Everything about Dr. Jan Pol’s Wife, Diane Pol & Their Married Life

Originally posted on April 9, 2020 @ 10:42 am

Dr. Jan Pol is the center of his hit reality documentary series The Incredible Dr. Pol.’ If we consider other cast members who make the show so great, we will likely think about former cast member Dr. Emily Thomas or Dr. Brenda Grettenberger. However, unannounced to most viewers, one of the most important cast members in the show are not doctors. She is none other than Dr. Pol’s wife, Diane Pol.

In the series, you may not see Diane Pol handling things in the front desk, but this article will show you her exact significance, so hopefully, you learn her net worth. Also, everything about her longtime married life with her husband and children. Make sure you learn everything about her bio.

Diane Pol’s Net Worth & Bio

Diane Pol was born on February 6, 1944, in Mayville, Michigan. She is American by nationality but also has Asian ethnicity. She graduated from the Mayville Community High School, where she would meet her husband. Diane also graduated from Michigan State University with a Master’s Degree in Special Reading.

Image of Diane Pol from the TV show, The Incredible Dr.Pol
Caption: Diane Pol from the TV show, The Incredible Dr.Pol

Diane Pol had a career in teaching before she and her husband began their own veterinary practice. Their practice, which by the way, began from the corner of their garage slowly became a double-wide trailer space they bought next door. It took years for Diane Pol and her Husband to build the Pol Veterinary Services clinic we see today on the show.

Caption: Diane Pol in ‘The Incredible Dr. Pol.’

Dr. Jan Pol is the choice of over 20,000 clients in his more than 20 years of career, and his wife, Diane Pol, has been right there beside his side through it all. She is not just his wife and a life partner but also his business partner. That certainly makes it exciting to know Diane Pol’s net worth, doesn’t it?

While her husband, Dr. Jan Pol’s net worth is approximately $1.5 million. While Diane Pol can do fine enjoying her husband’s net worth, she has a plausible net worth of herself. Diane Pol’s net worth is estimated to be approximately $1 million. We expect nothing less from Diane Pol, who is also the head of most administrative proceedings of her family’s clinic.

How Diane Pol met her Husband?

Like we already said, Diane Pol met her husband back when he came to study at her high school as an exchange student from the Netherlands. It was her senior year in 1961 in the Maryville High School that she would meet Jan Harm Pol. They would fall in love, which would remain strong even as Dr. Pol went back to his home country Netherlands to complete his education.

Image of Diane Pol with husband Dr. Jan Pol
Caption: Diane Pol with husband Dr. Jan Pol

It didn’t take him long to call his high school sweetheart and ask her to come to the Netherlands to meet his family. Her husband initially even had plans to go all the way to New Zeland to start his practice but changed the decision to his wife’s home state Michigan, USA, despite people telling him in his high school days that it would be a challenge.

Diane Pol’s Married Life to Dr. Jan Pol and Their Kids

Diane Pol married Jan Ham Pol in 1967. So they share a marriage anniversary of around 53 years. We might not know a lot about their married life, but if it can outlast for over half a century, it must really be something. In their married life, they have altogether three children who are; Charles Pol, Diane Louise Pol, and Kathy Pol.

Caption: Diane Pol’s children and family

You may already know their son Charles Pol very well. He is the executive producer of the show and the one to pitch the idea about making the show of his dad’s clinic. Their daughter Kathy is also in the medical field as she is a phlebotomist while their other daughter Diane Jr’s whereabouts are a mystery.

Image of Diane Pol with her husband, kids and family friends
Caption: Diane Pol with her husband, kids, and family friends

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