Sheena Goodwin – Everything About Aaron Goodwin’s Ex-Wife

Originally posted on March 14, 2020 @ 9:57 am

Many people came into the public eye after being the spouse or girlfriend/boyfriend of celebrity. Similarly, Sheena Goodwin is one who grabbed the attention of the viewer after she became the wife of Aaron. Unfortunately, their marriage lasted for a few years and ended in divorce.

You are wondering why the couple split despite being in a relationship for years. Take a look to know everything about Aaron’s ex-wife, Sheena Goodwin.

Aaron Goodwin’s Ex-Wife, Sheena Goodwin

Sheena Goodwin is popularly known as the ex-wife of Ghost Adventures member Aaron Goodwin. The date of her birth and place has not been officially disclosed. Neither she has revealed the info of her childhood nor about her education.

Image of Caption: Sheena Goodwin was married to Aaron Goodwin in the starting of Ghost Adventures
Caption: Sheena Goodwin was married to Aaron Goodwin in the starting of Ghost Adventures

Sheena is a private person and prefers to stay out of the limelight. So. it is hard to find the info of her parents, siblings’ names, and her career. Further, she doesn’t appear to have her own public social media accounts.

Why did Sheena Goodwin and Aaron Goodwin Divorce?

Sheena Goodwin and Aaron Goodwin lived a blissful marriage together but couldn’t hold their wedding for a long time. Subsequently, they decided to split up and divorce. According to relevant sources, Sheena and Aaron exchanged the vows during the first season of Ghost Adventures. Aaron’s crew members congratulated the couple, including their friends and family.

Although their dating affairs, detail remains unrevealed. Neither Sheena nor Aaron has opened about their relationship, wedding date, and venue. Reportedly, the duo separated after 11 years of marriage.

The reason behind Sheena and Aaron’s divorce was Bobby Mackey’s ghost spirit. Aaron was very concerned about his ex-wife and didn’t want to create any problem for her. So, he immediately ended his marriage with Sheena to keep her out of from bad spirits.

Aaron’s fans retweeted in one of his posts because of Mackey; he lost his love of life, Sheena.

Another follower tweeted,

Sheena Goodwin and Aaron Goodwin are Still in Touch

While most people don’t talk or communicate after separation with their exes. In the case of Sheena, it is the opposite. Despite the divorce, they remain good friends.

Back in 2012, Sheena’s ex-husband posted a selfie with her. He stated he just hangs out with his ex-wife for that day, and this the only chance he has got a chance to see her.

Further, he shared the same post on a social site, MobyPicture. One of Aaron’s followers retweeted, saying, they are still friends.

Does AaronGoodwin Have Children?

We are unbaled to get the data of their kids. The former couple has no children together while they were married. It seems they planned to have children a few years later. Unfortunately, it didn’t happen due to their marital issues.

Sheena Goodwin: Still Single or Married?

We couldn’t find any data about Sheena regarding her relationship status. On the other hand, her ex-husband looks like he has found love again. According to Aaron’s social media post, he is in a relationship with a lady.

Image of Caption: Aaron with his new girlfriend
Caption: Aaron with his new girlfriend

Ghost Adventures star Aaron shares numerous photos with his partner on his Instagram account. However, he hasn’t revealed the name of his partner to date. Sheena’s ex-husband engaged with the blonde beauty in October 2019.

Speculating at his social media, Aaron seems to get married to his fiance very soon. In one Instagram post, he wrote, he couldn’t wait to make her as his wife.

What does Sheena Goodwin do for a Living?

After the divorce from Aaron, Sheena completely disappears. Due to a lack of transparency, we couldn’t get info on her respective career. So, it is pretty tricky to estimates her earning and overall net worth.

On the contrary, Goodwin garners a net worth above $2 million. He makes most of his earnings from Travel’s show ‘Ghost Adventures’ as co-investigator. In addition, he earns extra wealth from the book he authored and his clothing line.

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