Who is the New Doctor, Nicole Arcy in ‘The Incredible Dr. Pol?’

Originally posted on April 9, 2020 @ 11:15 am

It is always exciting to see new faces arrive in our favorite TV shows and series. Sometimes you can just tell from their personalities and first impressions that they are going to be significant characters in our entertainment.

We get a very similar feeling of this from the new doctor in ‘The Incredible Dr. Pol,’ who is the young and enthusiastic Doctor Nicole Arcy.

Dr. Nicole Arcy is the newest addition to Dr. Jan Pol’s already impressive team of veterinarians at the Pol Veterinary Services. Let us see precisely who Dr. Nicole Arcy is through her bio. Check out Nicole Arcy’s net worth and dating life in the process.

Image of Nicole Arcy's net worth, married life, and bio
Caption: Nicole Arcy’s net worth, married life, and bio

Who is Dr. Nicole Arcy? Her Education & Career Background

Dr. Nicole Arcy, as we have already said, is the newest doctor and surgeon to join the Pol Veterinary Services and the cast of ‘The Incredible Dr. Pol.’ The big announcement of her arrival on the show came to pass on February 20 of 2019. However, her bio suggests that she has been working in Pol Veterinary Services since June 2018.

So Dr. Nicole has been part of Dr. Jan Pol’s team for almost two years, but it has become only a little over a year that we have come to know her. So far, things couldn’t be great. She is a perfect fit for both the clinic and the show. As young and bubbly as her personality is, she is an excellent surgeon who so far has got to live out her dreams by treating a variety of exotic animals from rabbits to big lizards.

She says it herself about how fortunate she is in her career accomplishments in the Instagram post below.


Dr. Nicole Arcy is not just a rookie in the current clinic but her career as well. She is fresh off the medical school as this is her first job after completing her DVM from the University Of Missouri College Of Veterinary Services in 2018.

Furthermore, she has a Master’s Degree in Public Health from the University of Missouri and a Bachelor of Science in Zoology degree from Michigan State University-Lyman Briggs.

Dr. Nicole Arcy’s Bio Wiki

Dr. Nicole Arcy’s exact age and birthdate are still a mystery, but we estimate her birth year to be around the 1990s and her age to be in her mid to late 20s. We do know that Nicole Arcy celebrated her birthday on December 20. We know this because Dr. Jan Pol himself was the one to wish her on Twitter, requesting his followers also to wish her a happy birthday.

Image of Dr. Jan Pol wishing a birthday to Dr.Nicole Arcy
Caption: Dr. Jan Pol wishing birthday to Dr. Nicole Arcy

In the photo above, you can see her standing next to another beautiful lady like her. As Dr. Pol also addresses, she is Amanda Arcy, Nicole’s sister. All we know about her sister, Amanda, is that she loves to play volleyball, and she loves her sister Nicole so much that she even dressed up as her because she was her favorite TV character.

Image of Dr. Nicole Arcy's sister Amanda
Caption: Dr. Nicole Arcy’s sister Amanda

Nicole Arcy’s most of the schooling took place in Michigan, so she indeed grew up in the area. Ever since she was in Kindergarten, she always wanted to be a veterinarian. As she grew up, her interests and love for animals have only grown since.

She was also a fan of ‘The Incredible Dr. Pol,’ before joining the cast so you can imagine that she must be on cloud nine with what she has done so far with her career.

Nicole Arcy Net Worth

If we had so little luck in Dr. Nicole Arcy’s bio, get ready to be a bit disappointed in her net worth. It is no one’s fault here; however, as sometimes celebrities with years and decades of a successful career are not able to produce a satisfying net worth.

Nicole Arcy has only had a year in the public eye. We reckon that she needs a year or two for us to be able to calculate her net worth. Unfortunately, as of 200, Nicole Arcy’s net worth is under review.

Dr. Arcy’s net worth will surely turn out to be a humongous amount. If she just manages to keep doing what she is doing now, she will get there. One day she might even reach the same heights as Dr. Jan Pol, who has a net worth of around $1.5 million.

Nicole Arcy does have a lot of responsibilities on her shoulders as she will be filling in the shoes of Dr. Emily Thomas, who was a fan favorite. Arcy will have to work extra hard if she wants to gain the same love and net worth as Dr. Emily Thomas, which was approximately $500,000.

Image of Dr. Jan Pol with Dr. Nicole Arcy
Caption: Dr. Jan Pol with Dr. Nicole Arcy

Dr. Emily may have left the show in 2019, but it looks like she had some time to get along with and mentor the younger paladin, Dr. Arcy. So, it seems like Dr. Nicole Arcy will be alright as she has trained with the best.

Image of Dr. Nicole Arcy trained with Dr. Emily Thomas before she left
Caption: Dr. Nicole Arcy trained with Dr. Emily Thomas before she left

Dr. Nicole Arcy’s Dating Life; Who is her Boyfriend?

Many of you were wondering if Dr. Nicole Arcy is married. Well, we found the question irrelevant as there is very little chance that Nicole Arcy will have a husband or get married at such a young age. She barely graduated from college, and even if she were married, we would be able to tell somehow. After all, we follow her on all major social media sites, including Facebook.

So, instead, learn about Dr. Nicole Arcy’s dating life. We found no traces of a boyfriend or any probable partners when it comes to her dating life as well. Maybe she is too busy in her career, which fans of the show will understand with all the hectic things that go around in Dr. Pol’s clinic.

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