Saucy Santana Net Worth & Bio; Why was Saucy Santana Shot?

Originally posted on February 12, 2020 @ 1:58 pm

There was a time when rappers fit within the stereotypes of being big-tough men who would rap about guns, women, drugs, and violence. Today, times are different, and rappers come in all shapes and sizes, including some genuinely colorful characters. The Internet has been a significant factor in this with free platforms like Soundcloud, giving a chance to everyday people to become musicians.

The late xxxtentacion and Post Malone were some of them, and so is Saucy Santana. Yes, you may have heard the name Saucy Santana, but he is a rising star, so do you know Saucy Santana’s net worth? Well, we are here to explain that very thing in his wiki and bio. Find out who is Saucy Santana’s Boyfriend through his dating life.

All of this information is important and all but did you know that the ‘Love & Hip Hop: Miami almost died recently. Learn how and why Saucy Santana was shot below.

Image of Caption: Rapper, Saucy Santana
Caption: Rapper, Saucy Santana

Saucy Santana’s Net Worth

If you know Saucy Santana, you already know about his breakthrough song ‘Walk ’em Like a Dog’ on Soundcloud in August of 2019. Santana later talked with Genius to say that he actually recorded his song with million plays on his phone inside a closet with just a mic and headphones.

After the audio’s success, the 26-year-old also released its official music video on September 17, 2019, which has over 4.6 million views so far.

Caption: Saucy Santana breakthrough track ‘Walk ’em Like a Dog.’

Saucy Santana has then also released music videos for other single tracks like ‘Material Girl,’ ‘Yeah Heaux,’ ‘Get It,’ and ‘Hood Nigga.’ All of his music has done well, though; they are not entirely on par with the popularity of his initial breakthrough song. His rap career alone transcends him to celebrity status and humongous net worth, but then there is also his appearances in the hit Bravo reality series, ‘Love and Hip Hop: Miami.’

Caption: Saucy Santana talks about performing at Rihanna’s party

Saucy Santana’s net worth is estimated to be around $350,000. His net worth may also be the result of other factors besides his music career like his social media. Saucy Santana’s Instagram has over 562k followers. He also collects salary from doing events, and Saucy Santana has been part of events like Rihanna’s Fashion Week afterparty upon Rihanna’s request, which explains his massive net worth at such early stages of his career.

Saucy Santana Boyfriend & Dating Life

There are not exactly a lot of news outlets that are covering Saucy Santana’s dating life, so it is a little challenging to learn about her boyfriend. We all know that Saucy Santana is openly gay, and inspiring his fellow queer or LGBTQ rappers are one of his life’s dreams. However, we are moreover concerned with her boyfriend and dating history as it is pretty much non-existent.

Image of Caption: Rapper, Saucy Santana wants to lead by example for other aspiring LGBTQ rappers
Caption: Rapper, Saucy Santana wants to lead by example for other aspiring LGBTQ rappers

Saucy Santanna being an upcoming rapper, for him clubbing and partying are parts of his daily routine. So, around alcohol and dancing, things can get hot and heavy pretty quickly. We are sure Saucy has had his fair share of hook-ups and flings, but so far, we have come across no partner who could possibly be his boyfriend even after scouring for it through his Instagram.

Image of Caption: Saucy Santana and his best friend Tyra (Life-Size Ken)
Caption: Saucy Santana and his best friend Tyra (Life-Size Ken)

Although we did find some people who seem to be very close to Saucy Santana, we would not go as far as to place them as their boyfriend. Another person by the name of ‘Life-Size Ken’ in particular hung out with Saucy Santana a lot. They even went to a club in very similar-looking outfits but it turns out they are just best friends. If they are not boyfriend then they are at least best friend goals.

Saucy Santana Shot in a Drive-by

The world of rap may have evolved in a significant way, but it still comes from the hood. Many people dislike Saucy Santana for being gay and his flamboyant behavior in his music and real life in general. Someone sought such a dislike of him that they even had the idea of killing the ‘Walk ’em Like a Dog’ rapper.

Caption: News about Saucy Santana’s shot

On December 11, 2019, Saucy Santana, along with three friends, left the party at The Office Gentlemen’s Club. They were driving around in a Honda Sedan near the entrance point from Miami Gardens to I-95 Drive when a Chevy Sedan rode by three men pulled to their side and opened fire.

The details on the case have not come up yet, but thankfully Saucy and his friends were rushed to the Aventura hospital close by where they were treated for their injuries that were not very serious. While many would be scared after an incident like that, Saucy decided to make a music video about it titled ‘You Can’t Kill Me.’

Caption: Saucy Santana video song “You Can’t Kill Me”

Saucy Santana Bio & Social Media

Saucy Santana was born in Tallahassee, Florida, on October 8, 1993. So, he will be turning 27 years old as of 2020. There is not much you will be able to find about his early life and bio even after we tried our best to gain knowledge through his social media sites. You would think a man with over 562k followers would consider giving some info on this to his followers. In Twitter, too, he has almost 69K followers.

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