Summer House Cast’s Relationship Status; Married, Dating or Single

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Bravo’s reality series “Summer House” has endured three long summers of late nights and rose soaked pool parties. The three-season of Summer House has ended. The show follows a group of nine friends who shares a summer house in locations like Montauk. The show premiered back in 2017. After the end of Season 3, fans are left to speculate on the return of their favorite show. If the show is returning them, the cast would already be filming.

Will, the season four of Summer House, return on Bravo, or it’s the last season? Let’ talk about the Summer House cast, including their bio, net worth, and relationships.

Kyle Cooke Getting Married Soon

Kyle Cooke is one of the original cast of Bravo’s Summer House. He is a TV personality, actor and entrepreneur. He shares the screen with actress Amanda Batula and their on-screen relationship as the major plot of the series.

Image of Summer House cast Kyle Cooke
Summer House cast Kyle Cooke

In the last season, Kyle Cooke proposed to Amanda after a roller coaster. Now, they are planning to take their relationship to the next level and settling into their new apartment.

Cooke is the founder of the Loverboy. He makes handsome money not only form his business but also from other ventures, including the show and acting. As per sources, Kyle Cooke’s estimated net worth is $1.1 million. He was also the founder of the NYC based nightclub ‘Nightjockey, INC.’ Cooke has previously worked at ZocDoc. Follow him on Instagram for further updates.

Carl Radke Net Worth & Girlfriend

Cart Radke has been in Bravo’s “Summer House” from the beginning. Carl is living in the house with two of his exes. He is an outgoing and energetic guy. He is a good friend of Kyle Cooke, and both of them formed a business ‘Loverboy.’

Image of Summer House cast Carl Radke
Summer House cast Carl Radke

He was an undergraduate in college and majored in radio, television, and digital communication. Carl Radke pursued a bachelor of Science from Syracuse University in 2007.

Before the fame, he worked as an assistant for Disney ABC Television Group for two years. Then he served as an orthodontic in a company called GLO. According to Payscale, the average salary for an orthodontic is about $46,782. He makes more money from his acting and other business ventures. The actual net worth of Carl is under review.

Carl was in a relationship with castmates Lauren Wirkus, Paige DeSorbo, and also hooked up with Vanderpump Rules.

Lindsay Hubbard Net Worth & Boyfriends

Reality star Lindsay Hubbard rose to fame after she joins the Bravo’s “Summer Cast” along with Lauren and Ashley Wirkus. She and her ex-boyfriend Everett Weston came as a couple in Season. During the time, the two had a bit of a tumultuous relationship and often talked about taking things to the next level.

Image of Summer House cast Lindsay Hubbard
Summer House cast Lindsay Hubbard

After break up with Everett, she flung with a fashion designer Peyman Umay briefly. She rumored to be dating a guy named Johnny back in March 2019. Although, she ha ket the detail of their relationship to the vest. Further, Rumors are swirling around that she and Carl’s relationship became completed now.

Lindsay describes as the ultimate alpha female. She makes a pretty impressive salary from the show as well as from her business. Lindsay is the President of Hubb House Public Relations located in New York City.

Amanda Batula Engaged and Soon-to-be Husband

Amanda Batula joined the cast in the second season of Summer Cast. In the first season, she appeared as a guest. She is also a senior graphic designer at L’Occitane en Provence and art director at FENIX in New York.

Image of Summer House cast Amanda Batula
Summer House cast Amanda Batula

Born in New Jersey, Amanda, 29, graduated from The University of Connecticut with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Communication Design in 2013. While in college, Batula was a part of the Delta Gamma Sorority.

Batula is engaged to her castmates Kyle Cooke, after dating tow years. They met in season one and also launched their business called ‘FENIX.’ In season three, her fiance, Cooke, opened up about being unfaith to her a year ago. Now, the couple decided to take their relationship to the next level. Amanda and Cooke will be getting married on February 5th, 2020, People Magazine confirmed the news.

Moreover, she is very much active on social media and has her own website on which she writes about beauty, fashion, and lifestyle.

Danielle Olivera Net Worth & Bio

Danielle joined as the main cast in Bravo’s “Summer House” in season two. According to Bravo, She and Carl have a romantic past. Danielle is hailed from New Jersey and describes herself as a Puerto Rican with a hint of Italian.

Image of Summer House cast Danielle Olivera
Summer House cast Danielle Olivera

Olivera graduated from the University f Delaware with a degree in finance. Currently, she lives in Brooklyn, New York. After graduation, she worked as an underwriter for three years. Then she appointed as a business analyst at Bizfi for a year. Since 2015, she has been a product manager of Bizfi. Danielle will appear as a friend in the upcoming season of Summer House.

Paige DeSorbo Boyfriend & Bio

Paige DeSorbo is the youngest housemate of the Summer House. The fashionista has massive followers on her Instagram that goes by ‘paige_desorbo.’ Beyond her style, she is funny charming and has unwavering confidence.

Image of Summer House cast Paige DeSorbo
Summer House cast Paige DeSorbo

Paige was born on November 6, 1992, that makes her age 27. She earned a bachelor’s degree in broadcast journalism from The College of Saint Rose in 2015. In 2018, Paige became a fashion writer for Bethesda Media.

The Summer House fashionista is dating a guy named Perry Rahbar. She shares numerous pictures of herself cozying up to Perry. Back in November 2019, she posted a photo with her boyfriend and wished him a happy birthday. She joined the cast in season three. We can’t wait to see her in another season.

Lauren Wirkus Net Worth & Bio

Hailing from Southern California, Lauren Wirkus has been living in New York for the past seven years. Lauren rose to stardom after she appeared in the Summer House. She was the main cast in season one and two.

Image of Summer House cast Lauren Wirkus
Summer House cast Lauren Wirkus

Before joining the show, she worked at New York City finance. She appeared in the how along with her twin sister, Ashley, but left in season two and moved to California. During the show, Lauren dated her Summer House co-star Carl, but the sexual pull between them linger and causing tension. Currently, Lauren is single and not dating anyone else. Lauren left the show after the second season, and no, she is focusing on herself.

Her Instagram goes by “laurenwirkus,” where she has over 155k followers. Also, she and her twin sister have a combine Instagram called ‘wirkustwins’ and have their own website. Lauren’s net worth and salary are under the radar. However, we can assume that she makes not thousands of dollars from the show.

Hannah Berner Net Worth & Bio

Hannah Berner has been in the Summer House from season three. She appeared in the show along with Paige DeSorbo. Born in Brooklyn, NewYork, Hannah Berner grew up playing competitive tennis professionally.

Image of Summer House cast Hannah Berner
Summer House cast Hannah Berner

Hannah graduated from the University of Wisconsin. She is not only a reality star but also a comedian and podcast host of ‘Berning in Hell’, where she interviews her guests about their fear, anxieties, and insecurities. Furthermore, Hannah is an advocate for mental health, napping, and fart jokes.

This TV personality has a huge number of following on her Instagram. Like other Summer House Cast members, her net worth is under review. She makes a good salary from the show as well as her merchandise. She sells t-shirts, sweatshirts, hats, and other items. Hannah is in love with a cute Brit named Dave.

Jordan Verroi Partner & Bio

Fans of Summer House are wondering to know Jordan will return for season four or not. Jordan appeared in season three as the main cast, but he will be back in the show in a friend role.

Image of Summer House cast Jordan Verroi
Summer House cast Jordan Verroi

Jordon revealed that he ha erectile dysfunction or ED during the last season. He is the friend of Hannah and Paige. Jorden is quite busy being a model and also the founder of CapGenius. CapGenius is an app that allows users to search for the caption for their social media posts.

Further, Jordan is known as a mystery man who often leaves his housemates, questioning his intentions and the truths behind his stories. He left th show as he struggles to make connections with his housemates over wild sex stories.

Amit Neuman Net Worth & Bio

Amit Neuman joined as the main cast in the first and second season of Summer House. He is a friend with his housemates Carl, with who he shared a house at Coachella. He also made his appearance in the reality tv series, including The Bachelor and The Real Housewives franchise.

Image of Summer House cast Amit Neuman
Summer House cast Amit Neuman

The TV personality is a model and modeled for many fashion agencies. He walked during the New York Fashion Week. The interesting fact is that Amit quit his corporate job, traveled the world, and moved back home to New York City. For Amit, family comes first and loves her sister very much. He hares a lot about his sister on his social media. The 32 years old Amit is single and is just looking to have a good time this summer.

Luke Gulbranson Dating War Against Radke

Summer House adds two new casts who will bring a significant amount of drama to the Hamptons. Luke Gulbranson is one of the original cast members of the Summer House. In the trailer show, Luke fights with Radke and causes a lot of drama with Hannah Berner. Let’s see who he hooks up within this new season?

Image of Summer House cast Luke Gulbranson
Summer House cast Luke Gulbranson

Luke Gulbranson was born and raised in a rural Northern Minnesota. He has been living in NewYork for fifteen years. Professionally, he is a model as well as a youth jockey. Also, he is pursuing his career in acting. Aside from modeling, he is a designer and owner of R_Co that includes making jewelry and woodwork.

Jules Daoud Dating Life & Boyfriend

Another new cast member of Summer House is Jules Daoud, who will join the season four along with Luke Gulbranson. She was born in Cincinnati and holds an American nationality. Her first language was Arabic, but she is also fluent in English.

Image of Summer House cast Jules Daoud
Summer House cast Jules Daoud

She dreamed of becoming a doctor from an early age. Then she joined the DePaul University but dropped out to follow her passion for fashion. Back in 2013, she started her own blog called ‘Simply Jules and quickly become a top blog in the Midwest.

Now, Jules expands her business as a freelance content creator as well as a social media marketer for business. The TVpersonality loves traveling exotic places, yoga, and letting loose in Hamptons with friends. Her Instagram goes by “simplyjules_,” where she has over 31k followers.

New Season or Canceled?

Making new friends can’t be easy as it looks in movies, but being in the Hamptons, it makes a lot easier. Here is the good news for the Summer House fans that the show is not canceled. Bravo announced that Summer House Season 4 would premiere on 5th February 2020 at 9/8 central.

Image of Summer House Season 4 Cast
Summer House Season 4 Cast

The cast member returning to the series are Kyle Cooke, Amanda Batula, Lindsay Hubbard, Carl Radke, Danielle Olivera, Paige DeSorbo, and Hannah Berner. It is reported that Danielle Olivera and Jordan Verroi will not be returning on the show as the main cast. You can see them as friends of housemates.

Furthermore, the new cast members Luke Gulbranson and Jules Daoud joined as the main cast. Let’s see in season 4 of Summer House who hooks up and doesn’t hesitate to bring the drama.

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