Zak Catchem from Swamp People is a YouTube Star; All about Zak’s Net Worth

Originally posted on April 2, 2020 @ 3:36 pm

In medieval times it was common for people to bear the surnames based on their professions like Baker and Shepherd. In today’s times, such a trend is no more prevalent, but that does not mean that by chance or purpose, some people seem to end up with names that perfectly suit their hobbies or profession. Today we talk about Zak Catcem, who is a hunter and fisherman.

You can see why we say his name is fitting to his career. Zak Catchem from ‘Swamp People‘ also leads a life as a social media sensation that many people may not be aware of.

Well, we are going to talk all about it here so that you get a good idea of Catchem’s net worth and bio. Also, check out his married life, or is he divorced and dating someone new?

Zak Catchem’s Net Worth & Career

It is not uncommon for people with multiple sources of revenue to possess a higher net worth. For Zak Catchem, not only are both his salary sources in the entertainment business, but they also make him famous, resulting in his massive net worth. Zak Catchem’s net worth, by the way, stands at an estimated value of around $1.8 million.

Image of Zak Catchem's net worth and dating life
Caption: Zak Catchem’s net worth and dating life

However, Zak Catchem’s net worth was brought to review by ‘Nailbuzz‘ who only kept at attention, his social media career. Don’t get us wrong, his career in the internet world is impressive as Nailbuzz estimates he may make a salary of $1 million a year ($2,750 a month) from YouTube alone.

This is only plausible for Zak Catchem, whose YouTube channel ‘Catch Em All Fishing‘ has over 2.5 million viewers and over 560 million views. We know that YouTube can pay anywhere from $2 to $7 per 1000 views. On top of that, he has over 247k followers on Instagram, which also probably serves as a platform for him to generate his salary.

Zak Catchem’s Net Worth after Swamp People

We still have not even begun to put his salary as a Swamp People cast to the equation. Perhaps people have yet to recognize him as a reality TV star since he only came into the Swamp People Franchise with its newest spin-off series, ‘Swamp People Serpent Invasion.’ Zak Catchem is one of the local Florida hunters Troy and Chase Landry will use to solve the python invasion in the area.

Caption: Zak Catchem’s net worth after Swamp People

Zak Catchem’s bio in History Channel also states that Catchem will be assisting another cast member, Joey Edgar. More precisely, it sounds like Joey and Zak are good friends as Zak is a sharpshooter who comes to beck and call of Edgar. He does not mainly specialize in the field of alligators, so we will have to see in the show how he fares out.

Another exciting thing to see will Zak Catchem’s Net worth and salary as part of the hit Discovery series. We will bring it to you as soon as his re-estimate after his career development is done.

Zak Catchem’s Married & Dating Life

Zak Catchem, despite his long life of Internet fame and now his entrance into the world of reality TV shows, is still relatively very secretive when it comes to married or dating life. It is not known whether Zak was married in the past, but some of his interactions online with fans give us an idea that he was.

Image of Zak Catchem's girlfriend, Selena
Caption: Zak Catchem’s girlfriend, Selena

Well, even if he was married, he is not anymore. Most of Zak Catchem’s wiki-bio pages will say that he is single, but that is also not true. Zak Catchem is dating his girlfriend by the name of Selena, who looks like a model from her Instagram account. We are not sure how long they’ve been dating, but his girlfriend has held appearances on Zak’s YouTube videos dating as far back as four months.

Caption: Zak Catcem’s girlfriend appears in his YouTube videos

They have possibly been dating for longer as things seem to be getting very serious with them as Selena uses her Instagram Id as ‘Catchembae.’ Zak also threw a grand Pool Glow Party for his girlfriend and later posted pictures of it on IG.

In one of them, he wrote,

“You are one of a Kind, and i want everyone to know it. Happy birthday little one. To many more LITTY parties and laid back poolside days to come.”

Zak Catchem Bio; Early Life

Zak Catchem (Swamp People cast) was born on November 1, 1990, in Florida, USA. So, Zak is American in nationality, and he looks to be of mixed-ethnicity from his Father’s size, most probably Indian. Catchem, from a young age, fell in love with fishing.

In 2004, at the age of around 14, he won the juniors tournament hosted by The International Game Fish Association, where freshwater fish on any species were eligible. He is a Swamp People star and has famous fishing and hunting YouTube channel ‘Catch Em All Fishing,’ where he also features his family members and celebrities like Logan Paul and pro-fisher, Michelle Dalton.

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