Meet Nema Vand’s Ex-Girlfriend Erica Saunders; Her Wiki-Bio, Net Worth, Age, Dating

Originally posted on March 6, 2020 @ 1:36 pm

‘Shahs of Sunset’ is all about the drama, and it doesn’t get any more tense and complicated relationship with your ex-girlfriend. With Nema Vand, it seems his quest for love and a proper dating relationship is still a distant dream. We will talk about it all some other day but for now let us rather discuss, about his one that got away, Erica Saunders.

Erica Saunders is a former girlfriend of Nema Vand, but what is Erica Saunders’ net worth? Find out here along with her dating life with Nema Vand and the rest of her boyfriend’s history. All we could find about Erica Saunders’ bio right here.

Who is Erica Saunders? Wiki, Bio

Erica Saunders is still not even officially a ‘Shahs of Sunset cast member. Can you imagine how hard it was to find anything about Erica Saunders wiki and bio? Still, we gave it a shot regardless, and this is what we found about her.

She, for one, celebrates her birthday in May 15 as her sister, Britteny Saunders, as well as many other people, wished her on the day back in 2014. Although her birth date is not available, we suspect that the number 21 in her Twitter username, @EricaSaunders21 stood for her age when she joined the social media platform in 2013.

Image of Caption: Erica Saunders birthdate and age
Caption: Erica Saunders birthdate and age

By that calculation, she is 27 years of age and will be turning 28 years old as of 2020, which seems just right based on her appearances. For now, let us assume her birthdate is May 15, 1992, but verification is still necessary.

Image of Caption: Nema Vand's ex-girlfriend Erica Saunders' net worth and dating life
Caption: Nema Vand’s ex-girlfriend Erica Saunders’ net worth and dating life

Erica Saunders worked as an assistant to her ex-boyfriend Nema Vand, and she went on to work in Spain. Besides, whatever she is involved in professionally, her interests lie in various artistic endeavors, which she gives the appropriate time as well. She is an excellent singer, and you can find her YouTube Channel on her name, where she uploads videos of her music covers.

Erica Saunders Career in Social Media

We are sure Erica Saunders has a great career, but we can only focus on what we know. In her YouTube Channel, she has about 122 subscribers. You may think that is not very impressive, but then you will doubt this generation’s love for cover music. Her videos collect well over 1.3k views while her cover of the Sara Evans song ‘Slow Me Down’ has almost 6.5k views.

Caption: Erica Saunders’ is also a singer on YouTube

Erica Saunders also has written in her Instagram bio that she is writing a book based on the Los Angeles life. However, she adds that posting selfies are much easier and get more likes. Whether or not she is writing a book, she is quite active on Instagram, which has around 4.1k followers. So she may be considered even a bit of a social media influencer.

Erica Saunders Net Worth

Then there come her appearances in ‘Shahs of Sunset.’ We still standby our information that she is not officially a cast member of the show, but that being said, she must certainly not make a muse of her dating and personal life by merely appearing on the reality series for nothing. We are sure she receives a decent amount of salary, which results in massive net worth.

Unfortunately, no credible sources have sought to find Erica Saunders’ net worth. However, if we were to estimate it ourselves, our expertise places Erica Saunders’ net worth at an astounding $100,000. It is quite impressive considering how her ex-boyfriend, Nema Vand’s net worth is around $500,000 when he is a ‘Shahs of Sunset’ cast member.

Image of Caption: Erica Saunders' enjoying her net worth and wealth
Caption: Erica Saunders’ enjoying her net worth and wealth

Erica Saunders certainly does seem to come from a wealthy background looking at her lifestyle on social media. From photos of her trip to Disneyland in California to Paris, France, everything about her lifestyle says ‘Rich.’

Erica Saunders Dating Life with Boyfriend, Nema Vand

Nema Vand‘s entire dating and married life can be simplified within three women. There was his wife, whom he married when he was just 18 years old or so and then divorced pretty early too. When he first met Erica, he was still married back in 2010. However, after his divorce in 2015, he could finally start to see her.

So about a year after his divorce, Erica Saunders began dating Nema Vand. They were happy in their dating life, which went on merrily for two years, but then all hell broke loose. Erica got an excellent opportunity to go to work in Barcelona, Spain. She took the chance because she did not see a future with her then-boyfriend, Nema Vand.

Image of Caption: Erica Saunders started dating boyfriend Nema Vand after his divorce in 2015
Caption: Erica Saunders started dating boyfriend Nema Vand after his divorce in 2015

Vand, however, fell in head over heels for Saunders. He did see a future with Erica and even had dreams of one day making her his wife. They continued dating after her return, but their relationship hit another brick when Nema almost kissed co-star Golnesa “GG” Gharachedaghi in 2018. We thought the couple had broken up, but apparently, Vand was still pretty much hung up on Erica Saunders.

Caption: Nema Vand reveals to girlfriend Erica Saunders that he almost kissed GG

Erica Saunders and Nema Vand Dating Again?

In the currently running ‘Shahs of Sunset’ season 8, the series is teasing another encounter between the exes. Nema Vand says that he still feels the same way about Erica and understands that while she was his best relationship yet, he is undoubtedly her worst. Erica seems to agree with her ex and further ends the clip with a heart-breaking, –

“I definitely think I can do better than you.”

Image of Caption: Erica Saunders' tells ex-boyfriend she can do better
Caption: Erica Saunders’ tells ex-boyfriend she can do better

Vand is looking to make an ex-girlfriend, Erica, his current girlfriend, and even made it clear in his Instagram posts.

“Love, Family, Kindness, Best Friend,” Vand wrote in an IG story of a photo with Erica, explaining that all those words, he associates with her.

Image of Caption: Nema Vand tries to spark a relationship with ex-girlfriend, Erica Saunders
Caption: Nema Vand tries to spark a relationship with ex-girlfriend, Erica Saunders

It looks like Erica Saunders will not be reigniting flames with an ex-boyfriend, but we have seen further shocking second chances given in the Bravo world, haven’t we? So, we will have to wait and what happens in the new season of ‘Shahs of Sunset.’

Erica Saunders’ did post this photo, recently on her IG with the caption, “Fries before Guys.” We are still wondering if it was indirectly meant for her ex-boyfriend or merely a funny caption.

So, yes, Erica Saunders, for now, is single and not dating anyone. We do not have info on her past boyfriends and dating life. Hopefully, one day, we will, but for now, you will have to leave empty-handed.

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