Brianna Adekeye Wikipedia-Biography, Dating, Ex-Boyfriend Nico Scholly, Net Worth

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When you are a well-known personality in Hollywood with no doubt, some kind of scandal will make a way to you. And there are times when those scandals refuse to leave a particular celebrity. One of those famous personalities is Brianna Adekeye. 

Brianna’s love life surely has been quite a scandalous one. Who might she be involved with after her time with Nico Scholly that we got to see on ‘Below Deck’? Also, get a look at Brianna’s net worth and what she might be doing now.

Image of Caption: Gorgeous Brianna Adekeye From Below Deck
Caption: Gorgeous Brianna Adekeye From Below Deck

Who is Brianna Adekeye? Wiki, Bio, Ethnicity

The almost 29 years old gorgeous beauty Adekeye was born in the 24th of April 1991 and raised in the beautiful city, Los Angeles, California. Brianna is a secretive person when it comes to her family. So, we have no information about her parents or siblings. 

As you might have guessed already, she holds an American nationality and while she belongs to white ethnicity. It does not come to a shock when we tell you that Brianna’s adventure in ‘Below Deck’ ended with the end of the 5th season, but her career certainly had a growth together with her personality from then. 

Image of Caption: Brianna Adekeye with other Below Deck Girls.
Caption: Brianna Adekeye with other Below Deck Girls.

Brianna mentioned that she loves traveling, and that is why she loved her job as a stewardess. However, having to work on a 98-meter yacht with a harsh environment, she decided that it is best for her if she started as a freelancer instead. Even as a freelancer, she would have the same opportunities to travel while being able to work more freely.

Now, her net worth comes to be a part of the question you all want an answer to. So let’s see how much she earns. 

Brianna Adekeye Net Worth; How much does Below Deck star earn?

Brianna is already stunning as she is, but she never forgets to add more charm to her through some piercings and tattoos. Likewise, seeing Brianna live her life with full enjoyment instilling a mindset of doing what you love. Self-love and appreciation by a woman as beautiful as she is, are qualities that make her such a good stewardess.

Similarly, she is not just a stewardess but also a model, as you can tell from steamy and stunning pictures of her around the internet. We cannot also forget her early career as a TV presenter in a local news channel.

Image of Caption: Brianna Adekeye’s net worth, career
Caption: Brianna Adekeye net worth from Below Deck is $500,000

So let’s get a look at Brianna Adekeye’s net worth.

Firstly, Brianna sure does earn a decent amount of net worth, which is enough for her to live a lavish life. However, though her exact salary and net worth are still to be found, sources have laid claims of it ranging anywhere from as low as $1 million to as large as $10 million.

However, we are somewhat of experts when it comes to estimating the net worth of reality stars and keeping in mind the net worth and salary of her co-stars, her net worth should be around $500,000 instead of anything over the $1 million marks.

Brianna Adekeye Scandalous Relationship and Rumors 

While enjoying her time in Below Deck, she dated her co-worker Nico Scholly. It would not have been a big deal if their relation started with decency, but it turned out to be scandalous after fans noticed that Brianna still pursued Nico and also slept with him even while knowing the fact that he was already in a relationship with someone else. 

The relationship with her ex-boyfriend Nico became bittersweet, and Brianna got lots of bashes and hated from the viewers of Below Deck. 

Image of Brianna Adekeye relationship screenshot
Brianna Adekeye relationship screenshot

Caption: Brianna Adekeye relationship screenshot with her ex-boyfriend Nico Scholly

However, the season ended, and so did her relationship with Nico, and then not after long, she shared that she came to a conclusion on denying heartbreaks and tears over Nico. 

Caption: Getting Over Nico Scholly

Similarly, Brianna, when she went on a trip to Ireland, he took a picture to Instagram and posted the picture where she held hands with the very attractive Michael Quinn. This stirred a lot of gossips and rumors about them, especially because neither of them has decided to come up clean and declare to be one another’s boyfriend and girlfriend.

Brianna Adekeye Social Media Updates; What is she doing now?

Taking a trip to Brianna’s social media, she has not been active in Facebook or Twitter for long. However, she is all about Instagram. Yes, this means that Bri loves updating her Instagram profile and letting people know where she is and ho she has been enjoying her time. 

Brianna’s latest Instagram picture consists of some happy photos with her friends. At the look of it, she seems to have close and trusted traveler friends. Her Instagram feed has eye-pleasing pictures of her trips, some arts, also some beautifully written quotes.

Moreover, her Facebook and Twitter have not been updated for a couple of years.

 Briana’s Facebook & Twitter have not been updated for some time

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