Who is Tamara Day Married To? Know Her Net Worth, Husband & Kids

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An interesting thing about reality shows is how normal everyday people can also end up becoming big stars from their involvement is one. Take Tamara Day, for example. She could have never imagined she would get her show in the DIY network called ‘Bargain Mansions,’ but now that she does have her show, Tamara Day must also have a grand net worth.

We will be discussing her net worth but more importantly, go over, Tamara Day’s married life and kids that most people do not even know, outside of what they see in the show. We will be uncovering all the details of her married life with her husband as well as specifics on each of her children from her Wikipedia-biography details. So, let us begin;

Tamara Day Wikipedia-Biography & Early Life

Tamara Day was born and raised in Kansas City, Missouri, on August 20, 1976. She graduated from Kansas State University with a degree in communications but never really pursued a career related to her academic qualifications.

The one thing she had been passionate about since an early age was decorating and renovating houses after she began to assist her father, Ward Schraeder, to do those tasks. While other fathers would punish their daughters by taking away their phones, Tamara Day’s father would order her to hang sheetrock every time she missed a curfew.

Image of Caption: Tamara Day stars in Growing Days with father, Ward
Caption: Tamara Day stars in Growing Days with father, Ward

You would think that it would cause her to come to hate doing these renovation tasks, but on the contrary, Tamara began to love it anymore. Little must Ward have known back then that her daughter would grow up to become even more talented in the trade. Now both she and her fathers are stars in HGTV and DIY Network run ‘Growing Days.’

Tamara Day Net Worth; how much is Bargain Mansions cast worth?

Tamara Day’s net worth remains under review, which is hard to understand since most of her net worth results from her salary as a reality star. Judging from ‘Growing Days’ popularity, we will be disappointed if Tamara Day’s net worth is at least not even $1 million. After all, Tamara Day is a highly sought personality when it comes to home decor and renovations.

Tamara Day started flipping houses from her own 5,000 square feet of the family home. After she was successfully able to renovate much of her own house and furnished it to perfection, little by little, she decided to keep restoring furniture. Soon she had a broad clientele not just for her furniture sales but also for the one who would seek her expertise in other areas of house renovations.

Her growing popularity caught the attention of creators that offered her show, which became ‘Growing Days.’ She is also the star of another show ‘Bargain Mansions, ‘ which recently wrapped up its second season in 2019. In this way, she was able to gain a net worth of $1 million.

Tamara Day’s Married Life

Tamara Day is a married woman and has been happily so for a long time. She met her husband, Bill Day, back in 1998 in the Bartle Hall, Kansas City. She was there managing a stall selling t-shirts and credit cards while Bill was managing a booth right next to hers. Tamara was interested in Bill even though he pronounced her name wrong, calling her Tomorrow.

Image of Caption: Tamara Day and husband Bill Ray are married for a long time
Caption: Tamara Day and husband Bill Ray are married for a long time

They exchanged numbers and thus went on a date six months later. Tamara Day remembers calling her mom to tell about how she held hands with the handsome Bill. Little did Tamara know that after not even two years of dating, the couple would get married in November of 2000. They have been inseparable through almost 20 years of marriage and 22 years of knowing each other.

Who is Tamara Day’s Husband, Bill?

Tamara Day’s husband Bill, is a financial analyst who is the owner of his own properties company by the name of BL Day Properties. He is also the co-owner, partner and principal of Integrated Wealth Advisory Inc. since 2013.

Bill Day celebrated his birthday on October 8 and is a graduate of the University of Missouri in Colombia with a degree in Bachelor of Science in Accountancy. Bill Day also has a bit of history in flipping houses but could never really go around supporting his wife, Tamara Day, full-time because of his obligations to his job in the finance.

Image of Caption: Tamara Day with husband and daughter
Caption: Tamara Day with husband and daughter

Still, he did his best to help his wife in flipping their 5,000 square feet house. They had initially planned to hire the workforce, but after the financial crisis during the time, his wife Tamara took it upon herself. By that time, they already had their three sons in quick successions, so Tamara did it all while taking care of two toddlers and one baby.

She even had to carry her youngest son in the back while doing most of the work. Isn’t Tamara Day just an awesome mother and homebuilder?

Tamara Day’s Children

Tamara Day has 4 children with her husband, Bill Day. As we explained earlier, her 3 sons were born in quick succession without much of an age gap. Her eldest son, Henry, was born on January 31, 2004, so he is already 16 years old and already taller than both his parents. Tamara Day frequently complains of how quick Henry, her baby son, has grown.

Image of Caption: Tamara Day's son, Henry with husband Bill Day
Caption: Tamara Day’s son, Henry with husband Bill Day

Similarly, her second-oldest son is Bobby Day, who was born on March 5, 2006. So, he is 13 years old and will be turning 14 years old in 2020. Her youngest son is Tom Day, who was born November 17, 2007, so he will be turning 13 years of age near the end of 2020.

Image of Caption: Tamara Day with her second-oldest and youngest son, Bobby, and Tom
Caption: Tamara Day with her second-oldest and youngest son, Bobby, and Tom

Tamara Day also gave birth to a daughter who is the youngest of her children by the name of Nora in November 14, 2013. So she will already be turning 7 years old in 2020. Being the only daughter, it is clear that Tamara Day has a unique bond with Nora. The funny thing about Nora was that her parents had thought she was initially a boy in her first sonogram during pregnancy. Here is the mother-daughter duo enjoying the Super Bowl.


Tamara Day Social Media

Wondering where we got all this information, it wasn’t very hard once we decided to look over Tamara Day’s social media profiles. You also can know a lot about her life if you follow her on any of her social media pages. You can follow her on Instagram, where she has over 39.1k followers or on Facebook, where she has over 15.5k followers.

She also has a Twitter, but she is relatively less active there and only has over 1.5k followers there.

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