Sherman Thompson’s Married Life Revealed! Meet his Wife & Daughters

Mainstream reality shows like the ‘Kardashians’ franchise or the ‘Real Housewives’ franchise, which seem to revolve around the personal lives of reality stars. Then, there are other reality shows like ‘Barnwood Builders’, which have little to nothing to do with the private, married, or family lives of reality stars. Take Sherman Thompson, the leading cast member of ‘Barnwood Builders’ for example.7

What do you know about Sherman Thompson? Sure, you may know Sherman Thompson’s net worth, but do you know anything about his married life.

What about his children? Well, we are here to answer as much question about his married life and some for information from his bio.

Image of Caption: Sherman Thompson’s net worth and married life

Caption: Sherman Thompson’s net worth and married life

Sherman Thompson Net Worth

First of all, it is essential to discuss Sherman Thompson’s net worth and career that built it. All ‘Barnwood Builders’ fans know Sherman Thompson has been a cast member of the show. He and Mark Bowe, as well as Johnny Jett, have been friends for a long time and together laid the foundation for ‘Antique Cabins and Barns’ success.

Image of Caption: Sherman Thompson stars in the hit show ‘Barnyard Builders’

Caption: Sherman Thompson stars in the hit show ‘Barnyard Builders’

Sherman and Johnny Jett used to know each other from a long time back as they were in the business of dismantling logs and selling them. They first came in contact with Mar Bowe as his supplier for logs. Soon they would become friends and work for his company since 1998.

Image of Caption: Sherman Thompson is good friends with co-star Johnny Jett

Caption: Sherman Thompson is good friends with co-star Johnny Jett

He receives a salary which cannot be much less than that of his co-star, Johnny Jett’s salary, which is around $50,000. His net worth for 2020 is estimated to be approximately $350,000. However, we are still awaiting verification of Sherman Thompson’s net worth.

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Much of his net worth can be traced back to his career as a reality star. However, Sherman Thompson is a Foreman in Mark Bowe’s crew, and we know that Mark Bowe make an average salary of over $43,000 in the state of West Virginia, USA.

He also is an excellent carpenter and likes to do a lot of carpentry in his free time. A lot of corner cabinets and other furniture he made also used to be sold at the Barnwood Builders online store. It is no wonder he is famous for his expertise in handling a chainsaw.

Sherman Thompson Married Life with Wife and Kids

Sherman Thompson’s married life was tough to track down, made worse by the fact that neither Sherman Thompson nor his wife and kids have official social media accounts. Thompson is married to a wife by the name of Roma Andreuzzi. They have been married for over 13 years, but other than that, no details are known about Sherman Thompson’s married life or wife.

Image of Caption: Sherman Thompson with his wife Roma Andreuzzi in 2017

Caption: Sherman Thompson with his wife Roma Andreuzzi in 2017

Sherman Thompson has said in the past that he wouldn’t be able to enjoy anything in his life without the support of his wife. The couple also has two lovely kids, both of them daughters by the name of Agostina and Felicia Thompson. When asked about his wife and kids, Thompson says,

“I’ve been so lucky to have met Roma and to have her in my life and our girls.”

We rarely get to see Sherman Thompson’s side. Hopefully, we will get to hear more about his wife and daughters in the coming days. Even the instance where he doe talks about his family life, he makes it clear about how he is an average person who values his privacy and values the privacy of his family.

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It is not a very bad idea to shield your kids from all the negativity media can have. Even big actors and musicians try their best to do that so we can understand his feelings. In his own words, Sherman Thompson says,

“I’m very private. I’m a country boy from Fleming County. I will always be a country boy. I love being in the woods!” Even as an adult and a national celebrity, Sherman Thompson thought that the Flemingsburg where he resided with his wife and daughters was “too big for a country boy like him.”

Sherman Thompson Bio

Sherman Thompson celebrates his birthday on May 28, which we know because Barnwood Builders official Instagram wished him on that day with this post.

Image of Caption: Sherman Thompson’s birthdate in on May 28

Caption: Sherman Thompson’s birthdate in on May 28

However, the actual date of his birth is not known, so we have no way of telling his age. But if we were to guess, we will not place his age to be over the late 50s. If his birth date is not known, you can imagine that we have no proper information about other aspects of his early life and bio. Sometimes we have no luck in our research no matter how in-depth it is.

Be sure to check back with us in the past when hopefully we will have more information about Sherman Thompson’s net worth, bio, and married life.

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