Who is Car Masters hottie, Constance Nunes? Her career as a Mechanic & Married Life

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We are not feminists, but we can’t help admire the women of current times. On top of adhering to the societal norms of symbolizing beauty and grace, women today also hold talents and careers in different fields. Constance Nunes from Car Masters: Rust to Riches is a name that keeps coming to mind because, as breath-taking beauty, as she is, her fame as a car mechanic is far more impressive.

In case you are also admirers of the smoking hot Constance Nunes, here is everything you need to know about the Car Masters star from her net worth to married life. Is she single, or does she have a husband? Find out here.

Constance Nunes Bio; Early Life

Constance M Nunes was born on November 17, 1989. Many reports read that Nunes was born and raised in Los Angeles, California, where she operates till the present day. However, she was born in Portugal, which is exactly where she gets part of her ethnicity. She later came to Los Angeles to pursue a career in modeling.

Image of Constance Mustang's net worth and married life
Caption: Constance Mustang’s net worth and married life

Not much is there to know about her Constance Nunes’s bio and early life, but we do know that her father was a mechanic like her. Also, like his daughter, Constance’s father worked on big mean machines. Moreover, he was also a drag racer, and that would suffice our curiosity about how Constance Nunes’s passion and interests in cars began.

By the age of 16, Nune was already the owner of a 1964 Mustang; she still is proud to own and drive around in. She even calls it her babystang.

Image of Constance Nunes owns a Mustang
Caption: Constance Nunes owns a Mustang

Constance Nunes Career in Modeling

Even if we did not know already, it could not come as a surprise that Constance Nunes is also a professional model. One look in her Instagram is enough to know, and honestly, it would be a shame if a looker like herself did all her sexy flaunting for free. Constance Nunes has actually worked for or with big names in a fashion that includes the likes of Jockey, Wrangler, Feral Cosmetics, and JLUX LABEL.

Image of Constance Nunes's modeling career
Caption: Constance Nunes’s modeling career

You may have even caught her in commercials or other advertising platforms for brands like Kim Kardashian Hollywood Game, Reebok, and Motorola. With her mechanic background, she also began to get gigs trade car trade shows and other similar events.

Constance Nunes Career with Cars & ‘Car Masters: Rust to Riches’

Constance Nunes is truly impressive in her career because she also holds a short Hollywood career as a stuntwoman. She was in two movies that we know of; DodgeBall and Bring It On. We know that the owner of Gotham Garage and her co-star, Mark Towle, also has an extensive career working in the film and TV industry, making props and cars. Maybe this is where the two met.

Image of Constance Mustang with the 'Car Masters: Rust to Riches' cast
Caption: Constance Mustang with the ‘Car Masters: Rust to Riches’ cast

Even when Towle met the Portuguese model, she already had ten years of experience as a mechanic and the overall car business, which by now should be over 12 years. She has also been a part of big brands like BMW, Audi, Ford, and Acura as an Assistant Director or a Service specialist in the company’s service department. She has also personally built cars for the local tycoons, the likes of Charlie’s Corvettes, and CARS Etc.

Constance Nunes Net Worth

It was a no-brainer of a decision for Towle to take her as part of the famous Gotham Garage, which would become the subject of the show ‘Car Masters: Rust to Riches.’ After all the excellent feedback, the series has made through its season 1 and season 2 of streaming in Netflix, all Car Masters cast including her must make a handsome salary from it.

Image of Constance Nunes's net worth
Caption: Constance Nunes’s net worth

We don’t know if it succeeds in the huge payout they make from their business of fixing and renovating old cars. After all, the show’s bio emphasizes the Nunes and the crew’s ability to transform a junk of a car worth $500 to $1,000 into well over $100,000. Even after taking out the thousands of dollars expenses for their modern technology and time, they must each make a decent wage.

Sadly, Constance Nunes’s net worth is still under review, and so is all of the rest of her Car Masters co-stars. It is a real shame because, unlike some of her co-stars, her career is pretty public. We even know that despite her involvement in Gotham Garage, she also has her own business of building custom cars.

Constance Nunes’s Married Life with Husband

Constance Nunes is the whole reason a lot of bachelors watch the show in the first place. She is a woman of every gearhead’s dream, and even the man of her dreams is similar to a typical gearhead. In a 2018 interview with Maxim, she said that a man who impresses her was a one with ” a muscle car or on a dirt bike with questionable tattoos and a Metallica T-shirt.”

Furthermore, answering question about a perfect first date, she says “My perfect date would be going to see a drag race or monster truck rally. I like that kind of stuff. Something loud and fun and then follow it up with In-N-Out and beer in the bed of a truck just hanging out.”

If you also stumbled over this interview and started to brew some fantasy, we hate to be the one to burst your bubble with the news that she is a married woman. Constance got engaged to her longtime boyfriend in late 2018 and then got married in February 2019.

The name of her husband is Jared Toller, who we know nothing about, but seeing how his hot looks and poses in Constance Nunes’s Instagram, we guess that he is also a professional model.

Image of Constance Nunes's husband also looks like a model
Caption: Constance Nunes’s husband also looks like a model

We were not invited to Nunes’s wedding with her husband, but the pictures sure do look stunning. Constance Nune looked as beautiful as ever, even more as she dressed in a completely unorthodox black gown for the wedding.

Image of Constance Nunes is married to husband Jared Toller
Caption: Constance Nunes is married to husband Jared Toller

The couple recently completed their first-year anniversary, and we couldn’t be any happier for them. We wish good health and safety during the current corona crisis.

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