Did Someone from Barnwood Builders Cast Die? Meet the Entire Cast to Find Out

Originally posted on February 19, 2020 @ 12:58 am

Barnwood Builders is a restoration show like you have never seen before. Until now, restoration shows have been about restoring houses and cabins and vehicles, but ‘Barnwood Builders’ is all about transforming old broken-down barns into livable homes. If you came here, you already knew that.

Has some tragedy has occurred one of the cast members of the show. Who died from the Barnwood Builders? Find out if there was any death in the Barnwood Builders cast and also take this opportunity to learn all about the net worth and bio of each cast member

Death in Barnwood Builders; Did Brian Buckner Die?

We were quite shocked to hear so many people questioning and researching on a supposed death of a Barnwood Builders cast member. How could we not have heard about it sooner? So, we wasted no time to study it. We found many obituaries of people by the name of Brian Buckner, and with a tense heart, we went through each of them. However, no one turned out to be our Brian Buckner from Barnwood Builders.

People may have jumped over the conclusion since Brian Buckner did not appear on the Barnwood Builders’ new season. But, in actuality, Brian left the show a long time ago, starring only in the initial season 1 and season 2 of Barnwood Builders.

He was an impressionable man who was surprisingly funny and witty at the same time, contrary to his looks. He always made the viewer’s laugh and, at moments, was surprisingly very inspirational both as a builder and a moral human being.

Caption: Brian Buckner was funny and wise in Barnwood Builders

Is Brian Buckner Alive?

We were able to find an Instagram page belonging to Brian Buckner, who we strongly believe is our beloved ex-TV personality. If we are correct then, Brian Buckner is not dead. No, sir, he is alive and well, but he does seem to have cut off his long beard and now rocks a simple, small and sleek beard.

Buckner’s posts of him working out in a gym also explain his weight loss, making him almost unrecognizable now. Just check out his latest post with his son, Austin Buckner, which was posted just one week ago so, we can say Brian Buckner is alive and well, currently residing in North Carolina and happily married with a son.

Image of Caption: Brian Buckner with son Austin
Caption: Brian Buckner with son Austin

Now that we have addressed the elephant in the room let us move onto other cast members of the show with their net worth and short bios.

Mark Bowe Net Worth

As the leader of the ‘Barnwood Builders’ and the host of the show by the same name, it is no debate that Mark Bowe is the frontman of the show. Mark Bowe has been working for upgrading his net worth long before being a reality TV star. He was working as a coal miner and a mine safety technician even when he was studying in West Virginia University for his bachelor in Business Administration degree.

Image of Caption: Mark Bowe
Caption: Mark Bowe

He already found success as a founder of ‘Antiques Cabins and Bars’ in 1995 that successfully did the reclamation of over the pioneer-era structure. He then also started ‘Barnwood Builders’ company, which also started doing equally well. Mark and his crew members found themselves doing a short documentary called ‘Home: Where the Past is Present.’

It would garner the attention of the DIY network prompting the release of their show ‘Barnwood Builders’ in 2013, which would go on to become the pinnacle of his net worth and career. Mar Bowe’s net worth as of 2018 was around $1 million, with a salary of $62,000 as a renovator and builder. At the same time, he receives a large annual salary of $300,000.

Mark Bowe is also doing well in his married life. He is married to longtime wife, Cindy Lavender Bowe. We don’t know much about their married life, but they were friends for a long time before they were dating. So, they must know each other pretty well. They also have a son together by Atticus. You can see how happy he is as a married and family man from their family picture for Thanksgiving.

Image of Caption: Mark Bowe with wife, Cindy, and son, Atticus
Caption: Mark Bowe with wife, Cindy, and son, Atticus

Johnny Jett Net Worth

Johnny Jett is the machine operator and a cast member for ‘Barnwood Builders.’ There is not much known about his married life other than the fact that he does have children and grandchildren. One of his grandsons was running a Q&A section on Reddit for his grandfather’s fans.

Image of Caption: Johnny Jett is alive and well
Caption: Johnny Jett is alive and well

Johnny Jett, being born on April 28, 1949, in Chicago, Illinois, is the oldest cast member being 70 years old and soon turning 71 in just a couple of months. He is a Vietnam Vet who worked for the Fleming County Water system for 25 years before moving to West Virginia in the 90s, where he met co-star Sherman Thompson. After Mark Bowe also joined their gang, the 3 of them who sold log cabins together founded ‘Antique Cabins and Bars.’

You know the rest of their success story. What you may not know is the success was enough to give Johnny Jett and large net worth of approximately $400,000. Much of it can be attributed to his salary from ‘Barnwood Builders’ of around $50,000. Not to mention machine operators in West Virginia make an average salary of over $31,000.

However, many people will be surprised to know that Johnny Jett is also quite the artist. Even people who do not watch the show are great fans of his paintings whose prints he sells for $95 on his website; johnnyjettart.com. He also sells other forms of art like these rose boxes seen below.

Image of Caption: Johnny Jett's artwork for sale
Caption: Johnny Jett’s artwork for sale

Is Johnny Jett Dead?

Johnny Jett also has become a subject to death rumors, but since he has been appearing on the newest season 9 of ‘Barnwood Builders,’ we can assure you that he is alive and well. However, like Brian Buckner, obituaries for several people by the name of Johnny Jett are existing which could have led to the birth of such rumors.

One obituary even existed about a man who died in Kentucky, which, as we said earlier, was the former residential area of Johnny Jett. However, that man died in 2012, so he could not be the Johnny Jett that we know of.

Sherman Thompson’s Net Worth

Sherman Thompson is the foreman of the ‘Barnwood Builders,’ and the handiest person we have ever seen with a chainsaw even if we include Leatherface. Thompson, along with co-stars and good friends, Mike Bowe and Johnny Jett, were the ones who started the company along with their previous business, ‘Antique Cabins and Bars.’

Sherman Thompson is also the original cast member of the show from season 1 till the newest season 9 so, he must have collected quite a net worth.

Image of Caption: Sherman Thompson's net worth and married life
Caption: Sherman Thompson’s net worth and married life

Unfortunately for us, Sherman Thompson’s net worth is still under review. We do know that Foremen in the state of West Virginia can earn an average salary of over $43,000. He must also receive a huge sum of salary from the show just like his co-stars. Comparing to his co-star’s earnings, his net worth is approximately $350,000.

Furthermore, Sherman Thompson is also an excellent carpenter and sells corner cabinets and other furniture. No wonder he has superb skills with the chainsaw.

You can tell a celebrity lives a low-key life when both his net worth and married life. We know that Sherman Thompson is a married man and a lucky man to have found himself a wife like Roma Andreuzzi. Thompson and his longtime wife met around 13 years ago and now already have two daughters together by the name of Agostina and Felicia.

Image of Caption: Sherman Thompson with wife Roma Andreuzzi
Caption: Sherman Thompson with wife Roma Andreuzzi

Sherman considers himself a private country boy from Fleming Country who does not advertise his married and family life much.

Tim Rose’s Net Worth

Tim Rose is a beam lifter in the show, but you will see him aiding all his co-stars in their respective roles in the show. Rose, like Johnny Jett, is a veteran having worked as an Air Force Mechanic for around ten years. Perhaps that is the reason they are very good friends outside of the show.

Image of Caption: Johnny Jett and Tim Rose are good friends
Caption: Johnny Jett and Tim Rose are good friends

He became part of Mark Bowe’s team in 2006 and has been an original cast member of the show since season 1 to present. He did take a hiatus in 2015, but we doubt his short hiatus will have had much effect on his net worth.

Speaking of Tim Rose’s net worth, it is still under review. However, if we are to estimate his net worth ourselves just like we did for Sherman Thompson, Tim Rose’s net worth should be around the sum of $250,000. Such a massive net worth is not hard to achieve if he is paid a salary that is close to the number of his co-stars. Tim Rose, according to his Facebook page, is also a guide, trapper, trader, and cook. So he has other sources of income to boost his net worth further.

Meanwhile, Tim Rose’s married life and kids are a secret. We went through his short Facebook profile but had no luck in finding his wife or girlfriend. However, judging from posts of his travels and liquors, we think he may be enjoying the single bachelors’ life. His other posts from trucks to hunting and fishing show that he is a true red-neck American. He also advertises his friend Jett’s artwork, even buying a piece himself.


Graham Ferguson’s Net Worth & Girlfriend

Graham Ferguson is the youngest cast member of the show and the newest addition to Mark Bowe’s crew. He came to know Mark Bowe because their children went to the same school. Ferguson during that time was a self-employed landscaper operating in Summers Country before Mark reached out to him with a proposition for about a week’s worth of work.

“The week turned into three months, and then it just kept going,” said Ferguson,

who had the perfect timing for joining the crew in 2013, right before the start of their hit show ‘Barnwood Builders.’

Image of Caption: Graham Ferguson
Caption: Graham Ferguson

We are sure he receives a massive salary from the show, which remains undisclosed for the moment. However, we do know landscapers make an average salary of $30,000 to $40,000 in a year in the state of West Virginia. However, Ferguson only began as a landscaper, but we saw him as simply “the rookie” on the show. Well, it has been years, and Ferguson is an experienced builder himself now. The national average salary of builders in the USA is well over $56,000.

So putting his probable salary in mind, we are sure Graham Ferguson has a humongous net worth. If we were to estimate it ourselves, we would place Graham Ferguson’s net worth to approximately $250,000. He is still very young and will probably stick by the show as well as pursue other ventures to boost his net worth further.

In his married life, we were not able to find out anything, which probably means that he is not married. We do know that he has multiple children, one of which is around 17 years old. He had said in an interview back in 2016, that his then 13-year-old would help him cut firewood. In 2017, he was dating his girlfriend, Shannon Murphy. When asked about her boyfriend and the rest of the cast members, she said;

“They’re a lovely, hard-working bunch. They really do like each other.”

Alex Webb’ Net Worth

Alex Webb is the only ‘Barnwood Builders’ cast member who was not the original cast member of the show who only became a cast member from season 3. Even though in his late start, he has quickly become a beloved member of the show. He was also in the army for a while, but he discharged soon enough and took the job as a locomotive engineer in Norfolk & Southern Railroad.

Webb never really fit into his old job very well; they would keep letting him go only to rehire him again. The corporate life was not for him, but luckily he reached out to Mark, who had his doubts about Webb at first for his inexperience.

Image of Caption: Alex Webb's net worth and salary
Caption: Alex Webb’s net worth and salary

So, he first offered Alex Webb a few days trial but knew in a short while that he was correct for the job. However, he forgot to tell Webb that he actually got the job. Webb humorously remembers thinking, “How long is this damn interview?”

Alex Webb has since been good friends with all his co-stars. He has not just collected an impressive net worth as a member of the show but also managed to achieve weight loss. In 2016, he had lost 20 pounds while on the contrary, his net worth has increased since he joined the show. As we said, builders make an average salary of over $56,000 in the USA.

We are sure Alex Webb’s net worth must be a big amount. We can estimate Alex Webb’s net worth to be approximately $180,000. Alex Webb was born on February 1, 1978, in Monroe Country, Georgia, USA. Other than that, we have no information on Alex Webb’s married or personal life.

Sean McCourt Net Worth

Only a few fans will recognize Sean McCourt, not by his face but his voice and name in the opening credits of ‘Barnwood Builders.’ It is because Sean McCourt is the narrator, as well as the executive producer of the show. McCourt is also a Broadway actor who has worked in big productions like Wicked, Titanic, Mary Poppins, and Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown.

Image of Caption: Sean McCourt is an actor
Caption: Sean McCourt is an actor

We are sure Sean McCourt has a massive net worth, but perhaps due to behind-the-scene work in ‘Barnwood Builders’ or his under-rated acting career, his net worth and salary, for the time being, is under review. Furthermore, Sean McCourt was born on January 19, 1971, in Detroit. In his Twitter bio, he says that he is a dad, but we do not know if he is married or not. Perhaps this woman he is seen beside in his Twitter DP is his wife.

Image of Caption: Sean McCourt with wife
Caption: Sean McCourt with wife

Barnwood Builders New Season; Canceled or Renewed?

Barnwood Builders’ newest season, which is in its 9th one premiered on August 4, 2019. After seven episodes, the reality series took a hiatus on September 15, 2019. Now the season 9 will be returning in continuation from episode 8 titled ‘Dairy Barn Danger’ in March 15, 2020. So make sure you do not miss out on the newest season of ‘Barnwood Builders.’

Image of Caption: Barnwood Builders entire cast with their net worth and new season
Caption: Barnwood Builders entire cast with their net worth and new season

You make sure you keep your schedule clear every Sunday at 9 pm EST because that is when the new season will continue from. So far, Barnwood Builders has only had 13 episodes in the past, but since they took a hiatus, maybe we get a number of episodes as a bonus. We will have to wait and watch for how many episodes the series will produce.

Barnwood Builders Cast Net Worth Table

Barnwood Builders Cast Age in 2020 Net Worth (estimate) Salary (average estimate)
Mark Bowe 50 $1 million $362,000
Johnny Jett 71 $400,000 $82,000
Sherman Thompson The Late 50s $350,000 $43,000
Tim Rose The Late 40s $250,000 Under review
Graham Ferguson The Mid-Late 30s $250,000 $36,000 to $56,000
Alex Webb 42 $180,000 $56,000
Sean McCourt 49 Under review Under review

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