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Even normal married couples have their occasional scuffles; imagine what a polygamist family has to go through in their version of marital fights. You know where we’re going with this, yes, which else TV famous polygamous families do you know than the cast of ‘Sister Wives.’

The entire series wouldn’t be even half that entertaining without the disputes and fights we see between the patriarch, Kody Brown, with any one of his five wives. One in particular who frequently finds herself in crossroads with her husband is the third wife, Christine Brown.

In this article, we discuss all their recent disputes along with the complete wiki-bio of Christine Brown. Read below for Christine Brown’s net worth, married life, and children.

Kody and Christine Brown Clash on One-House Policy

When we first came to the introduction with ‘Sister Wives’ in 2010, Kody Brown and all his wives and children lived together in the same home. Of course, this was back when Kody had not even married his fourth wife, Robyn Brown, yet. Since then, the Browns have shifted their place of residence, Lehi, Utah, in season 1 to Las Vegas, Nevada.

Image of Christine Brown married to husband Kody Brown
Caption: Christine Brown married to husband Kody Brown

With the change is residence, there also came a difference in the family dynamics as all wives began living in separate households. Since it was a solution to previously had issues relating to privacy, nobody had problems with it. However, in 2018, the family made another big move to Flagstaff, Arizona.

During then, Billy had initially proposed his entire family to live under the same roof. Other Sister Wives were also not validating the idea, but Christine Brown, in particular, was very vocal. You could say she led the charge to dismiss her husband’s idea of living in one house. Billy Brown was not happy about this and understood it as the change in polygamist values.

Caption: Kody Brown and Christine Brown’s feud over home

He later took it up with the producers saying, “One of my biggest frustrations, to be honest, was with Christine not getting past her past experience enough to give it good consideration,”

Christine Brown was not going to let her husband have his way with this one, especially after a part of why she was fighting for this was her intimate moments with her husband, Kody Brown. Christine was quick to fire back on Twitter writing, “Open-minded’ whatever!! @realkodybrown wants us to be ‘Kody-minded’ and think just. Like. Him.”

Is Kody Brown Divorcing Christine Brown?

Fights are never a rare thing in ‘Sister Wives,’ but things do seem a little serious. Could this finally be the end of Kody Brown’s married life with Christine? While one may think that it is a little too minute for them to get a divorce on, you may be forgetting another fight between Kody Brown and his fourth wife, Robyn.

Robyn and Kody also had a similar fight about their housing issue. As they face eviction within 60-days from their current home, Robyn and husband, Kody, face a conflict of interest in their new home. Kody wants to buy a house while Robyn thinks it’s wise to rent a house until they can gather their finances. The fight does not even seem to get so serious when Kody threatens his wife with a divorce if she does not go along with his idea.

Caption: Kody Brown threatens fourth wife Robyn with divorce

Maybe Catherine was right about Kody not being very open in mind. He should allow his wife to voice her opinions and then compromise a decision. Even if they couldn’t come up with a collective decision, divorce seems to be a little drastic, don’t you agree?

Is Christine Brown, Okay? Christine Brown Health Emergency

Christine Brown gave her fans a scare when her daughter, Mykelti, took to Facebook in a series of videos blabbering on about a Family Emergency and Christine being rushed to Utah in the beginning of March. We had no idea why Christine will be back in Utah, so we assumed the worst, but you have to agree that Mykelti made it sound like a health complication.

Image of Janelle Brown also spoke about Christine's family emergency
Caption: Janelle Brown also spoke about Christine’s family emergency

Furthermore, her husband, Kody, was also seen in St. George, Utah, with a pizza in hand. It could easily imply he also was there for his wife, but later we got to thinking that it could be due to the new polygamy laws for the state. While we were anxious to know what was happening, we never really got an explanation.

Christine Brown looked okay in her social media profiles shortly after the video came out. Maybe it was a false call inside the family. It will remain a mystery.

Christine Brown’s Married History & Children with Kody Brown

Christine Brown met her husband for the first time in 1990, along with his first wife, Meri. He was a chaperone for a youth wilderness trek when she got to know him and fall in love. Christine Brown married her husband, Kody, on March 25, 1994, spiritually. She was Kody Brown’s third wife after Meri and Janelle.

Christine actually came from a Polygamous family, so she had no objections for marrying her husband. Her father, on the contrary, wanted her to marry Kody. All it took for Kody was to ask her out for a date on valentine’s day of 1994. He had come to Christine’s town with his wife, took her to their first date where he immediately proposed, and she said yes.

The couple together has over six children. Their oldest kids, daughters Aspyn Kristine and Mykelti Ann, are both now grown and married women. Mykelti married Antonio “Tony” Pardon despite her mother Christine’s initial hesitation with Tony and Aspyn married David “Mitchell” Thompson.

Image of Christine Brown has 6 Children with husband Kody; 5 daughters and 1 son
Caption: Christine Brown has 6 Children with husband Kody; 5 daughters and 1 son

Their other three daughters are Gwendlyn, Ysabel Paige, and Truly Grace, and they have only one son, Paedon Rex.

Christine Brown’s Net Worth & Bio

Christine Brown (Sister Wives actor) was born on April 18, 1972, in Utah. She was born to parents Rex Allred and Ruthann LeBaron. Her father and mother also practiced polygamy, but it is unclear, the number and identity of her other mothers and half-siblings.

Brown was also from a wealthy family, so she had a happy childhood graduating from Taylorsville High School in Utah in 1990. Christine Brown’s net worth as of 2019 in $400,000. Her net worth may not have been subject to much traction in 2020, so it is unlikely to have grown since then.

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