Who is Daniel Edgar from Swamp People? Know His Wife, Bio, Net Worth

Originally posted on April 5, 2020 @ 10:25 am

While Troy Landry and family may be the main stars in the hit History Channel show ‘Swamp People,’ a fair amount of people have interests in other cast members as well. One of such cast member is Daniel Edgar. Daniel Edgar also has a family who works alongside him in the fishing and hunting business as well as ‘Swamp People.’

However, did you know his family does not limit to just his sons? Read the article below to learn not only Daniel Edgar’s Net Worth but his family life. A complete wiki on Daniel Edgar’s Married History like his wife, children, and grandchildren below. What say, you ready to read about Edgar’s sons and daughters?

Daniel Edgar’s Net Worth & Career

Daniel Edgar became a beloved figure of reality TV after joining the Swamp People cast in 2016. Edgar does not seem like the personality who would be so open to get on film, and that is because he isn’t. In the past, too, he has denied working for documentary films about the Louisiana Swamps and Seafood industry. It was the same for proposals to star in Swamp People.

Image of Daniel Edgar's net worth and married life
Caption: Daniel Edgar’s net worth and married life

It wasn’t until multiple denials to first approaches and a personal meeting with Troy Landry that Daniel Edgar finally agreed to become part of the show. Since then, Daniel Edgar has been a fan favorite. Even his late appearance in season 7 does not seem to affect his overall popularity, which is apparent in his net worth and salary.

Daniel Edgar’s Net Worth is estimated to over $100,000, which comes from his salary of at least $10,000 based on the salary of his co-stars. However, we firmly believe his net worth surpasses the one estimated above.

If you are a fan, you must already be aware of Daniel Edgar’s successful business ventures outside his salary from Swamp People. He owns St. Mary’s seafood Incorporated and is also the founder and owner of Louisiana Baits Company.

Caption: Daniel Edgar in Swamp People

Both his business empires are big names in Louisiana, and the USA with his Bait company can process as much as 400,000 to 500,000 pounds of fish a day while it can do well over 1 million. With a booming endeavor like that, it will not be surprising if Daniel Edgar had a net worth of millions. However, for the time being, we are still reviewing his net worth and salary.

Daniel Edgar’s Married Life in Failure with Both Wives

Daniel Edgar’s married life while ended in failures; we don’t think it was a terrible life experience for Daniel Edgar. He was married firstly to a woman by the name of Juanita Thomas Broussard. Yes, she was the mother to his two equally famous sons, Joey Edgar and Dwaine Edgar. His first wife was a beautiful Creole lady, someone who is a mixed-race between African and European ethnicity.

Daniel Edgar’s married life with the first wife, Juanita, would eventually come to an end. The reason behind it was Edgar’s job. He was just starting his business, and he was investing even his free time to fishing. Cat-naps while fishing was also how he slept. It was clear he was prioritizing his business and money over his wife and their marriage so understandably; his wife got a separation from him.

Despite their separation, they continued to have a good relationship, which was also very healthy in bringing up their children. Sadly, his first wife died on March 17, 2008. Her funeral services were held on March 24.

Image of Daniel Edgar's first wife Juanita passed away in 2017
Caption: Daniel Edgar’s first wife Juanita passed away in 2017

Edgar did manage to find love once again with second wife, Mandy, who came from a similar ethnicity like him as she was from a Cajun family. They also had one daughter as part of their marriage, Danielle Edgar. Once again, the same thing happened. Edgar was starting his second business, and it was consuming all his time.

His second wife couldn’t see past the lack of time in their marriage despite being from the same profession. Thus even his second marriage will end for the same causes. Currently, Daniel Edgar is just focusing on his career, and now that he has his sons, a big enough company to hire extra help and no wife or marriage to also care about, nothing is holding him back.

Image of Daniel Edgar's daughter, Danielle Edgar
Caption: Daniel Edgar’s daughter, Danielle Edgar

Daniel Edgar’s Children & Grandchildren

Daniel Edgar’s children include, firstly, his sons that most of you are well aware of. His older son Joey is as famous as Daniel as he handles much of his father’s business and also co-stars regularly with him in ‘Swamp People.’ Joey is married to his lovely wife, Jennifer, and he will likely be the one which gets passed down the torch of the family business.

His younger son, Dwaine, also spends time fishing with his father and brother from time to time, but he is not as equally vested into the business. Dwaine’s life, on the other hand, has been both in and out of his home in Louisiana. His athletic talents as a baseball player are the one that primarily keeps him at bay, but he never forgets to dim his father’s values of spending time with his family.

Image of Daniel Edgar with son Joey and his grandchildren
Caption: Daniel Edgar with son Joey and his grandchildren

Dwaine is married to Lenor, and together they have a son by the name of Dorien. Daniel Edgar’s grandson fills in for his father’s seat, assisting his grandfather and uncle in the family profession. Similarly, Daniel’s daughter from his second marriage, Danielle, also has children of her own, a son and a daughter, which she raises in her residence in Lafayette.

Image of Daniel Edgar with his children and their families
Caption: Daniel Edgar with his children and their families

Daniel Edgar’s Bio; Parents, Family & Early Life

Daniel Edgar’s bio misses details like his birthdate and age, but we estimate him to be in his 60s as per his appearance. He was born to father Rufus and mother Bertha Edgar in his father’s hometown of Jeanerette. He was born as a middle child to six children; Bertha Ann and Albert were his elder siblings, whereas Cathelia, Rose, and Janice are his younger ones.

Image of Daniel Edgar's father and mother
Caption: Daniel Edgar’s father and mother

Daniel Edgar’s grandparents had Francophone roots prevalent in Southern Louisiana, which are full people who are descendants of French Acadians from Canada. Daniel Edgar thanks his grandparents for instilling family values and country pursuits on him.

He remembers vividly how his family would go fishing, and he and his grandfather would make the team while his father and brother would form another. They would compete to see who can fish more. Daniel has tried his best to live up to his father then grandparents’ teachings by always spending time with his children and family.

Even during separation with his first wife, he made sure he would go see his sons and spend time with them over the weekend. Even now, he loves to use whatever time he has to gather as much family as he can to go fishing or do other kinds of fun family activities.

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