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Originally posted on February 9, 2020 @ 4:31 pm

When you say cabins, a familiar red beard comes to mind. The red-bearded individual in out is master of cabins, or rather, one of the ‘Maine Cabin Masters.’ You know him as one of the star casts of the show along with his sister, brother-in-law and other friends but have you gave a thought to his marriage and family life. Well, there is no better time than right now, so how about we have a look?

Don’t also forget to check out Chase Morrill’s net worth and salary. You don’t want to miss out on all the information we have for you on par with that of his Wikipedia-biography page.

Chase Morrill’s is a Married & Family Man

Chase Morrill may be an expert when it comes to breaking down cabins and rebuilding it to a masterpiece, but Chase’s married and family life is really where we can learn a thing or two from. If you did not know it, the ‘Maine Cabin Masters’ star is happily married to his wife, Sarah Morrill. We do not know for how long they’ve been married, but they already have two daughters together.

Their older daughter’s name in Maggie Morrill, and their younger daughter’s name is Nori Morrill. Chase uses any free time he can get his busy hands-on to spend some time with his family. He took his family to a vacation in Pura Vida in 2018, and below is a picture of them enjoying the 2019 summers in a beautiful mountain slope somewhere.

Who is Chase Morrill’s Wife, Sarah?

We are still keeping tabs on Chase Morrill’s wife, Sarah Morrill. For now, we do know that by profession, she is a registered nurse. Chase Morrill does not precisely have a Wikipedia page where we could quickly get access to dates and details of Chase Morrill’s married and dating life. Although, we do know that Chase Morrill met his wife, Sarah, in college.

They were students of the liberal arts college, University of Atlantic, which means they have been together for quite some time. It is no wonder how the two seem to share such a lovely relationship as husband and wife.

Image of Caption: Chase Morrill with his wife and children
Caption: Chase Morrill with his wife and children

Chase Morrill’s Sister & Family

There is not much to go on about Chase Morrill and Sarah Morrill, so let us move on to the next important woman in his life, his sister, Ashley Morrill. There is no way you know Chase Morrill and not his sister, who is his co-star in ‘Maine Cabin Masters.’ Chase Morrill’s sister, as well as his brother-in-law, Ryan Eldridge, are his colleagues and co-stars.

Image of Caption: Chase Morril's sister is married to co-star Ryan Eldridge
Caption: Chase Morrill’s sister is married to co-star Ryan Eldridge

Like Chase Morrill, Ashley also has no Wikipedia page to extort information quickly. Her married life to husband Ryan Eldridge is a well-acknowledged in the show, and through that as well as her Instagram page, we know that she and her husband are quite happy in their married lives. They have no children of their own but are excellent aunts and uncles to Chase’s daughters.

Image of Caption: Ryan Eldridge with Chase Morrill's daughters
Caption: Ryan Eldridge with Chase Morrill’s daughters

Chase Morril was born on December 25, 1977, in Augusta Maine so, he will be turning 43 years very soon. His father was Eric Morrill, who taught him all the basics about working around cabins and sadly passed away in 2014 after losing a well-fought fight to cancer. His mother is Peggy Morrill.

Chase Morrill Net Worth

Chase Morrill’s net worth as the star of ‘Maine Cabin Masters’ is no joke. The show has surprisingly been a big hit among people who have until now only seen people flipping big mansions to mediocre houses. The show’s success is also in direct ratio to the growth of their business, the Kennebec Cabin Company, which was able to establish a new headquarters for their company.

Their new company is in Washington Avenue, Manchester, in Maine, which is not very far from Maine’s capital city and Chase Morrill’s birthplace of Augusta.

Caption: Chase Morrill and Ashley Morrill talk about cabins promoting the new season

The episode where the ‘Maine Cabin Masters’ cast had a $30,000 budget on a project is pretty famous, but that is the kind of money the crew deals with on every project. With the cast’s salary still being kept a secret, we only wonder how large Chase Morrill’s salary must be. It must be a six-figure amount judging from Chase Morrill’s net worth, which is approximately $600,000.

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