Jacob Landry’s Married & Family Life. Check his Net Worth & Children

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There are many remarkable artists whose faces remain unnoticed in the entertainment business. Being a hunter is not an easy job to do, but some people have made it look so easy throughout the years. Jacob Landry is one of such remarkable personalities who feature in the History Channel’s Swamp People. Aside from his hunting profession, he is quite fond in the film industry as well.

From his career as a professional alligator hunter to his popular movie stints, here are some fascinating facts about Jacob’s married life and family life. What better time than now to meet his wife and children. Also, find out about his net worth and career below.

Caption: Jacob Landry in Swamp People

Who is Jacob Landry? His Family Bio

Jacob Landry grew up in Louisiana, the USA, where he was born on December 27, 1983. As of his bio, Jacob’s zodiac sign is Capricorn. He was born to Troy Landry (father) and Bernita Landry (mother).

He grew up with his two siblings, Brandon Landry and Chase Landry. Jacob spent most of his childhood in the bayous of the Atchafalaya River basin. His passion for fishing and hunting came from an early age. He gathered his hunting experience by working in the swampy water along-side his father.

However, the details about his education and early life are still under wraps.

Image of Caption: Swamp People cast Jacob Landry
Caption: Swamp People cast Jacob Landry

Meet Jacob Landry’s father, Troy Landry

Troy Landry is a famous alligator hunter. And like father like son, Jacob has stood up to carry on his family trait in the hunting business. Troy is also a cast of Swamp People, and his life has completely changed since he featured in the television series.

Some of you might know him as “King of the Swamp” who has made an outstanding career out of his hunting profession. As he rolls with his crew in Season 11 of Swamp People, Troy has already taken over 1000 tags and got his job done.

He works with swamp legend, Terral Evans, and his friend Dusty Crum. Also, his two sons work beside him in the series as they go deep in the swamps to catch as many alligators as possible. Their only mission is to get the population of these killing machines back in check.

Image of Caption: Jacob Landry and his father, Troy Landry
Caption: Jacob Landry and his father, Troy Landry

Jacob Landry from Swamp People

Jacob has come a long way with his career as a professional alligator hunter. He learned all kinds of skills and techniques to be the best from his father, and now, he is amongst the best in the business. Like the four generations before him, Landry is a fisherman, hunter, and shrimpers.

He made his debut in the History Channel’s Swamp People back in 2010. He was seen more than his father in the show as people called him by the name, “Troy’s Deckhand.”

The hunter has been on the show for almost a decade, and working beside his family in the show is all that he could ask. Regardless of his career as a hunter, Jacob is also a professional boat captain, an actor, and an assistant director.

In 2013, he appeared in a film named “The Queen Latifah Show.” After a year or two, he progressed on his career in the movie industry. Also, he was an assistant director in a horror movie, “Paranormal Extremes: Text Messages from the Dead” Landry and his family have their own business to carry on, and now he is in charge of Troy’s Gator boat.

Image of Caption: Jacob Landry showing off his hunts
Caption: Jacob Landry showing off his hunts

Jacob Landry Married to Lyndsi & Father of Two

Jacob Landry and Lyndsi Landry got engaged in 2008, and they finally tied the knot on August 7, 2009. He married his long time girlfriend as the two have been together since. In 2011, the couple had their first baby boy, Ridge Adam Landry.

A few years later, they had a second son, Kase Landry, in June of 2015. Just like Jacob, his two sons are brave and want to be a gator hunter when they grow up. Landry trained his son Ridge to shoot guns from an early age.

Image of Caption: Jacob Landry, his wife and two sons
Caption: Jacob Landry, his wife, and two sons

Also, he gets Ridge to come along on his hunting trips to teach him first-hand experience on the field. The father and son go on hunting trips together, and now the kid has already learned the ways of his family trait.

Caption: Jacob Landry’s present for his son, Ridge Adam Landry

How much is Jacob Landry’s Net Worth?

Jacob Landry has gathered a huge amount of fortune over the years. He worked in Swamp People for almost a decade, so his long run in the television show has boosted his earnings in quite an outstanding fashion.

Also, most of his families are on this hunting business together, so they try to get the most profit in the 30-day gator hunting season. Besides, they also have their own family business where they sell products from animal skins and bones.

His profession as an actor and an assistant director have also increased his fortunes by a considerable margin. Jacob’s net worth is an outstanding figure of $500,000 as of 2020. His primary source of income includes his family business and from Swamp People.

Jacob Landry Social Media Updates

Jacob Landry is a famous icon in social media. He has thousands of followers on his Facebook. He also has a similar following on the Twitter account he shares with his father. Jacob and his wife, Lyndsi, are very active in their social accounts as they don’t hesitate to share their personal life with the audience.


Recently, Jacob posted an announcement on his Facebook, inviting people to join the coming gator season. He attached the overall details along with the message to his fans and every interested person.


Jacob posted a picture of his son and his love for hunting.

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