Minoo Rahbar Wiki-Biography; Facts, Married Life & Children of Jackson Galaxy’s Wife

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Sometimes the best way to know someone truly is to learn about their significant others. Why else will we go the extra mile to bring you information about your favorite celebrity’s spouses and partners? Well, today, we are writing all about Jackson Galaxy’s wife, Minoo Rahbar, on popular demand. Find out everything about her married life here. Does she have any children?

Also, learn everything about Jackson Galaxy’s wife, Minoo Rahbar‘s early life and biography. You already learned her husband’s net worth now; it is time to learn hers.

Minoo Rahbar is in her Early or Mid-40s

Minoo Rahbar is perhaps is most recognizable for being the wife of famous TV personality, Jackson Galaxy. She was born in the late 1970s. Yes, her exact birthdate in missing, so we could only estimate her birth year from her age, which is seemingly in her early to mid-40s.

Image of Minoo Rahbar's net worth and bio
Caption: Minoo Rahbar’s net worth and bio

We do know her birthday falls on August 8, so we would like to wish her a very happy birthday in advance. Many other sources would claim her age to be much older, ranging from the late 40s to the late 50s. However, if Minoo Rahbar can look so young at 50 years old, she would have to possess the fountain of youth.

Minoo Rahbar Fled Iran amidst Political Instability

The world already knows her through her husband, but what about her bio. It turns out the reason why people so little about her is because there is not much info out there. Many websites featuring her biographies often are in confusion about her early life. They do believe she was born outside the USA; Many guess her ethnicity to be Indian from her appearances.

Image of Minoo Rahbar with her older sister, Mitra in Iran
Caption: Minoo Rahbar with her older sister, Mitra in Iran

However, she is from Middle-East, particularly Iran. She grew up in the country’s capital, Tehran. There are bits and pieces of information about how she and her family had to run away from their country due to the country’s political turmoil. They were probably fleeing from the Iran-Iraq war in the 1980s or the aftermath of it.

Her Cousin Sister is a Writer

She has one cousin who is as close to her as her own older sister by the name of Mitra Rahbar, who is a few years older than her. Her older sister is a writer who is the author behind ‘Miraculous Silence: A Journey to Illumination and Healing through Prayer.’

Image of Minoo Rahbar's sister is writer, Mitra Rahbar
Caption: Minoo Rahbar’s sister is writer, Mitra Rahbar

The book inspired by her own life events was very popular and even read and adored by other celebrities like Jennifer Anniston and Billy Dee Williams. Her sister currently resides in South Carolina and is also an avid singer and humanitarian. She has made several TV appearances as an expert in spirituality, including ‘The Larry King Show.’

Image of Mitra Rahbar in The Larry King Show
Caption: Mitra Rahbar in The Larry King Show

Minoo Rahbar is Well-Educated

Despite Minoo Rahbar’s mysterious early life, we have a pretty good grip on her educational background. She successfully graduated from the US Grant High School in Van Nuys, California. Then, she would go on to graduate from the University of California in Berkley.

Minoo Rahbar’s Career Spans All Over the World

We don’t have any given information about her career, so we had to do a lot of primary research. It was very hard to track her net worth from her career, which was literally all over the place. We know that she traveled to Kenya some time ago and stayed there for a while. Then, she was also in Mexico volunteering in orphanages.

However, before she found her calling in humanitarian work, she became a puppeteer. She would go on to even work for ‘Playhouse Disney‘ or as its name presently goes by; ‘Disney Junior‘ in the early 2000s as a touring puppeteer. She did a lot of work behind popular children’s puppet shows like ‘Professor Crunch and Daffies.’ She continues to do puppetry to the current day for charities.

Image of Minoo Rahbar was a puppeteer
Caption: Minoo Rahbar was a puppeteer

She was Married Once Before in Kenya

When she was in Kenya, she got married before meeting her current husband, Jackson Galaxy. She recently gave her former marriage a mention when giving condolences to the death of her former father-in-law, Shuklal Himatram Mehta. So, Minoo was married at least once before in Kenya to a man on Indian-Gujrati heritage.

While we do not know her ex-husband, she seemed to be good friends with his father, who remained in contact with her for multiple years as a friend and father-figure.

Minoo Rahbar’s Net Worth as an Animal Advocate

However, Rahbar finally found her calling as an animal advocate. She is a vegan who always informally carried out humanitarian works by feeding feral cats, nursing them to full health, and connecting them to loving families. It was her newfound passion for animals where she met her husband, Jackson Galaxy.

She is his business partner in multiple endeavors and is the manager of Jackson Galaxy Solutions, which is for treating everyday behavior and dietary problems of your pets. We bet Galaxy’s wife is also hands-on behind the scenes of the production of his many shows. She even won the Kitten’s Rescue Advocacy Award at LA’s 4th annual Furball Event.

Caption: Minoo Rahbar winning the Kitten’s Rescue Advocacy Award

Minoo Rahbar’s net worth is still under review. However, her husband, Jackson Galaxy, holds a net worth of well over $1 million.

Minoo Rahbar’s Married Life with Jackson Galaxy

With an equal passion towards animals, it was destiny for Minoo Rahbar to meet her future husband, cat counselor Jackson Galaxy. The two met at a Kitten Rescue Benefit Gala and went through a coffee date after their first encounter. After a short while dating, they finally got married on June 29, 2014, in Best Friends Animal Society of Kanab, Utah.

Image of Minoo Rahbar's married life with husband, Jackson Galaxy
Caption: Minoo Rahbar’s married life with husband, Jackson Galaxy

One of their dogs, Mooshka, was the ring bearer of their wedding. About his wife, the 54-year-old TV star had the following to say in a 2017 interview,

“The TV thing was taking off and here was somebody who couldn’t care less. And we shared a very deep connection and spiritual connection with animals.” He said continuing; “She’s an incredibly grounding force for me. She doesn’t care about any of the celebrity stuff, she just cares about animals.”

Image of Mino Rahbar's wedding with husband and dog, Mooshka
Caption: Mino Rahbar’s wedding with husband and dog, Mooshka

Minoo Rahbar’s Children

Minoo Rahbar does not have any children that we know of, but she is an adoptive mother to over a dozen pets the couple has together. They have Nine cats altogether (5 indoors and four feral ones) as well as three dogs, including Mooshka and two turtles. Since then, we have seen more animals in the couple’s social media feed prompting that they have gotten new animals for their animal family like a couple of chicken.

Image of Minhoo Rahbar's chicken pets
Caption: Minoo Rahbar’s chicken pets

Minoo Rahbar Wiki Table

Name Minoo Rahbar
Birthplace Iran
Birthdate August 8, the Late 1970s
Age The early to middle 40s
Profession Animal Advocate, Businesswoman, Former puppeteer
Net Worth Under review
Marital Status Married
Husband Jackson Galaxy (married since June 29, 2014)
Children No
Social Media Facebook, Twitter

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