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The British television program “Antique Roadshow” broadcasted on the BBC since 1979. In the show, the antique appraisers traveled to many regions of the United Kingdom to appraise antiques brought in by local people.

It has been airing on BBC for more than four decades. As of now, it is in its 42nd series and has been hosted by Fiona Bruce from 2008. Here is a rundown of the show’s cast who has been featured.

Fiona Bruce Net Worth

Fiona Bruce is one of the most familiar TV hosts on British television. Also, she is a journalist and has been working on the BBC since 1990. Currently, she is serving as the presenter of BBC’s favorite “Antiques Roadshow” and also co-hosts Fake or Fortune along with Philip Mould.

Image of Antiques Roadshow cast Fiona Bruce
Antiques Roadshow cast Fiona Bruce

Fiona, 55, was born in Singapore, Malaysia, to English mother and Scottish father. She has two elder brothers and went to school both in Italy and the UK. Before landing a researcher join BBC, she worked at a management consulting firm.

Later she became an assistant producer on Panorama and covered many news events globally, including the USA and the Gulf. In the late 1990s, Fiona became the secondary presenter of the BBC Six O’Clock News and left the program in 2003.

Also, she has gone on to host The Antiques Roadshow alongside Michael Aspel as well as her own, ‘Real Story with Fiona Bruce’ on BC Two. Fiona is one of the highest-paid TV presenters in the BBC. She takes home between a salary of £350,000 – £399,999 a year.

Fiona married her husband, Nigel Sharrocks, in 1994, whom she met at an advertising agency. They shared two children, a son named Sam and a daughter, Mia. The collection of such a colossal salary amount may be the reason she has an estimated net worth of around $3 million.

Michael Aspel Net Worth

Michael Aspel, 86, is recognized for his work on Crackerjack to the Antiques Roadshow. The TV presenter had retired from his career over a decade in 2008. Before his retirement, he presented the BBC’s ‘Antique Roadshow’ from 2000 until 2007. He has done 200 episodes of Antique Roadshow during the eight years with the series.

Image of Retired TV Presenter Michael Aspel
Retired TV Presenter Michael Aspel

Michael Aspel says a fond farewell to the Roadshow team with his final edition of the program. Before working as a newsreader for the BBC in 1957, he served at the David Morgan department store in Cardiff.

In his fifty years of broadcasting career, he has presented many programs such as Ask Aspel, Give Us Clue, This is Your Life, Have I Got News for You, and so on. The retired TV host has a fantastic net worth of $71 million.

Antique Roadshow Michael Aspel has been married thrice. First, he was married to Dian Sessions from 1957 to 1961 and had two children. Then he married Anne Reed in 1962 until 1967 and shared twin children. Aspel tied the knot with his third wife, an actress Elizabeth Power in 1977 and separated in 1994. Also, the couple had two sons. Currently, he is in a relationship with Irene Clarke since 1994.

Philip Mould Net Worth

Philip Mould, one of the well-known figures in the art of the world. Also, he is a British art dealer, broadcaster, and writer. His program ‘Fake or Fortune’ has garnered up to five million viewers in the United Kingdom.

Image of Antiques Roadshow cast Philip Mould
Antiques Roadshow cast Philip Mould

Mould, 59, born in Wirral, UK, and attended the University of East Anglia from where he earned a bachelor’s degree in BA in History of Art in 1981. After graduation, he began art dealing and sold works to public institutions sub as National Portrait London, Museum of Fine Arts Boston, and the Royal Albert Memorial Museum.

Between 1988 and 2011, he was the art advisor of the House of Commons and the House of Lords. Besides, Michael is a regular broadcaster for the national press. His television work includes writing and presenting the Channel 4 series ‘Changing Faces’ and also co-presented BBC’s ‘Antique Roadshow.’

His net worth is still under review. Philip Mould resides with his wife, Catherine, and son, Oliver, in Kensington.

Angela Rippon Net Worth

75, Angela Rippon is an English TV presenter, journalist, newsreader as well as writer from Plymouth, Devon. She was one of the former hosts of BBC’s Antique Roadshow. At the age of 17, Rippon began her journalism career as a reporter for the Western Morning News.

Image of Antiques Roadshow cast Angela Rippon
Antiques Roadshow cast Angela Rippon

Later she worked as a newsreader as the first female journalist to present the BBC national television news. Rippon presented the first two series of Top Gear and also performed ‘Antique Roadshow’ in 1979.

Her other notable works include BC quiz show Mastercam, Come Dancing, ITV panel show What’s My Line?, and co-hosted ‘Amazing Greys’ alongside Paddy McGuinness in 2014. Angela Rippon has been co-presenting “Rip Off Britain” since 2009 as well as “Health: Truth or Scare” from 2017.

British journalist Angela Rippon’s estimated net worth is $10 million. Rippon was married to ex-husband, Christopher Dare in 1967 and separated in 1989. The couple had no children.

Bruce Parker Bio

English journalist and TV presenter Bruce Parker first introduce the BBC’s show “Antique Roadshow” on February 18, 1979. Through the show, he discovered the piece of furniture or various customs of laws at least 100 years ago that has a high value.

He started his career on television as a journalist in the mid-1960s and retired in 2003. Bruce became a house household named after he hosted ‘Antiques Roadshow’ and later became a regular presenter of ‘Nationwide.’

Image of Antiques Roadshow cast Bruce Parker
Antiques Roadshow cast Bruce Parker

His other credentials include ‘The Wek’s Antiques’ and ‘Today.’ The net worth of Bruce Parker has not disclosed publicly. Furthermore, the info of his family, wife, and children has not revealed. According to IMDB, the retired journalist Bruce Parker has been married twice and shared three children from his previous marriage.

Henry Sandon Bio

British-born Henry Sandon is an antiques expert, TV personality as well as author. He is honored as the world authority on Worchester Porcelain and was Curator of the Dyson Perrins Museum for several years.

Image of Antiques Roadshow cast Henry Sandon
Antiques Roadshow cast Henry Sandon

In his early career, Henry was an archaeologist and had an extensive knowledge of pottery and porcelain of all periods and countries. Over three decades of working with Antiques Roadshow, the one thing that stands out for Henry Ozzi th Owl! He brought to Antiques Roadshow in Northampton in 1990.

In 2008, he was honored the ME in the Queen’s Birthday Honours list for his services to broadcasting, ceramics industry as well as charity. Moreover, he has written many books on the topics of Worcester and other porcelains.

Eric Knowles Bio

Eric Knowles is a well-known face in the world of antiques and gained massive popularity through BBC’s ‘Antiques Roadshow.’ Born in Nelson in 1965, Eric worked in both engineering and firm of antique shippers in the early 1970s.

Image of Antiques Roadshow cast Eric Knowles
Antiques Roadshow cast Eric Knowles

He joined the London auctioneers, Bonham, where he worked as a porter in the ceramics and later promoted to head of the department in 1981. Knowles gradually rose to fame after he appeared on BBC’s Antique Roadshow as a ceramics expert.

Further, he appeared in such a program as Going, Going, Gone, Noel’s House Party, and 20th Century Roadshow. Also, Eric is a long-time ambassador for the Princes Trust. Eric Knowles’s salary and net worth are under review.

John Sandon Bio

John Sandon is one of most antique enthusiasts from his regular appearances on BBC’s Antique Roadshow. Born and raised in th city of Worcester, John has antique porcelain in his blood. Before landing on the television as an antique expert on Antique Roadshow, he worked as a junior specialist at the Philips Fine Art Auctioneers in 1975.

Image of Antiques Roadshow cast John Sandon
Antiques Roadshow cast John Sandon

After 36 years, Sandon now directs the International ceramics and glass departments at Bonhams and traveling extensively to view collection globally. The antique experts make a significant income from his business. Although his net worth is not disclosed publicly.

In addition, John Sandon writes from many antique magazines such as BBC Homes and Antiques. Besides, he appeared on other television shows. When it comes to his private life, he becomes completely silent.

Tim Wonnacott Net Worth

English auctioneer and antiques expert Tim Wonnacott is best known for presenting the daytime show ‘Bargain Hunt.’ He was suspended from the Bargain Hunt after Tim fighting with the show’s producers.

Image of Antiques Roadshow cast Tim Wonnacott
Antiques Roadshow cast Tim Wonnacott

m, 69, began his career in the television industry in 1979 when he starred as himself on BBC’s show ‘Antiques Roadshow.’ Later he left the show to join other shows such as the Great Antiques Hunt and Light Lunch. From 1997 to 1999, Wonnacott appeared as an antique expert in a few episodes of “The Antique Show.”

His other television appearance includes Restoration, Top Gear, The Great Antiques Hunt, and Buried Treasures. The net worth of former Bargain Hunt host Tim Wonnacott is $2 million. Also, he has authored a book titled “Tim Wonnacott’s Moneymaking Antiques for the Future: Collect Today, Profit Tomorrow,” published in 2005.

Tim Wonnacott and his wife Helen Mary Wonnacott got married n 1984 and have three children.

Bunny Campione Bio

Carolyn Elizabeth Fisher, aka Bunny Campione, is a British antique expert. She is famous for her appearance on BBC’s reality show ‘Antiques Roadshow.’ She studied at the University of France and later worked at the Bear Lane Gallery in Oxford for a year.

Image of Antiques Roadshow cast Bunny Campione
Antiques Roadshow cast Bunny Campione

She has a vast knowledge of antiques and has worked at Sotheby for 23 years until 1996. Also, he served as a senior consultant to Christie’s, London, between 1997 and 2001. Since 1988, she has been running her own antiques and fine art consultancy. The information about her personal life and net worth are unavailable.

John Bly Net Worth

John Bly is one of the world’s leading authorities on antique English furniture. Bly has been working as an antique dealer since 1956. The family firm “John Bly Antiques” founded by his grandfather in Tring, Hertfordshire in the beginning of the 19th century.

Also, John is a TV presenter, Lecturer, restorer, and columnist. Throughout his career, he has presented many TV shows. Bly made his first appearance on the BBC program in 1979 as an antique expert.

Image of Antiques Roadshow cast John Bly
Antiques Roadshow cast John Bly

His other TV works include Heirborn, Alladin’s Cave, and Grace. He gained massive promience after presenting the BBC’s 1979 show ‘Antiques Roadshow.’ Later he opened his own production company called Lady Victoria Leatham along with Posh Films.

Bly is a philanthropist and involved in many charitable works, including Cancer Research, Kids with Cancer, and so on. There’s no doubt that the TV presenter makes a hefty amount of money from his profession, although his net worth is not revealed yet.

John Bly married his wife Virginia Fisher in 1967 and has twp sons.

Anita Manning Net worth

Scottish-born Anita Manning is an antique expert as well as a TV personality. She loves collecting the mahogany furniture and admired at her granny’s house growing. Anita is well known for her appearance in 2010 BBC’s Bargain Hunt and Flog It! as an antiques expert and TV presenter.

Image of Antiques Roadshow cast Anita Manning
Antiques Roadshow cast Anita Manning

As a young mother, she developed her interest in buying antiques from auctioneers. She stepped into the antique business in the 1970s. The TV presenter Anita is a married woman, but she has mentioned her husband’s identity in public. Moreover, Anita has two daughters.

The antique experts make quite good from her profession. As per sources, Anita Manning’s net worth is said to $2 million.

Antiques Roadshow Cast Deaths; Expert who died

Some of the antique experts are no more with us. Although the late antique experts earned both fame and fortune through the BBC’s show ‘Antiques Roadshow.’ Among them, Hugh Scully was one. He was an English Journalist, TV personality as well as a radio host. He was the longest-serving presenter of the BBC program ‘Antiques Roadshow’ from 1981 to 2000.

He started working by age 13 in a piano company and later worked as a record producer at Saga Records in London. As a journalist, he worked on BBC News magazines and was a presenter for the BBC South West. In 1988, he ran a TV production company, ‘Fine Art Productions.’

Caption: Hugh Scully 1979 interaction with David Bedford.

The late antique expert was married to his wife Barbara for over four decades before she died in March 2009. At the age of 72, Hugh died in his home in Tresillian. Cornwall on October 8, 2015, and had two sons. However, the net worth of Hugh is under the radar.

Another TV presenter and antique expert, Arthur Negus, died at the age of 82. He was born in Reading, Berkshire, on March 29, 1903. His family has had involved in the antique business for a long time. Before landing on BBC, he worked on the panel of the television series ‘Going for a Song’ from 1965 to 1977.

Caption: Arthur Negus in an old antique show

Then he worked appeared on the show ‘Antiques Roadshow’ in 1979 until 1983. Further, he appeared on other tv programs, including The Generation Game.

Antiques Roadshow: New Season or Canceled?

Antiques Roadshow is one of the most famous shows on the BBC Channel. It has been airing on BBC One for more than 40 years and still watched by many people around the world. As of 2019, the show is in its 42nd series and has been presented Fiona Bruce over a decade. It has a total of 817 episodes to date and has a team of experts like Books and Manuscript, Ceramics and Glass, furniture, jewelry, and so on.

As of now, there is no sign of cancelation of the show, but at the same time, there is no news of it being renewed for a new season as well. We will have to wait sometime to know more details on the new season if it is not canceled.

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