Farmtruck Bio; His Relationship with Azn, Net Worth & Married Life

Originally posted on March 12, 2020 @ 8:29 am

You all might know well that Street Outlaws is one of the most famous shows from the Discovery Channel and so are the ‘Street Outlaws’ cast. Being on the peak of the finest car show, Farmtruck has learned to live the best life in context to his work.

Looking at the show Street Outlaws, we cannot help but question ourselves on Farmtruck and Azn’s relationship. 

So let’s see how these famous two are related, and we cannot miss out on their net worth for sure. We bet you wonder about his life, most importantly if he is married and who his wife and children are. 

Image of Caption:  Discovery’s Street Outlaws
Caption: Discovery’s Street Outlaws

Learn About Farmtruck’s Interesting Life

While Farmtruck owns more than one car, he loves to ride the 2006 GMC Duramax Diesel mostly because he has been driving it for over a decade. When asked to rate that truck, Farmtruck does not hesitate to give it a perfect full score in the range of 1 to 10. If we are talking about Farmtruck’s favorite cars, we certainly can’t leave out the 1970 Chevy Long bed truck because that car is after all, what got him the name of Firetruck. 

Image of Caption: Farmtruck and His Daily Ride
Caption: Farmtruck and His Daily Ride

Anz and Firetruck are two companions who are not just working mates but also as a family. They have been together for more than ten years. Seeing how close they have become over time, people quickly assume that they might be gay and in some romantic relationship. Nonetheless, the rumors certainly are wrong as both of them have mentioned about their love life. However, Farmtruck and Azn are related differently. 

Since Azn did not get the parently love in his early life, Firetruck has been more like a father figure to him together while being friends and companions. 

Farmtruck’s Net Worth

Now while we are on Farmtruck’s talk, why don’t we take a look and see what he earns? Firstly, shall we talk about how this amazing man developed an interest in an early age of 12 and then led that path to be his career. 

Moving back, when we come to like a celebrity, we surely do want to know how much do they worth and what their net worth looks like for sure with no doubt, we assume that if you idolize this man, net worth is the foremost thing you would want to now. With the career and life, he has built as a beloved and adored personality from Street Outlaws, he has a net worth, which is estimated to be around $2 million

Furthermore, it won’t come to a surprise to know about his increasing net worth and income due to his forward-moving career. 

Image of Caption: Sean “Farmtruck” Whitley’s Net Worth, Career
Caption: Sean “Farmtruck” Whitley’s Net Worth, Career

Farmtruck’s Wife and Children. 

A question that always bothers us not knowing the answer to is about the family, especially when it comes to the partners. We bet most of you are desperately searching for Farmtruck’s wife, his married life, and also his children, and so are we. 

While Azn does not hide info on his family, speaking openly about his gorgeous wife and an excellent relationship with his sister. Farmtruck is a little different on this matter as he treasures his privacy and personal life like all of us. It is the reason why he does not reveal the identity and other details of his wife and children. However, he has mentioned his married life and wife on ‘Street Outlaws’ multiple times, so he is not hiding it or anything.

Image of Caption: Azn with Sister Brenda
Caption: Azn with Sister Brenda

Though Atz and Farmtruck had an unconvincing starting, they grew up to be close and are business partners as well. Their official store website says that the two have an aim to let people know that things always aren’t the same as it looks. Their store is named The Official FNA Store.

You all might remember the anticipated race between Farmtruck vs. Lambo, which blew up the fans and right? It was one of the most anticipated and watched races of all time. 

Caption: Farmtruck Vs. Lambo

Farmtruck and Azn Social Media

Both Frmtruck and Azn are active on Facebook, Twitter, and also Instagram. They keep on updating their schedules and what they have been up to in their social media post. 

Recently, Farmtruck updated his Facebook in the 30th of January with the caption “FARMTRUCK’S “D” – DAILY DRIVER PASS AT NO PREP KINGS SEASON 3 FINALE.”


Similarly, Farmtruck keeps his social media professional where he does not post personal pictures, including his family. But you can see all of the events he has been doing and more in his Instagram posts.

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