Mitch Blaschke is Happily Married to Wife, Hailey. Know His Net Worth & Bio

Originally posted on May 2, 2020 @ 8:51 am

Mitch Blaschke is a mechanic who began working in the mechanic field from a really young age. However, if you are a Gold Rush fan, then you might know that he can be called the ace of the team. But, since not much can be known just watching people in the TV screen. 

Learn everything about Gold Rush’s cast Mitch Blaschke; his injury and health updates. Know who is Mitch Blaschke’s wife, his married life, and children. Also his net worth and salary in his bio.

Always an Oregon Man

Looking at Mitch Blaschke’s bio, there is no exact information on his birthdate. While some online sites deliver that he was born in 1984, others tell us it’s 1989. Nevertheless, it is for sure that he is running in his early 30s. 

Image of Mitch Blaschke from Gold Rush
Caption: Mitch Blaschke from Gold Rush

Now, talking about his birthplace, he was born in Eagle Creek, Oregon, as Mitch Blaschke and planned on staying there till the end. Born on the 4th of December, making him a Sagittarius guy, and as the sign reads, he is a flexible man.

Self Taught Mechanic 

Did you know that Mitch started working at a young age of 14 so that he could raise funds for his kart racing career? After the completion of his high school, he officially started working as a full-time mechanic. 

Now, he is a really talented mechanic in Gold Rush, who can fix any damaged equipment with his skilled hands. His performance is a solid one, as due to his help, the crew members can perform their tasks efficiently. Therefore, he is the ace of the crew. 

Image of Mitch Blaschke fixing
Caption: Mitch Blaschke fixing

Team Hoffman to Team Schnabel 

Mitch Blaschke from Gold Rush, as mentioned above, is a self-taught man. He was first seen in the Discovery Channel’s ‘Gold Rush’ from season two. Moving on, in the second season, he was seen with the team Hoffman and worked for them. 

However, from the fifth season, he shifted to team Parker Schnabel. Mitch is a really talented mechanic, as you know. Therefore, from the time Mitch joined hands with Schnabel, he has been working and doing a really good job. Thanks to Mitch, Parker has been successfully achieving his gold totals easily.

Image of Mitch Blaschke and the Crew
Caption: Mitch Blaschke and the Crew

Mitch Blaschke Net Worth & Salary

What might the talented Blaschke’s net worth and salary be? Knowing the bio of a famous person who you like is really nice. But don’t we always want to know what he might earn, his net worth, and salary?

Of course, we do, so what might his salary be? Mitch has a salary of around $100,000 annually, which means that he might have the net worth, which is approximately more than $200,000.

Image of Mitch Blaschke’s net worth
Caption: Mitch Blaschke’s net worth

Mitch’s Broken Injury & Health Updates

The Oregan native, Mitch Blaschke, is a serious and hard-working man. Sometimes, due to that fact, he gets involved in a serious health issues problem. 

Gold Rush’s Mitch Blaschke was involved in a serious accident while jet boating and was involved in a heavy injury with a broken arm. People even assumed that he would not be able to work for Gold Rush anymore. 

However, with no slack, Mitch went to his therapy sessions and medical appointments, which made it easier for him to heal faster. He did come back before the season’s end. Therefore, now, he might think heavily before being carefree while on a boat or while racing cars and snowmobiling. 

Image of Mitch Blaschke with his racing car
Caption: Mitch Blaschke with his racing car

Mitch Blaschke Wife and New Born Child

Mitch had been dating his current wife Hailey for a long time (years). Similarly, Mitch revealed that he and his wife Hailey got married in July of 2016 and have been in a perfect relationship ever since. 

Image of Mitch from Gold Rush with Wife Hailey
Caption: Mitch from Gold Rush with Wife Hailey

Likewise, in 2019, Hailey, Mitch’s wife, gave birth to their newly born baby in October of 2019. They named their baby daughter Sandy who was also born in Oregon. 

Image of Mitch with his daughter Sandy
Caption: Mitch with his daughter Sandy

Social Media Update

Moreover, Mitch Blaschke Instagram updates are mostly about his daily life, and we can also see a lot of pictures where he shows off his baby girl, Sandy. Similarly, he has almost 30k followers in Instagram, and all of the fans show their support to him through the comment section.

Furthermore, he has similar posts in his Facebook page. However, his Facebook is mostly professional with over 30k likes.

Lastly, it would not come to a shock to know that he is really active on Twitter as well. However, the different thing about his twitter is that he has 18.3k followers. And he also has lots of retweets, keeping it professional.

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