Are Adam Glick & Malia White Dating? Untold Truth about Below Deck cast Revealed

Originally posted on March 7, 2020 @ 11:24 am

One of the famous members of Bravo TV’s Below Deck, Adam Glick, is the power of the kitchen.

Are you ready to know some of the stunning facts, including Net Worth, Girlfriend, Bio, and more about your beloved cast Chef Adam Glick? 

New Mexican Guy

According to Adam himself, he was born in Hobbs, New Mexico. Similarly, looking at the comment section of the post, Adam shared about his hometown in Instagram. Moreover, many fans agreed that Hobbs is not a well-known city. Nevertheless, Adam was born on the 25th of January in 1985.

Similarly, he attended the University of California, but he did not graduate because he started gaining interest in culinary. Therefore, after dropping out, he the culinary management and got his degree.

Cooking is his Childhood Passion

That’s right everyone, all of us had a passion for something when we were kids, right? However, it’s only a few who can keep the fire burning in the desire until they become an adult and pursue it as your career. 

Since a young age, Adam was interested in cooking. Similarly, after moving to San Diego and graduating, he started working for some of the most excellent restaurants there and finally made his way to yachts. 

Image of Caption: Adam Glick Cooking
Caption: Adam Glick Cooking

Adam Glick’s Net Worth; know how much is the Below Deck star worth?

The 35-year-old handsome Adam Glick is a professional chef. As famous as he is, it is safe to assume that he might have quite an impressive amount of salary. 

The American nationality holder chef, Adam Glick has not revealed his salary yet. And while it is not so sure, according to some other sites, Adam has a vast amount of net worth, which is estimated to be around $49 million! Isn’t that huge? 

Image of Caption: Chef Adam Glick's Net Worth
Caption: Chef Adam Glick’s Net Worth

Adam Loves Surfing

While Adam has a massive passion for cooking, it is for sure that one of his hobbies includes spending time in the kitchen developing art. However, besides food, he loves surfing. Similarly, Adam is a well-known surfer too, who gets into surfing once he sees waves that he can lay his board. 

Moreover, he is mostly surfing in the Californian waves. But that does not mean that he doesn’t surf anywhere else.

Image of Caption: Surfer Adam Glick
Caption: Surfer Adam Glick

Relationship with Malia White and Controversy

There is no doubt that Adam Glick has not been married or engaged for now. However, who might he be in a relationship? Malia White is another beloved star of Below Deck. In an interview that before Below Deck, Malia and Adam connected through a physical connection. 

Similarly, the topic became scandalous and started a controversy after Malia revealed that they were not in any relationship. She was definitely not Adam’s girlfriend, and besides a kiss, they shared no other physical link or hookups. 

Image of Caption: Adam Gick and his rumored girlfriend Malia White
Caption: Adam Gick and his rumored girlfriend, Malia White

Furthermore, later Malia revealed that as Wes and Malia were in a relationship. So, Adam said it to make him jealous or something similar. However, sometime later, it was known that the two of them were forgetting the controversy and started being a close friend. 

Image of Caption: Wes and Malia
Caption: Wes and Malia

As of now, there is no hint of Adam being in any relationship and might as well not be interested, for now.

Adam, the Animal Lover, and Charity Worker

Won’t you agree when we say that Adam looks like a complete stud with that gorgeous face, body, and passion for cooking and surfing? But, it does not end there. He is a stud on the outside and is a wholly loving and soft-hearted person in the inside. 

Moreover, Adam is a kind person, not just for humans but also for any animal. Chef Adam is actively involved in charity work and helps in the society by providing therapy and teaching surfing to the children.

Image of Caption: Adam Teaching Surfing
Caption: Adam Teaching Surfing

Similarly, not only that, but Adam shares lots of pictures of his recently adopted dog named Tex. Tex is a travel-friendly dog. Therefore, Adam does not let go of him wherever he goes. And did you know that Tex was an abandoned dog?

Image of Caption: Adam and his Pet Dog Tex Surfing
Caption: Adam and his Pet Dog Tex Surfing

Owns a Website

Adam Glick owns his website, which goes by the name Similarly, this website contains some exciting chef things. Similarly, His Instagram bio mentions,” Click my website to shop for Adventure Chef things.” Therefore, if you are a Chef Adam fan wanting to try out his types of equipment, make sure to take a trip to his website and check out the fantastic things there.

Caption: Chef Adam’s Instagram Profile

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