Mark Bowe’s Married Life with Wife Cindy & Son; Know His Net Worth & Wiki

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The leader of Barnwood Builders both on and off the camera, Mark Bowe is a frontman for the entire show. So, it is no use to you, is it, when we go on and on about his TV career only, especially when people barely know anything about Mark Bowe’s married life. No, we cannot let it go on like this. Meet Mark Bowe’s wife and kids here and other details from his marriage and family life.

However, it would not be entirely useless to learn Mark Bowe’s net worth and salary. What more could you need to learn about your favorite celebrity’s net worth and salary?

Mark Bowe’s Net Worth

Mark Bowe did not begin his career to earn money but moreover to pursue a genuine passion in the field of restoring historic houses, cabins, barns, and other properties. With this mission in mind, Mark Bowe founded his company ‘Antique Cabins and Barns.’ Thanks to all the help from his trusted crew, such as; Johnny Jett, Sherman Thompson, Brian Buckner, etc to date, Mark Bowe and his company have successfully reclaimed over 500 structures from the pioneering era.

Image of Caption: Mark Bowe
Caption: Mark Bowe

It was only a matter of time before a man of Mark Bowe’s leadership, skills, and fashion caught public attention. His net worth took off after DIY and HDTV ran his show ‘Barnwood Builders.’ As the main star of the show and leader of the crew, Mark Bowe’s net worth is approximately $1 million as of 2018.

We don’t have data to estimate his net worth accurately as of 2020, but we can only expect that it has only grown since then. Mark Bowe’s salary of over $300,000 he receives annually for his appearances in ‘Barnwood Builders‘ is enough to obtain such a net worth. He also additionally gets a salary of around $62,000.

Mark Bowe’s Long-term Married Life & Children

Mark Bowe is not the kind of guy who likes to bring out the information of his married life out in public, jeopardizing the privacy of his wife and son. However, as a man who values his family so much, he has not been able to keep his wife and son completely out of the limelight.

Mark Bowe is a married man, and his wife’s name is Cindy Lavender Bowe. Despite not knowing details, we do know that they have been married for quite some time. They are both natives to West Virginia and attended rival schools; Dupont & East Bank. Still, being from the same area and the same age group, meant that the two shared the same social circle.

Image of Caption: Mark Bowe with wife Cindy
Caption: Mark Bowe with wife Cindy

It isn’t too hard to understand what happened here, they became friends, eventually started dating and after a while was also married. They have been married for almost 17 years, considering that they celebrated their 16th wedding anniversary in April of 2019.

Who is Mark Bowe’s Wife, Cindy Bowe?

Cindy Lavender-Bowe, who was born on August 3, 1970, is not just her husband’s life but a business partner as well. Mark Bowe would have never made it this far without his loving wife’s support. It was just a romantic getaway in 2001 that bought the husband and wife in Lewisburg, Greenbrier Country, where they fell in love with the place.

Image of Caption: Mark Bowe and wife Cindy
Caption: Mark Bowe and wife Cindy

So, they not only reside here but also run their successful businesses, not just  ‘Antiques Cabins and Barns’ but also an insurance company. She graduated from West Virginia Tech with a Bachelor in Arts degree in Social Studies Education and from Marshall University with a Master’s degree in Leadership Studies.

Mark Bowe is the local celebrity, but his wife is also a celebrity in her own right. Cindy Bowe is a master when it comes to making desserts. Mark Bowe knows this better than anyone else for someone who eats only the vegetarian dishes in Thanksgiving so that he has more space in his belly to indulge in his wife’s desserts later.

It was the 50-year-old who played a vital part in the launch of their United Way’s Chocolate Festival, which brings in thousands of people from around the country.

Image of Caption: Cindy Bowe was pivotal in the United Way's Chocolate Festival
Caption: Cindy Bowe was pivotal in the United Way’s Chocolate Festival

Mark Bowe’s Wife is a Delegate

Cindy Lavender-Bowe has given a lot more contributions to the community as well. She has not just been the one to run two successful local businesses with her husband but also actively worked in several local non-profit organizations. Now, Cindy has her mindset on taking her passion for social work to administrative levels as a member in the House of Delegates.

Image of Caption: Mark Bowe's wife is a West Virginia delegate
Caption: Mark Bowe’s wife is a West Virginia delegate

She has recently completed successful one year tenure as a delegate in the WV House of delegates, representing the 42nd district. We only wish Cindy, more success in her new role as a leader.

Mark Bowe’s Kids; Meet his Son

So far, they only have one son together by the name of Atticus, who was born on September 18, 1993. Mark Bowe does not mention his son Atticus very much, but when he does, we only get to hear good things about the 16-year-old.

Image of Caption: Mark Bowe with his wife and son in their Thanksgiving card
Caption: Mark Bowe with his wife and son in their Thanksgiving card

In a story by ‘hashtagwv,’ Mark Bowe said how he was so tired to do house chores on weekends, but luckily he had his son to help him. Atticus, unlike unruly children, his age loves to help out his father in doing the chores.

Mark Bowe uses all the leisure time he can find to spend on the outdoors with his family. He loves to go camping, fishing, and hunting with his family. It may be the reason that while Mike expects nothing more from his son than “hard-work and kindness,” he wants his son to join the Boy Scouts for extracurricular activity. According to Mark, his son would learn a lot of essential skills and morals from being an eagle scout.

Image of Caption: Mark Bowe's son, Atticus
Caption: Mark Bowe’s son, Atticus

“There are so many life skills and practical knowledge that comes from Scouts and Lewisburg has one of the most active troops in the country.  He can safely use a knife, cook over an open fire, administer first aid, and is a good marksman.  He can run equipment at my yard and use most hand tools.”

Mark Bowe Wiki-Bio & Early Life

Mark Bowe is a West Virginia native; he has spent his life in different parts of the state. The 49-year-old was born in a tiny blue-collar town of Glasgow in the Kanawha Country on March 5, 1970. He graduated from West Virginia University with a BBA degree while he was working as a coal miner.

Mark Bowe showed exceptional skills even back then as he worked in multiple roles as an HR director, Safety director, and Insurance agent. He would also go on to receive a Master’s degree as well from WVU in safety management. Mark Bowe holds his home state and University dearly supporting the state’s teams in all sports, especially the WVU baseball team.

Caption: Mark Bowe gives a speech on West Virginia University

We can only think of the honor Mark Bowe must have had when he was invited as a WVU alum to speak in front of 700 people as a speaker in the college. His DIY bio further teases Mark Bowe to be quite the breakdancer, but we will believe it when we see it. Mark Bowe also has spoken in the past of his life for Martial Arts.

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