Is Johnny Jett from Barnwood Builders Dead or Alive? His Net Worth & Married Life

Originally posted on February 19, 2020 @ 1:26 am

We like nothing more than moments when sideshows end up stealing the entire show from the main stars. We bet we can name quite a few of them just from the world of the reality show, but one particular person that comes to mind is Johnny Jett from ‘Barnwood Builders.’

There have been so many numbers of times Johnny Jett has stolen the show from the central star Mark Bowe.

We are sure Mark does not mind, and since we already covered Mike, we thought we might as well also write about Johnny Jett’s net worth. Also, learn everything we know about Johnny Jett.

Image of Caption: Johnny Jett dead or alive?
Caption: Johnny Jett dead or alive?

Is Johnny Jett Dead?

Johnny Jett is very much alive and well, which anyone who is a fan of his shows ‘Barnwood Builders’ will be able to tell you with surety. How? Well, because it hasn’t been that long since we and the rest of the fans saw of Johnny Jett from their most recent season, which premiered in August 2019. The season 9 had to take a mid-season hiatus with its episode 7 airing on September 15.

Caption: Johnny Jett is alive and going to 71 years od age

Furthermore, Johnny Jett will be returning with season 9 from May 15, 2020, so make sure you do not miss out on the new episodes of ‘Barnwood Builders’ every Sunday at 9 pm EST.

Johnny Jett is undoubtedly not dead, but it is essential to debunk where the rumors of Johnny Jett’s death could arise from. It was not very hard to find the source as simply searching Johnny Jett’s name; we stumbled onto his a couple of obituaries in the name of Johnny Jett. It goes without saying that these were completely separate men, but coincidently, they were both from Kentucky, where Johnny Jett we know also lived.

Image of Caption: Barnwood builders cast Johnny Jett is still alive
Caption: Barnwood builders cast Johnny Jett is still alive and healthy

One of Johnny Jett’s obituary stated that he died way back in 1960 while the other recently died in 2017 at the age of 44. We are sorry for both the departed should but at the same time also thankful that Johnny Jett was alive and well.

Johnny Jett’s Net Worth

Now that we know Johnny Jett is alive and well let us learn all about Johnny Jett’s net worth. Johnny Jett’s net worth as of 2018 was $400,000. His net worth for 2020 is still under review, but we have no reason to believe it has not increased to an even more stunning total. Johnny Jett’s net worth mostly comes from his salary of ‘Barnwood Builders’, which is approximately $50,000.

On top of this, machine operators in the West Virginia area, have an average salary of over $31,000. It is no wonder he is able to boast such a considerable net worth. We expect nothing less from Johnny Jett, who has been one of the original cast members of the show since season 1.

Image of Caption: Johnny Jett is good friends with Mark Bowe
Caption: Johnny Jett is good friends with Mark Bowe

Johnny Jett also has been the part of Mark Bowe’s crew along with Sherman Thompson from a long time before the start of ‘Barnwood Builders’ and played vital roles in the success of Antique Cabins and Barns. The terrific trio had the idea ever since they became friends.

Johnny Jett’s Married Life with Wife, Children, and Grandkids

The 70-year-old Jett is a man of utmost secrecy. The biggest mystery of Johnny Jett is his married life, which we have no idea whatsoever, and Jett has felt no obligation so far to make it a public affair too. He certainly looks the part of a family man, so maybe he is married. Being the oldest cast member in his 70s, Jett reminds us of a cool grandpa.

Married or not, Johnny Jett has children and grandchildren. We know of this because of his grandchildren, a grandson to be exact manages the website and social media profiles that sell paintings and other artworks of Johnny Jett. He also ran a Q&A section on Reddit back in 2016, where he was answering questions related to the show and paintings in his grandfather’s stead.

I guess Johnny Jett’s married life is a story for some other day, but for now, this is all we have. Speaking of Johnny Jett’s artworks, you can buy a piece or two from his website; You can only buy prints instead of the original artwork, which will cost you around $95. He also sells other pieces of artwork like a calendar and this rose box shown below.

Johnny Jett Wiki-Bio, Age

Johnny Jett was born on April 28, 1949, in Chicago, Illinois. He will be celebrating his 71st birthday this year. At this age too, Johnny Jett looks extremely healthy, working in construction, between heavy machinery of all the places. We wish him a happy birthday in advance and good health in the coming years.

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