TV Personality Matthew Anderson; Dating & Married Life of ‘The Dead Files’ Cameraman

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Seldom do people behind the camera get the chance to be in front of the camera, let alone steal the show from the famous stars of the show. Nevertheless, it happens, and we can’t appreciate those moments enough. One man who was able to achieve this is Matthew Anderson, the man behind the camera in the hit Travel Channel series The Dead Files.’

This is a perfect time as any to see Matthew Anderson’s net worth from the ‘The Dead Files’ as well as earnings from other parts of his career. Also, eventually, learn what most of you came here in the first place, Matthew Anderson’s married and dating life are also in here. You will be surprised to meet his girlfriend.

Matthew Anderson’s Net Worth & Salary

Matthew Anderson’s net worth and salary mostly stem from his career with ‘The Dead Files.’ He has been a part of the show since its inception in 2011. He holds the credits in the show until season 7 in 2016. Through that course, he holds credits for working in over 116 episodes of ‘The Dead Files.’

Image of Caption: Matthew Anderson's net worth and married life
Caption: Matthew Anderson’s net worth and married life

Even a simple camera operator can make a salary of almost $27k a year, and Cameramen in the USA make nearly $70k annually on average. Of course, he is still with the show, but we do not know why but perhaps he now is considered a co-host of the show. It may be the reason why he does not have any credits since 2016.

By that estimation, Matthew Anderson must make a handsome salary, only for his profession, but we all know that he is not a cameraman of an ordinary show. We certainly would not sign up to shoot around scary haunted locations. Neither can we forget that Matthew Anderson has a notoriety of almost a reality star, he is more popular than any other cameramen from the show after all.

Matthew Anderson’s Net Worth; False Info & Comic Books Career

So that must reflect in his salary, which enables him to make his net worth, which is approximately $800,000. He has been active even after leaving The Dead Files, so we don’t expect his net worth to have been adversely affected in any way. He is the owner and Founder of EMMA Enterprises and also works at The Repercussionist Comic book as a creator, writer, and artist.

Matthew Anderson has a long love for comic books, mainly about Godzilla and also is the Author and Illustrator of the comic book series ‘The Carver and the Assassin. Compiling both his net worth in reality TV and comic books, some sources have even put his net worth at $3 million and projecting it to reach sums of $20 million. However, Anderson learned about it himself and made sarcastic fun of it on his Facebook page.

Image of Caption: Matthew Anderson makes fun of his false net worth
Caption: Matthew Anderson makes fun of his false net worth

Matthew Anderson’s Married Life to Wife Amy

It is not a big secret that many fans of the show already know, but in case there are some new viewers out there. Matthew Anderson was married to ‘The Dead Files’ star Amy Allan. However, the details of their dating and married life are still not very clear for us to know when and where they became exclusive or a married couple.

Image of Caption: Matthew Anderson with ex-wife Amy Allan in The Dead Files
Caption: Matthew Anderson with ex-wife Amy Allan in The Dead Files

Fans did get to catch a glimpse of their romance now and then. Matthew was Amy Allan’s cameraman who follows her around all the spooky locations and communicates with her while she was contacting ghosts, spirits, or otherworldly beings. He only had good things to say about his married life back then.

Caption: Matthew Anderson talks about wife Amy Allan on The Dead Files

All in all, they made a damn good couple, which is precisely why it was a shame when they separated in 2012. They made it official in 2013 following up with their divorce. We recently already talked about Amy Allan, who went on to get married to director/producer Rob Traeglar who also worked with her on The Dead Files.

Image of Caption: Amy Allan is now married to husband Rob Traeglar
Caption: Amy Allan is now married to husband Rob Traeglar

Matthew Anderson’s Dating Life and Girlfriend

Matthew Anderson dating life was tough to track; after all, he had fallen off the public radar. Luckily, we had his Facebook Profile according to which he has been in a relationship since March 2013. Although he did not name the girlfriend he was dating at the time, we did not have to search for long to find her eventually.

Image of Caption: Matthew Anderson dating girlfriend Jill Murelli in 2013
Caption: Matthew Anderson dating girlfriend Jill Murelli in 2013

Matthew Anderson’s girlfriend is Jill Murelli. They will be dating for seven years as of 2020, and things look pretty serious for the couple. Jill joined her boyfriend, Matthew Anderson, and his parents to their visit to the Philippines a well. Matthew Anderson is not very sharing when it comes to his dating life, so we have very little known about his girlfriend other than that she lives in Denver, Colorado, like her boyfriend.

Image of Caption: Matthew Anderson took girlfriend Jill and his parents to the Philippines
Caption: Matthew Anderson took girlfriend Jill and his parents to the Philippines

Matthew Anderson’s Early Life & Bio

Matthew Anderson celebrates his birthday in early October, but we do not know the exact date of his birth, so there is no way of telling his age. He was born to mother, Carol Anderson Delos Santos, and the name of his birth-father is unknown. His mother remarried his step-father Bobby Delos Santos when he was just a young boy.

Anderson’s step-father, who currently works at The Home Depot and does wood arts, is of Philippines ethnicity. So, understandably, Matthew and his mother grew up in New Manila, Quezon City, and considered it his hometown. He still frequently visits the country with his parents and family. He has two half-brothers resulting in one very blended family.

Image of Caption: Matthew Anderson's father, mother, and brothers
Caption: Matthew Anderson’s father, mother, and brothers

Matthew Anderson graduated from the University of Arizona in 2005 with a degree in Studio Art like Painting and Print-making. He also learned the Japanese language when he was in college. Before that he graduated from Tucson High Magnet School.

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