Dr. Jacqueline Walters is the “Mother of Many” Despite Infertility

Originally posted on January 21, 2020 @ 12:24 pm

Barbara Kingsolver once said, “Sometimes the strength of motherhood is greater than natural laws.”

What is a mother? In today’s world, we can’t simply adhere to the traditional definition that someone who gives birth is a mother.

People like Dr. Jacqueline Walters are also mothers who, despite not having children of their own, seem to hold that title. In this article, we learn about her married life, husband, daughter, and children to understand just how our paradoxical title can be accurate.

Also, check out Dr. Jacqueline Walters’s net worth from her medical profession as well as a TV career with ‘Married to Medicine.’

Who is Dr. Jacqueline Walters?

For most people, Dr. Jacqueline Walters is a cast member of the reality series ‘Married to Medicine.’ To others, she is a board-certified and award-winning obstetrician and gynecologist. Jacqueline Walters was born on 27th July 1958, which makes her currently 62 years of age and turning 63 in 2020.

Image of Caption: Dr. Jacqueline Walters Married Life & Net Worth
Caption: Dr. Jacqueline Walters Married Life & Net Worth

We hope you are just as surprised to hear about the Doctor’s age. At most, she looks like she is in her 50s, but that is what multiple sources confirm. We know how much of a health, beauty and fitness enthusiast, Dr. Jacqueline is so we guess it is the result of all the care she has given her body.


Caption: Dr. Jacqueline Walters’ Fitness could be secret to her young age

Jacqueline Walters was raised in Port Gibson, Mississippi, and completed her education here. She successfully graduated from the University of Mississippi School of Medicine with her medical degree. She currently practices her medical profession as an OBYGYN in the state of Georgia. Although she is from Berkley Lake, she works form multiple hospitals across the states, including Northside Hospital in Atlanta and Cherokee.

Dr. Jacqueline Walters Net Worth

Dr. Jacqueline Walters became a household name after she appeared in the reality show ‘Married to Medicine.’ In the Bravo series, she appears alongside other respected medical officials or their wives are documented in their daily lives as doctors and their personal life. She has been an original cast member since the first season in 2013.

Seven seasons in and the series is not looking to slow down. Main characters like Jacqueline should certainly take some credit for it. Even without the show, Dr. Walters is a highly respected official in the state and a socialite who must mean that she has outstanding net worth and salary. We can also not forget all her earnings from her book ‘The Queen V,’ which recently released online for e-books, and the hard copy will come out in February 2020.

Image of Caption: Dr. Jacqueline's new book 'The Queen V' is sure to boost her net worth
Caption: Dr. Jacqueline’s new book ‘The Queen V’ is sure to boost her net worth

Without further ado, Dr. Jacqueline Walters’s net worth is estimated to be a stunning $3 million. She has a salary of $200,000 alone, so we aren’t that surprised.

What is the first thing you would do if you were worth $3 million? We would certainly buy an expensive house — kind of like the new one Dr. Jacqueline bought in Atlanta, complete with a swimming pool.

Caption: Dr. Jacqueline Walters’ new house in Atlanta

Surviving Cancer at a Sacrifice

Dr. Jackie is a lot strong than she lets out. We don’t know about you, but for us, there is no higher display of strength than surviving cancer. Walters did not survive breast cancer just once but twice. Since then, she has not forgotten about just how gruesome that battle against cancer was.

So Jacqueline dedicates a lot of her time in philanthropy against breast cancer. She founded 50 Shades of Pink Foundation for that very purpose.

Image of Caption: Dr. Jacqueline Walters' magazine cover regarding breast cancer
Caption: Dr. Jacqueline Walters’ magazine cover regarding breast cancer

However, she did not survive cancer scat-free. Months of Radiation had also made her infertile, meaning she couldn’t give birth to any children.

How does she have a Daughter and Other Children?

Many people may know Dr. Jackie actually has a daughter, especially if you follow her on social media pages like Twitter and Instagram. You will also find pictures of many other children.

Well, as for her daughter, she is Kursten, who is her step-daughter. She is her husband’s daughter from a previous relationship; we don’t know much about it. However, we can see as to how you will mistake Kursten to be Jacqueline Walters’ real daughter. They do seem to share a bond like that of biological mother and daughter.

Kursten is now beginning her career as a model, and Jackie, like a proud mother, can’t stop publicizing her daughter’s achievements. Like this photo, she shared of Kursten from an NYC fashion show.

Image of Caption: Jackie shared of her daughter Kursten from an NYC fashion show
Caption: Jackie shared of her daughter Kursten from an NYC fashion show

Similarly, she also keeps sharing pictures of so many adorable children. Well, if you are forgetting, she is an obstetrician and good at doing jobs. You know she really loves children because her Instagram profile has more posts about the children she treats in her profession than herself. Just check out this adorable little person here she introduced to us.


Caption: Dr. Jacqueline introduced an adorable little person

She even considers most of the children she delivers as her own children. She said it herself sharing the photo below on Instagram of yet another baby.

“God has blessed me to be the mother of many. I had questioned this promise God had given me, like how was it so when I learned the chemo had saved my life but stolen my fertility. I’ve learned over the years, whether it’s nature or nurture, I matter in the lives of so many children. I thank God I have become that mother of many.”

Image of Caption: Dr. Jacqueline shared a photo of another baby on Instagram
Caption: Dr. Jacqueline shared a photo of another baby on Instagram

Married Life which Almost Ended in a Divorce

If you have stuck with us till this far, then you probably know at least the basics of her married life. She is married to an equally famous Curtis Berry, after all. Her husband is a former basketball player who played for the Kansas City Kings. They married in April of 2002, but their married life till now has been everything but stable.

Image of Caption: Dr. Jacqueline Walters with her husband
Caption: Dr. Jacqueline Walters with her husband

Sometime in the middle of their marriage, photos began to surface of Curtis Berry with a mystery woman. People at once began to suspect he was having an extra-marital affair, and they were right.

“It’s one of those things that you do better than healing in private than you do allow the public to share it. So yeah, tough is… tough is probably an understatement,” she once said about the discovery.

The ‘Married to Medicine’ star was this close to divorcing her husband. She has already filed for one after separating, but as we got to see in ‘Married to Medicine’ season 5, she decided to forgive him and get a second chance.

Caption: Dr. Jacqueline Walters talks about her 2nd chance relationship with Husband

Despite the public’s predictions on the matter, they actually made it work. Since season 6, we got to see that they were working on their relationship and seem to be doing alright as husband and wife now. Looking at their social media profiles, we doubt they have any more marital problems now.

Image of Caption: Dr. Jacqueline Walters wtih her husband Curtis Berry
Caption: Dr. Jacqueline Walters with her husband, Curtis Berry

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