Who is the Gold Rush Beauty, Ruby Mahoney? Here’s What You Need to Know

Originally posted on February 5, 2020 @ 4:04 pm

It is struggling for young, uprising individuals everywhere to establish their name and gain recognition among distinct groups of veterans with experience. Such is the struggle for Ruby Mahoney, the new beautiful cast member of ‘Gold Rush.’ She has caught a lot of attention, particularly from the male viewers of the show who are dying to know the new details of her life.

What is Ruby Mahoney’s net worth? Is Ruby Mahoney married? What is Ruby Mahoney’s age? These are all some frequently asked questions from the fans of the show, and today we will try our best to answer them. If we fail to, then we still have some fun facts about the youngster, so don’t lose all hope here.

Ruby Mahoney in Gold Rush

Ruby Mahoney is one of the newest members to join the ‘Gold Rush’ franchise. The people have been dying to have more female cast on the show, and now it seems that the production is finally giving the fans what they want. Ruby Mahoney is not just eye-candy; however, at her young age, she is a heavy-duty miner who specializes in the equipment operation.

Image of Caption: Ruby Mahoney works heavy equipment in Gold Rush
Caption: Ruby Mahoney works heavy equipment in Gold Rush

Ruby Mahoney had her debut appearance in the ‘Gold Rush’ after the show, ‘Gold Rush: The Dirt’ n 2018. She only holds credits for the original ‘Gold Rush’ series for 1 episode in 2019 and 4 in 2020. Ruby’s gradual increase in screen time may be what has sparked a sudden interest in her from the viewers, but it is still early to be able to gain all necessary information on her yet.

Ruby Mahoney Net Worth

Ruby Mahoney’s net worth, for now, is still under review. Look, don’t be upset with us, okay, so far, Ruby Mahoney has only been in a handful of Gold Rush episodes. There is nothing about her career, let alone her net worth in the media, but if you have to know it. We estimate her net worth not to be more than $50,000 to $100,000.

Image of Caption: Ruby Mahoney in New Zealand
Caption: Ruby Mahoney in New Zealand

There has not been any display from Ruby on her wealth unless you count traveling as a flex, then, Ruby Mahoney must have a significant net worth and salary. Through her Facebook, you can follow her travels; she recently is back after a long trip all over Asia, New Zealand, and more. The Gold Rush star went through “seven different countries in the last four months,” according to her.

Ruby Mahoney Dating Life; Does she have a Boyfriend?

If Ruby Mahoney is dating someone, we have yet to know the name of her boyfriend or partner. We thought we got lucky when we found her photo with two mystery hunks.

However, while we were hoping one of them was her boyfriend, it turns out they were just her good friends who were there to help her celebrate the end of Gold Rush season 11 shooting. Anyway they were there to see the Monster Energy Supercross race

Image of Caption: Ruby Mahoney, with two mystery men, could one be her boyfriend?
Caption: Ruby Mahoney, with two mystery men, could one be her boyfriend?

Ruby Mahoney and Monica Beets Relationship

The women of Gold Rush always stick together. Nothing gets women together, like working in a male-dominated sector. Ruby Mahoney has grown fond of Monica Beets in particular. Monica Beets gave a shout-out to Ruby on the release of the Gold Rush trailer saying,

“My grrrl! Ruby has been such an amazing friend and so great to work with. I am so happy she came out to work for us and here is to many more years with her.”


Similarly, Mahoney also wished Monica on her birthday. She shared a black and white photo of them almost kissing with a caption that read,

“You’re such an amazing friend and I wish I was there to celebrate your birthday with you!” She continued, “I couldn’t be happier to get the opportunity to work beside such a badass individual.”

Image of Caption: Ruby Mahoney and Monica Beets are good friends
Caption: Ruby Mahoney and Monica Beets are good friends

Ruby Mahoney’ Children

Ruby Mahoney does not have any children of her own, but she is like a mother to her dog, Chela. She loves her terrier dog, definitely like her child and brings him along with her as much as she can.

Image of Caption: Ruby Mahoney with her dog, Chela
Caption: Ruby Mahoney with her dog, Chela

She also has a little niece she once told us about through an FB post. We couldn’t get over about how she looks like the “mini-me” version of Ruby. Who knows one day, her niece may also follow in her aunt’s footsteps one day.

Ruby Mahoney Early Life and Bio

We have already been clear about Ruby Mahoney having scarce information about her. Ruby Mahoney was born, raised, and currently resides in Dawson City, Klondike, Klondike, Yukon. Yes, it was the place from season 1 of Gold Rush.

So, Ruby Mahoney is Canadian by nationality, and she is clearly of Caucasian ethnicity. We do not know her birthday, so we have no way of knowing her age. However, her age can be estimated to be from the mid-20s to her late 20s.

Moreover, we found a Ruby Mahoney who was a graduate of the Robert Service School in 2012. We are not sure if they are the same person or not, but we have a good possibility that they are. We earlier told you about Ruby Mahoney’s niece, so we also know that she has a brother. Other than that, there are no details about her family.

Image of Caption: Ruby Mahoney with brother and niece
Caption: Ruby Mahoney with brother and niece

Ruby Mahoney Tattoo

Ruby Mahoney does not have a lot of visible tattoos on her body. She recently did get one tattoo in her left hand, just below her thumb of the writing “Love and Let go.”


We will be keeping tabs on Ruby Mahoney. Rising stars like her inevitably blow up over time. When that happens, we hope you return to us where we will be waiting, hopefully, with more wiki facts and bio details on Ruby Mahoney.

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