Is Karla Ann Charlton Dating Rick Ness from Gold Rush? Here is What We Know

Originally posted on January 27, 2020 @ 3:17 pm

Action-Adventure reality shows are great, and all but it can be a real man-cave in there. Let us take ‘Gold Rush‘ for an example; there are notable fewer women in the series. However, with the inclusion of a personality like Karla Ann Charlton, it can be a little more vibrant. Maybe it is because she is not just eye candy and matches if not outshining the energy of all the boys combined.

Who is Karla Ann Charlton? Are rumors of Karla dating co-star Rick Ness true? Here is our verdict on the matter, along with Karla Ann Charlton’s net worth and everything else we know about her life.

Is Karla Ann Charlton Dating Rick Ness?

We will not beat around the bush much with this one. No, Karla Ann Charlton and Rick Ness are not dating. We don’t know where baseless rumors like this come from, but somehow, we are left clearing up the messes they make. It is like a crime now to have too good a chemistry with your co-stars as a TV personality.

There is no other way why people would speculate that the two are dating. Had we not been well-introduced to Karla, even we would easily believe that they were dating. Some of her Instagram pictures like this one don’t help us to argue our points.

Image of Caption: Karla Ann Charlton and Rick Ness are not dating but good friends
Caption: Karla Ann Charlton and Rick Ness are not dating but good friends

We would say that Karla Ann Charlton and Rick Ness just have terrific chemistry and work relationships. Actually, they are much closer than that. Rick Ness had even said one time that Karla was like a “sister he never had” so, there you go. Please do help us in stopping the spread of the rumor of their married life.

So, Who is Karla Ann Charlton Dating or Married to?

She’s got us beat there. Karla Ann Charlton has not spoken even a word about her marriage and dating life. If we know anything about Karla, it is that she is pretty strong-headed so, if she does not want you knowing then, good luck finding any information about it.

With all the dating rumors going around, Rick Ness was really a strong contender. She shares Instagram posts like the one below with Rick Ness, where she stands on his shoulder in one leg wearing a top that reads, “Rick Ness is my spirit animal.”

Image of Caption: Karla ann with Fred Lewis
Caption: Karla Ann with Fred Lewis

If they are not married goals, they are certainly friendship goals. Karla is also seen with several other possible partners, but she hasn’t established any of them officially as a boyfriend or husband.

Karla Ann Charlton Married to Work

No, we are not trying to sell you information. Karla is actually married to her job and who wouldn’t with a job as adventurous and fun as her. We are not just talking about all the extravagant traveling and dirty work she does as a survival expert in ‘Gold Rush’ but also other projects.

We went through her Instagram page to see she does many other projects which are equally exciting. They seem to be more philanthropic, like her recent trip to Papua New Guinea. Although we do not understand what she is doing there exactly, she seems to be in remote regions of an already developing country, so it must be social work.

She also was raising money for providing free bicycle helmets for children. The cause raised almost 5,000 dollars on gofundme, so we will say she did a pretty good job.

When she is not doing adventurous things for her work or adventurous things for philanthropy, you may catch her in her leisure, doing some more adventurous activities for fun. She loves trekking and doing all kinds of snow-related extreme activities.

Karla Ann Charlton’s Net Worth

Karla Ann Charlton being the female face of the show, must earn quite a hefty amount, right? We are genuinely asking you here as we do not have an idea of her net worth or salary. We do know reality stars earn a salary starting from $10,000 a month, and Karla must thus earn a lot more than amount. Despite being popular and part of a hit show, Karla Ann Charlton’s net worth is a mystery.

Karla Ann Charlton’s Parents were also adventurous

What people say may be correct. The apple really does not fall very far from the tree, in this case, in a good way. It seems Karla Ann Charlton has nature and adventure in her genes. Both her parents were equally open to adventure. She posted this photo of her father just casually drifting through a river, calling him a “wild bill” on Instagram.

Similarly, she posted this old photo of her mother out camping on the occasion of International Woman’s Day.

Even her parents have a similar lineage of adventurous ancestors. Her grandfather was one of the earliest settlers of Yukon who came to the land in the late 1800s to early 1900s. According to his diary, he traveled to a new place with just “one shoe and like nothing.” He staked claim to the land, struck gold, and started an entire family.

Karla Ann Charlton is a Mysterious Beauty

In conclusion, all we can say about Karla Ann Charlton is that she is a mysterious beauty. Despite having considerable TV fame, we know nothing than what she lets us in on her bio. She is truly a natural beauty. Not just in an essence that you will never find her with even a speck of make-up and still looking beautiful but because she looks the most beautiful when she is around nature, where she belongs.

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