Meet the Car SOS Cast; Tim Shaw & Fuzz Townshend’s Net Worth

Originally posted on April 10, 2020 @ 5:41 am

Cars were and still are the marvel of modern technology. If in the past, they were a pinnacle of inventions the now they are a symbol of innovation.

It is no wonder how some people love their cars just as much as their children. It is also the reason; car restoration shows are taking up the world of reality documentary shows by storm.

In the midst of it stands Britain’s most popular and perhaps even the world’s most popular car repair and restoration show, Car SOS. In this article, meet the people behind the show’s huge success, the two cast members and presenters Tim Shaw and Fuzz Townshend with their net worth and bio. Also, have a look at their new season updates. What is happening in Car SOS season 8?

Image of Car SOS cast Tim Shaw and Fuzz Townshend
Caption: Car SOS cast Tim Shaw and Fuzz Townshend

Tim Shaw’s Net Worth & Bio

Tim Shaw was born June 9, 1974, in the Metropolitan of Sheffield, Yorkshire. Shaw has a degree in Professional broadcasting despite studying Mechanical Engineering and Product Design at Oxford University. He was awarded an engineering scholarship by the University where he also won the title of “Young Engineers of the World’ in 1992 and 1994.

Image of Tim Shaw's net worth and bio
Caption: Tim Shaw’s net worth and bio

He began his career in radio with ‘Kerrang! Radio’ in 2004 and it just took him until 2007 to get the breakfast slot of the show. In 2008, a scandal of fixing a radio competition show to give the gift tickets of a Rolling Stone documentary to a friend cost him the job there. After a brief stint at Absolute Radio, BRMB, and Bauer Radio, he began his TV career.

His first stint was as a presenter in the National Geographic’s Street Genius featuring in over 140 countries before finding his way to Car SOS. The hit series is now in its 8th season and who else to reap the reward of all that success than one-half of the mains cast of the show. His involvement with the show must remain largely to do with his net worth, which is still under review.

Caption: Tim Shaw in Car SOS

We are sure his net worth can easily be in millions with sources putting it at a range of anywhere from $1 million to $3 million. However, an exact sum for his net worth is still under calculation. After all, he is also the cast of several other shows and series like ‘True Tube,’ ‘Fifth Gear,’ ‘Experimental,’ and ‘Balls of Steel.’

Fuzz Townshend’s Net Worth & Bio


Fuzz Townshend was born July 31, 1964, with full name, John Richard Keith Townshend. “Fuzz” was a nickname he got a hold of from his junior school peers who gave him at the age of 7. You may find it surprising that Fuzz Townshend has a much extensive career as a musician than a mechanic and reality TV show.

Image of Fuzz Townshend's net worth and bio
Caption: Fuzz Townshend’s net worth and bio

His mom won a car in a newspaper competition when he was ten, but since she did not know how to drive, she instead chose to take the prize in cash and took that money to buy a drum kit. After learning from local talent, Al Reed, Townshend made his first public appearance in 1977 at the age of 12. After graduating, he will perform in college bands too.


He would go on to record two John Peel sessions in BBC Radio 1 as well as release his first single that would make the NME Indie Charts. The Car SOS star would also play and tour with bands like General Public, Bentley Rhythm Ace, and The English Beat. He would also serve part-time as a college lecturer in music practice and technology.

Caption: Fuzz Townshend’s drumming and music career

He would only embark on a career in cars as late as 2014 through providing safety inspection through a network of car-friendly garages from his company Classic Friendly Ltd. He did already have a classic car restoration business by then by the name of Westgate Classics while he was also working as a journalist for Practical Classics.

As of 2016, he would leave Westgate Classics to start a new garage, To-Ta Classics Limited, which is now under the name, SOS Workshop Ltd. He left his job at Classic Friendly Ltd. In 2019 and took up the role of the presenter of ‘Car SOS’ after a screen test audition. He has not looked back since and is more famous throughout the show.

Caption: Fuzz Townshend in Car SOS

Net Worth

All his career endeavors must equal to massive net worth. It would be very useless to have such a vast career as a mechanic, reality TV star, drummer, and journalist without having a proper net worth to show off for it.

Luckily, Fuzz Townshend’s net worth is estimated to be around $5 million. This is estimation from 2015, and recent data of his net worth are still under review. We are sure in 5 years Fuzz Townshend’s net worth was subject to a lot of increase with continued success as the star of the National Reality TV Awards 2018’s ‘Most Inspirational Show.’

He enjoys his sizeable net worth with his lovely wife, his beautiful wife, Cressida Townshend, and their three children. Nothing much is known about his married life, but we do know that see and his wife were dating for quite some time before getting married. He actively shares about his family life and children who are all sons.

Car SOS Season 8 Updates

Car SOS is a big hit in not just the UK but also the USA and car lovers in the rest of the world. Its high demand is what is giving it continuity for eight years with its newest season, currently running in National Geographic. The Car SOS season 8, which premiered on March 12, 2020, will follow tradition with a total of 10 episodes on a weekly basis.

So don’t forget to tune into it every Sunday as with its 12th April episode, the series will run its 5th episode. It is already halfway through.

Caption: Car SOS season 8 trailer

Car SOS’s success really goes out to the two presenters who have fun dynamics on the show. Tim Shaw always goes out of its way, mostly disguising himself in the end of every episode to surprise the car owners before revealing their better-than-new cars. At the same time, Fuzz Townshend always makes sure to visit other car owners or companies to briefly explain the features and history of a vehicle for the viewers.

Who Died in Car SOS?

Car SOS is not all fun and games, however, too. It might have a comedic element to most of its episodes, but some events leave us emotional. It is instances like season 5, episode 4, where Fuzz Townshend and Tim Shaw take on a Fiat Dino of a man who has been a victim of many tragedies.

However, the most emotional episode so far was the 2nd episode of season 6, where the owner of a world-rally winning Lanci Delta Integrale EVO 2 car dies as it is under renovation in Townshend’s workshop. The vehicle was still completed to pay tribute to the late car collector and pay respects to his family by giving the car to his widow.

Caption: Car SOS’s episode where the owner dies

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