Salvage Dawgs Star Robert Kulp’s Illness Leads to Death Rumors

Originally posted on January 20, 2020 @ 3:18 pm

Some people have made they’re living out of turning scraps into upcycled. We may refer it to a kind of creation as well.

Robert Kulp and his partner Mike Whiteside are the heroes of Black Dog Salvage. The two are fondly known for discovering forgotten treasures throughout the country. The duo gathers worn out dressers, bathtubs, coffee tables, or any similar things and turns them into something useful again.

They work together with their team on a reality show named Salvage Dawgs, which is aired on DIY Networking and is running in its 11th season.

So, here are some fascinating updates about Robert Kulp’s illness. Also, learn everything about Salvage Dawgs cast Robert, married life with wife Patti and daughters.

Let’s begin!

Robert Kulp Opted Out As Naval Officer For His Degree

The former Naval Commander was born in Roanoke, and he grew there as a native. His actual birthdate remains under wraps.

However, Kulp celebrates his birthday on August 20, and his age remains a mystery. He began his early career as a Naval officer, but he got himself out to pursue his education.

Image of Caption: Robert Kulp tagged along with his father, mother, and relatives on Facebook
Caption: Robert Kulp tagged along with his father, mother, and relatives on Facebook

Robert graduated with his Bachelor’s degree from Virginia Technical University in Building and Construction.

He has a right eye for structural engineering and is a general contractor as well. Now, he has devoted himself in digging through trash while salvaging unique things from the scraps.

Similarly, he earned his place in the television world with his precision and expertise in the construction field.

Salvage Dawgs Cast Robert Kulp

Caption: Salvage Dawgs Promotional Video

Robert Kulp is also known as the Top Dawg on the show Salvage Dawgs. Well, the entire show revolves around him, who is the co-owner of Black Dog Salvage.

Robert and his friend Mike Whiteside began the company back in 1999 in Roanoak, Virginia.

The show, Salvage Dawgs, is wholly based on Black Dog Salvage, and the series made its debut since November 8, 2012. Robert has been a significant part of the show from the very beginning.

Meanwhile, the whole crew salvage things that are still useful or uncovering antiques having historical significance from the sites. The show is all about the company doing their usual job while tackling the problems in the process.

Now, Robert and Mike are running on the 11th season of the show as of 2020.

Robert Kulp Married To Wife Patti

The television personality married his wife, Patti. However, the details about his love life and the wedding are still a secret. Robert does not hush up about his personal life.

However, the couple does seem to appear more frequently together in social media then the show. In 2016, Robert posted a picture of himself with his wife, Patti, on Facebook. The couple celebrated his birthday together and talked about his great day with his better half.

Image of Caption: Robert Kulp and Patti celebrate birthday together
Caption: Robert Kulp and Patti celebrate birthday together

Also, he quoted, “Come join us tomorrow at the Street Pub Roanoke; I’ll be a Reserve Release bartender with Deschutes Brewery brewer Ryan Kern, stop by and let me pour you a beer!”

Image of Caption: Robert Kulp thanks to everyone for the birthday wishes
Caption: Robert Kulp thanks to everyone for the birthday wishes


Robert Kulp Father Of Three Daughters

The lovely couple has a total of three children over the years. Robert has three beautiful daughters, and he is very expressive about his family in social media.

Image of Caption: Robert Kulp celebrating his birthday with his daughter
Caption: Robert Kulp celebrating his birthday with his daughter

His youngest daughter is named Caroline Kulp. The young teen has already made her debut in the season 6 of Salvage Dawgs in 2016. She started her career as a television personality from a very young age

Image of Caption: Caroline Kulp debuts for Salvage Dawgs
Caption: Caroline Kulp debuts for Salvage Dawgs

Similarly, his second daughter completed her graduation in 2018. Robert was a proud father while his daughter Enrie completed a phase of her life.

Image of Caption: Enrie Kulp's graduation ceremony
Caption: Enrie Kulp’s graduation ceremony

However, there are no details about Kulp’s eldest daughter. Her name and profession have not come out yet.

Image of Caption: Enrie Kulp with her sister
Caption: Enrie Kulp with her sister

Robert Kulp Illness and Injury Update; How Is He Now?

Rumors were surrounding the death of Robert Kulp back in 2010. However, the stories indicated another person having the same name. The mix-up about the death speculation came out while a famed actor named Robert Kulp died in that year.

However, the star of Salvage Dawgs is perfectly fine. Also, he is living a healthy life having no signs of any illness at the moment.

Image of Caption: Robert Kulp posing in front of the camera
Caption: Robert Kulp posing in front of the camera

Robert Kulp Earns A Huge Fortune From Salvage Dawgs

The show Salvage Dawgs is now running in its 11th season, and Rober Kulp has made a considerable fortune out of this. His team is good at turning a piece of crap into gold.

The star has worked for the show over two decades, and he also has his furniture line. Also, he and Mike have a separate warehouse where they sell merchandise as well.

Moreover, Robert Kulp’s net worth is an outstanding figure of $1 million as of 2020. Also, his annual salary is around $128,000 annually from his position as a president for the Black Dog Salvage.

Image of Caption: Salvage Dawgs
Caption: Salvage Dawgs

Robert Kulp Talks About His Inspiration On Upcycling Projects

Robert Kulp revealed his inspiration for these projects in an interview with DIY Network. He said that his partner Mike was the creative one in these projects.

He is always looking around the sites and finding a way to sell the pieces of the house. But there are times when they have a massive opportunity with the number of leftovers.

Also, he said, “Well, okay, this hasn’t sold as a door. We’re going to have to do something else with it, and what can we do with it?

Proper and maximum utilization of things and resources is a motto to be beheld in not just the world of Antiques but every other part of life. Robert Kulp’s motivational take on dealing with only just the leftover antiques is a big tell-tell on his success. We can learn something from him and the values he shares in his career

Image of Caption: Robert Kulp working at the site with his team
Caption: Robert Kulp working at the site with his team

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