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There is something about celebrities that, for no reason, we can’t stop obsessing about their personal lives. It is different for Mart Raney, though; we are just as inclined to know Marty Raney’s married and family life too. However, since a significant part of his life without whom, Marty Raney would not merely be able to survive.

Here is everything we know about Marty Raney’s wife and children, along with his net worth and Wikipedia-bio. Who are the ‘Homestead Rescue‘ star’s sons and daughters?

Marty Raney’s Early Life and Start of his Family

We do not know a lot about Marty Raney’s early life, but we are sure even you know that he is not from Alaska. He was born in 1957 in North Bend, Washington. His relationship with Alaska began only from 1974 when he came here at 18 years of age after leaving his house at just 16 years old. You can pretty much guess his career and family life from then.

Image of Caption: Old photo of Marty Raney with his wife and kids
Caption: Old photo of Marty Raney with his wife and kids

He learned all the skills, tricks, and trade concerning the construction of a functional homestead in unforgiving Alaska. Failure to execute means death there, and Marty Raney has come a long way since his first homestead, which was a floating logging camp in the large Prince of Wales Island.

Marty Raney’s Married Life with Wife & Net Worth

For Marty Raney, he had to pull through his wishes to start a homestead in Alaska because he had not just his survival but that of his wife and future family as well. Yes, that is right; Marty married his wife, Mollee Roestel, the same year as his move to Alaska in 1974. With wife Mollee on the line, Marty had to deliver on his directive.

Image of Caption: Marty Raney has been married to wife, Mollee for a long time
Caption: Marty Raney has been married to wife, Mollee for a long time

Decades later, there is not a more prominent name you will hear in Alaska when it comes to homestead. He not only has built a house for him, his wife and children in the remote Haines, Alaska, but also grew his family business in such a rural area. Along with their stone and logging business, they will also hunt, fish, and work on homesteads for other’s sustenance.

Can there be a better guide in those parts then the Raney family? So, Marty Raney, as well as some of his children occasionally, will take in jobs as guides to tourists. Their growing reach in different ventures results in Marty Raney’s considerable net worth of $1 million. We don’t have his net worth for 2020 yet, but we are sure the figure is only set to grow in the coming years.

Marty Raney’s Children; Meet his son and daughter Misty

Marty Raney has four children altogether, some more famous than the others. Everybody recognizes the father-like son, Matt Raney. Not only has he learned all of his father Mart Raney’s skills of managing a homestead, but he even outperforms him when it comes to hunting. In 2015, he alone bought in over 1000 pounds of meat for his family.

Now Marty has a family of himself to fend off for. He is busy with building a grand homestead for his wife, Katie, and young son while they currently reside in a temporary make-shift barn in Marty Raney’s 20-acre property.

Similarly, his younger daughter, Misty Raney, also is the star of ‘Homestead Rescue.’ The help she provides her father and brother in hunting and fishing is exceptional, but she is genuinely the farmer and cook of the house. The 37-year-old knows every trait necessary for agriculture and making most of the food at hand.

Image of Caption: Marty Raney and wife with son, Matt, and daughter, Misty
Caption: Marty Raney and wife with son, Matt, and daughter, Misty

She, too, has a family with her husband, Maciah Bilodeau, and son, Gauge. She has been in a relationship with surfer husband, Maciah, for over 20 years, and their son will be turning nine years old in 2020. They spend their summers in their 800 square feet Alaskan homestead and spend their winters in the more pleasant Hawaii.

Marty Raney’s Other Children include his oldest daughter Melanee Raney who was born in a plane that was taking her to a hospital in Yukon territory for an emergency delivery. He also has another son by the name of Miles Raney. Miles and Melanee have made appearances on ‘Homestead Rescue’ but are not the long-term cast of the show.

Marty Raney Social Media Updates; What is he Doing Now?

Marty Raney will be turning 63 years of age this year and what a life he has had. From a boy who left the suburban life as a teenager to a reality star with a $1 million net worth. However, now that he is in his 60s, there is no way he can take all the action from his youth back. It may finally be time, Marty Raney leaves all the heavy lifting for the next generation.

While Marty Raney still is appearing on the new seasons of ‘Homestead Rescue,’ he is also finally giving his other interests time. We all know Marty Raney’s love for music, and he seems to be dedicating more time to it. Anyone who plays the guitar that is the shape of an American state (Alaska) is a true musician in our book.

Caption: Marty Raney’s passion for music

That being said, Marty Raney’s fans do not need to worry. He also loves to be the star of the ‘Homestead Rescue’ almost as much as he loves his wife and children. He will not be leaving the show anytime soon, which we can tell from his recent social media posts where he is doing a lot of promoting for the new season.

Image of Caption: Mart Raney promoting the 'Homestead Rescue' new season
Caption: Mart Raney promoting the ‘Homestead Rescue’ new season

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