and always happy!” an answer, which warms our hearts as fellow dog lovers. Not much is known about Dixie, so good luck trying to find his net worth and salary right now. We do know that he is married because he mentioned his favorite tool is a bevel gauge, which belonged to his wife’s grandfather.

Jedi Net Worth & Bio

Following with Dixie, Jedi, or as his real name goes, Jared Baker is another Maine Cabin Masters that don’t have little-to-no information out there about them. The most distinct feature of Jedi is his long hair and beard, the latter of which he has not cut for five years and counting. Jedi loves Ice hockey and plays as a Goalie too.

Caption: Jedi loves to play ice hockey and plays as a goalie

‘Maine Cabin Masters’ also claims that he has a hidden talent of bursting some unusual breakdance move, which we will only believe the day we see it. He also has a dog by the name of Suzy, who is an English Setter Houston. Jedi’s net worth is not known, but he must make quite a salary as part of the show. We all remember the time the team earned $30,000 on a project.

Caption: Jedi with his dog

The 5-member squad seems to be tightly knit like a family, so we doubt they have too much of a pay-gap. Jedi’s net worth must equal to a six-figure amount.

Maine Cabin Masters on Season 4

The season 4 of the hit DIY network series premiered in December 2019, with the first episode being aired on December 2. The new season is also believed to have only 16 episodes like season 3.

Caption: First Look into ‘Marine Cabin Masters’ for season 4

With the success of both Maine Cabin Masters as a show and the expansion of their business Kennebec Cabin Company, the group is taking on more exciting and large projects. Things are bound to get interesting, just like their most recent episode where they are entering a whole second floor in a cabin. Are you just as excited for the new season as us?

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