Meet The ‘Homestead Rescue’ Cast of The Raney Family with Their Net Worth & Salary

Originally posted on February 8, 2020 @ 2:52 am

From our well-furnished homes with heating and running water, we can’t possibly begin to understand what people see living in an off-grid lifestyle. For the other side, building everything you want and own is a feeling of freedom that simple minds can’t comprehend.

Agree or disagree with the natural lifestyle. The Raney family, who features in ‘Homestead Rescue,’ makes life even in the Alaskan wilderness not seem half that bad. You have seen them show how to build a functional homestead for living an unforgiving independent lifestyle in the wild. However, we can’t help see them as reality stars with a huge net worth and family life.

So, here is a little information on all the ‘Homestead Rescue‘ cast, namely, Marty, Matt, and Misty Raney with their net worth & salary.

Marty Raney’s Net Worth & Family

Marty Raney as the patriarch of the Raney family, gave birth to the family’s off-the-grid lifestyle after visiting Alaska in 1974 and making it his forever home since. He has come a long way though from his original floating logging camp he built in his early days. Now he lives in the remote, bear territory of Haines, Alaska, in his cabin where he successfully raises his family.

Caption: Raney Family in their Alaska Homestead

Speaking about his family, the 63-year-old is married to Mollee Roestel with whom he founded his homestead. Marty, who was born in 1957, has four children with his wife. Along with Matt and Misty, he also has a son, Miles, and eldest daughter Melanee who are not many stars of ‘Homestead Rescue.’

Image of Caption: Marty Raney with wife and children
Caption: Marty Raney with wife and children

The ‘Homestead Rescue’ star was only 16 years when he left his home and 18 when he came to Alaska. Today he has built an entire lifestyle here together with his children.

Marty Raney’s net worth is estimated to be around $1 million. His net worth is mostly the result of his salary from the show. However, since he and his family live independently of the superficial society or nearly so, they have little to spend’s while collecting some revenue serving as guides to tourists. Considering, Marty is currently in his 60s; it is quite an achievement to possessing such a net worth.

Matt Raney’s Net Worth, Wife & Son

Matt Raney is Marty Raney who, like the rest of the family, does all kinds of work to secure and upgrade homesteads. As the heir to everything his father built, Matt couldn’t live anymore to the legacy with as much experience as his father at the age of 33. Raney who was born in 1986 is known all around Alaska as a master hunter.

Image of Caption: Matt Raney with his son
Caption: Matt Raney with his son

The fish and animals that Matt hunts are sustenance for him and his family so it is a do-or-die situation from him. He can track, hunt, and kill anything from salmons to Caribou. His hunting skills prove very beneficial to increase his net worth, both from an entertainment perspective on the show to the real-life where he can sell the meat, skin, and fur of the animals for some money.

His net worth is inclusive to that of the Raney family’s net worth, which is at $1 million. When living an off-grid lifestyle, you can always have some money in the bank, especially when you have a family of your own now. That is right Matt Raney is now married to wife, and they also have a son together.

Matt Raney is already putting some of that large net worth to good use. He is building the greatest super homestead he can for his family, but for the time being, he is living in a temporary make-shift barn in his father’s land. Like always, Matt bought a mechanic’s house and then renovated it to a barn-like house where he will live with his wife and son until their super homestead is complete.

Misty Raney Married Life & Net Worth

Misty Raney is the youngest daughter of Marty Raney, who currently goes by the name of Misty Bilodeau. The name change, as you may already know or have guessed it in is because she got married. The lucky man who got to be her husband is Maciah Bilodeau, a carpenter, and surfer.

Image of Caption: Misty Raney with husband, Maciah
Caption: Misty Raney with husband, Maciah

You would think that the surfer of warm tropical islands will not be a perfect match for the Alaskan born and bred Misty. However, in this case, perhaps the opposites attract. It is not like they got married yesterday; after all, they have a 6, soon turning 7-year-old son who has already started surfing like his father.

Image of Caption: Misty Raney's husband and son
Caption: Misty Raney’s husband and son

Misty and Raney take turns in each other’s lifestyle throughout the year. In summer, they come to Alaska and live in their cabin within 800 sq. Feet which she and her husband built themselves. Then, they spend their winters in Hawaii. We can’t tell if it is adventurous or calming to get to live in two vast environments in a year?

Misty Raney has become a symbol of resource management through the show. She may occasionally go fish wither her father and brother as well as do heavy and dirty work of building and constructing homesteads. However, her true skills lie in making rations last throughout the year, which makes her also an important member of the family and the show.

Her net worth can also be a part of the $1 million of her family’s collective worth. Misty Raney was born in Sitka, Alaska, on 9th November 1981. The 38-year-old also has a vast knowledge of sustainable farming, greenhouse, smoker, skinning, and many more skills necessary for survival in the wilderness. Like her father and brother, she also finds herself being a guide to tourists and amateur homesteaders

‘Homestead Rescue’ New Season or Canceled?

‘Homestead Rescue’ fans may rest easy as a show with its success will not be canceled so suddenly. We are a little late for this, but the new season of ‘Homestead Rescue’ is already on after premiering on 2nd January 2020. You can catch new episodes, every Thursday at 8 pm ET/PT and so far 8 episodes are already out.

Caption: Homestead Rescue New Season trailer

Episode 9 titled ‘Treehouse of Terror’ will be coming out in 13th February. This will break it as the longest-running season of the series as it has not grown over eight episodes in the past. We promise you we will not be late with information about the next new season.

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