Southern Charm New Season; Meet the Cast with Their Net Worth

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Bravo’s hit reality series “Southern Charm” of season six ended back in August 2019. It focuses on the Southern Culture and political history of the area. The show filmed in the local historical places such as Lewisfield Plantation and the Mikell House.

Bryan Kestner and Whitney Sudler-Smith create the show. It’s premiered back on March 3rd, 2014, and chronicles the personal and professional lives of seven socialites who reside in Charleston, South Carolina. The viewers of the show are wondering to another season of Southern Charm will return on Bravo or not? Also, let’s us you to know more about the show’s cast, including their net worth and relationship, and who hooked up and left Southern Charm.

Craig Conover Net Worth & Girlfriend

Craig Conover is one of the original cast members of the Southern Charm. Born in the Bahamas, Conover is a reality star and gained massive fame after appearing on the show. So what is Craig Conover’s net worth?

Image of Southern Charm cast Craig Conover
Southern Charm cast Craig Conover

He earned a bachelor’s degree in Finance from the College of Charleston in 2009 and later went on to the Charleston School Law. In high school, he won a National Championship in business competition.

After graduation, he worked as a law clerk at Akim Anastopoulo Law Firm but was fired from that job. He makes a pretty good salary from the show and has not less than a million net worth. He earns $25,000 per episode from the Southern Charm. Furthermore, he has launched a new clothing line and designs. With a salary like that, it is not far-fetched to assume his net worth at $400,000.

Conover is single after splitting from cast member Naomie Olindo. After the breakup from Olindo, he struggled with mental health, so he took a break and went to the Bahamas for a summer. In the new season of Southern Charm, he hired a personal assistant to keep him on track and hope he finds her perfect match with who he could spend the rest of his life.

Cameran Eubanks Net Worth, Husband & Daughter

Cameran Eubanks is one of the most recognizable cast members of Southern Charm. She is happy being a mother of one, and so many things change in her life from last year.

Image of Southern Charm cast Cameran Eubanks
Southern Charm cast Cameran Eubanks

This not her first reality show in television. At age 19, she appeared as a cast member in the 2004 season of “Real World: San Diego” and described herself as warm, loveable and down to earth. Later she moved onto ‘Real World/Road Rules Challenges.’

Aside from television, she is a real estate agent and sold some properties in Charleston. During the show, she married Dr. Jason Wimberly and have a daughter named Palmer Corinne Wimberly. She is so grateful for becoming a mom and looking forward to expanding her family in the future.

Eubanks was born in 1983 and raised in Anderson, South Carolina. Cameron has a net worth $1.5 million, as of 2020.

Shep Rose NetWorth & Girlfriend

Shep Rose is one of the original cast members of Bravo’s Southern Charm. He is hailed from Carolina lineage and also the nephew of former South Carolina Department of Public Safety director, B Boykin Rose. He also appeared in the spin-off show “RelationShep.”

Image of Southern Charm cast Shep Rose
Southern Charm cast Shep Rose

Shep cast as the fun-loving ladies man and gets along with anyone. Shepard Rose was born in 1980 in Hilton. He graduated from the University of Georgia in his late 20s and completed his MBA from Vanderbilt. After moving to Charleston, he opened a restaurant along with a group of friends named “Palace Hotel.” Later he redesigned to a dive bar that sells gourmet hotdogs.

The reality star is one of the eligible bachelors on Southern Charm. He was in a relationship with his ex, Danni Baird, who made a few cameo appearances on the show. Later, he linked with his co-star, Chelseas Messiner. In the finale of season six, he ended up choosing Bella Clark, but she eventually broke up.

Shep Rose’s estimated net worth is $4 million. Also, he gets paid about $25,000 per episode for appearing on Southern Charm. He earns his wealth from his restaurants, real estate, and clothing line.

Kathryn Calhoun Dennis Net Worth & Children

Southern Charm will be nothing if it hasn’t the cast member like Kathryn Calhoun Dennis. She is one of the girls in Southern Charm who had eyes on her. She is the granddaughter of Senator Remert Coney Dennis.

Kathryn was born in Charleston and raised in Lewisfield Plantation. She studied politics, journalism, and feminism at The University of South Carolina and then worked at both federal and state levels.

Image of Southern Charm cast Kathryn Calhoun Dennis
Southern Charm cast Kathryn Calhoun Dennis

The reality star Dennis married Thomas Ravenel and in that course became a mother of two children, Kensington, and Saint. However, their marriage didn’t last forever and eventually separated. Now, Kathryn is a single mother and completely devoted to her little ones.

Currently, she is pursuing several business ventures related to her passions in fashion and home design. Also, Dennis is a brand ambassador for a local Charleston department store, “Gwynn.”

Kathryn makes her fortune from her business and Bravo’s show. As of now, Kathryn Dennis’s net worth is said to be $800,000. He makes a salary of $25,000 per episode.

Austen Kroll Net Worth & Girlfriend

Austen Kroll started his journey on Southern Charm from Season four. With his charm, Austen won the heart of his co-star, Chelsea Meissner, and started dating until things fizzled. Now, Kroll is in a new relationship with Madison LeCroy, whereas Chelsea settled with her long-distance boyfriend.

Image of Southern Charm cast Austen Kroll
Southern Charm cast Austen Kroll

Kroll was born in Washington, DC. While growing up, he moved to Charlotte, NC with his parents. Austen graduated from the University of Alabama. When not working, he loves traveling and explores new places.

At the moment, Austen works as a Territory sales manager for Red Hare Brewing Company that specializes in craft beers. According to LinkedIn, he has been working there since 2016. Prior that, he worked as a Celler Man for Palmetto Brewing Company in Charleston from 2014 to 2016.

However, Kroll may not be a millionaire, but he makes a good salary from his job as well as the show. The average salary of a Cellar Man is about $23,000 a year. The Sales Manager position salary is $64,000. As of now, Austen Kroll is still under the radar. Without info on his salary, we are also unable to detect his net worth.

Chelsea Meissner Net Worth & Boyfriend

Chelsea Meissner joined y Southern Charm as the main cast along with Austen Kroll in season five. She and Austen were a couple in the past season. During the show, she got involved in a controversial love triangle with Shep Rose and Austin Kroll.

Image of Southern Charm cast Chelsea Meissner
Southern Charm cast Chelsea Meissner

Following the break up with Austen, Chelsea started dating a new boyfriend named Nick Dana in season six. Although, she didn’t share much about her current boyfriend, Dana. Nick Dana is a professional sailor for America’s Cu. On her Instagram, she even shares pictures with her boyfriend.

Meissner was born and grew up in Hilton Island in South Carolina. At the age of nine, she moved to Charleston with her family. Chelsea is a master hairstylist at a salon in Charleston. Last year, she renovated her new home in James Island,

According to TV Overmind, Chelsea’s net worth is about $1.2 million. She also makes amassed money from her profession as a hairstylist and the show as well.

Naomie Olindo Net Worth & Boyfriend

Naomie Olindo was introduced by her ex-boyfriend and castmates Craig Conover in the third season of Southern Charm. Later she appeared as a recurred cast until five-season and as a regular cast season six onwards.

Image of Southern Charm cast Naomie Olindo
Southern Charm cast Naomie Olindo

Naomie was born in France in 1992, making her age 28. The reality star shared bad new in December 2018 that her father passed away from esophageal cancer. Naomie received an MBA from the College of Charleston.

Back in 2017, she broke up with Craig and eventually developed her relationship with a new boyfriend, Metul Shah, who is an anesthesiologist. She revealed that she was dating Metul during the season 5 reunion of Southern Charm and became official in April 2018.

The net worth of Naomie is around $500,000, according to Romper. However, the salary is not revealed to the public that she earns from the show.

Eliza Limehouse Net Worth & Boyfriend

Eliza Limehouse is one of the core cast members on Bravo’s series “Southern Charm.” Limehouse is the youngest cast member of the show and appeared along with Shep Rose and Patricia Altschul in season sixth. Aside from her television appearance, Eliza is a model.

Image of Southern Charm cast Eliza Limehouse
Southern Charm cast Eliza Limehouse

As a ninth-generation native, Eliza is from one of the city’s oldest families in Charleston. After graduation from Clemson, she returned to her hometown and joined her family business, ‘Limehouse Properties’, that manages and renovates the Charleston hotels.

Further, Eliza founded a local jewelry line called “Snaffle Bit Bracelet Company” that she began in high school. Also, she co-founded “Plantation Candle Company” along with her business partner Allston Pate. Well, the net worth of Eliza Limehouse is still under review. Looking at her business, we can say that she has more than a million net worth. Also, she earns a significant salary from the show.

She reported she signed to the Declaration of Charleston, who is her ancestor. Additionally, she worked with TouT Models and appeared in regional campaigns and fashion shows. In addition, she is an animal lover. Eliza is in a relationship with her friend Struthers McBride.

Whitney Sudler-Smith Net Worth

Whitney Sudler Smith appeared as th main cast on Souther Charm until season three and then joined as a recurring cast from season four to six. He is a TV personality, filmmaker, and guitarist.

Image of Southern Charm cast Whitney Sudler-Smith
Southern Charm cast Whitney Sudler-Smith

He is the son of Arthur Altschul  Patricia Altschul, who is a socialite and a prominent art dealer. Smith graduated from Georgetown Day School and George Washington University. Also, he went to Oxford University and Alliance Francaise in Paris.

Apart from the show, he is widely known for his documentary “Ultrasuede: In Search of Halston.” He has written and directed numerous projects, including Bubba * Ike, Dark Realm, and Torture TV.

Sudler-Smith’s net worth is around $2 million. Also, he is a creator and executive producer southern Charm from which he makes incredible money that increased his net worth. Whitney is a relationship with German Celebrity, Larrisa Marott. The date of birth of Whitney is not available on the internet. But it looks like he is in his 50s.

Landon Clements

Landon Clements is te former cast of Southern Charm who appeared in season two and didn’t return for season five. She packed up in 2017 and moved to Malibu. Where is she now?

Image of Southern Charm cast Landon Clements
Southern Charm cast Landon Clements

Born in St. Simons Island, Georgia, Lando is the st of three daughters. She studied school in Atlanta and graduated in art history and historic preservation from the College of Charleston, where she met her co-star, Shep Rose. She left the show to focus in real estate business.

Plus, Landon worked part-time as an interior designer for Ralph Lauren Home and also helped SBE and Philippe Starck develop hotels, restaurants, and nightclubs. She has a net worth of $3 million.

The former reality star is traveling to the wold and finding treasures to shares with her readers. She also pursued her career in photography and writing.

Thomas Ravenel

The former star of Southern Charm, Thomas Ravenel, is an American politician and State Treasurer. He starred in Southern Charm from season one to five as the main cast.

Image of Southern Charm cast Thomas Ravenel
Southern Charm cast Thomas Ravenel

Thomas was born in Charleston, South Carolina. He earned his bachelor’s degree in Science in Business Administration in 1985. After graduation, he became a real estate agent and worked for four years in that field.

He was the chairman of The State Board of Financial Institutions for the State of South Carolina and a member of The State o South Carolina Retirement System. Thomas was married to Mary Ryan.

Later he linked with Southern Charm cast Kathryn Calhoun Dennis and ended up their relationship with a girl, Kensington, and a boy named Saint Julien Rembert.

Thomas Ravenel’s net worth is $6 million. He earned $25,000 per episode from the show. He got an additional amount of $600,000 for showing up for the reunion show.

When does Southern Charm Start?

Believe it or not, Bravo is getting ready to roll on the seventh season of Southern Charm. However, Bravo has not made any announcement regarding the premiere date and casts.

Caption: Southern Charm Season 6 trailer

According to some sources, producers are searching for some new cast to feature on the new season. According to Bravo, the show premieres in the mid to late spring 2020 — the last two seasons of Southern Charm in April and May.

Southern Charm Net Worth Table

Cast Net Worth Spouse/Girlfriend/Boyfriend
Craig Conover N/A Naomie Olindo (Ex)
Cameran Eubanks $1.5 million Dr. Jason Wimberly
Shep Rose $4 million Bella Clark
Kathryn Calhoun $800,000 Thomas Ravenel
Austen Kroll N/A Madison LeCroy
Chelsea Meissner $1.2 million. Nick Dana
Naomie Olindo $500,000 Metul Shah
Eliza Limehouse N/A Struthers McBride
Whitney Sudler-Smith $2 million Larrisa Marott
Landon Clements $3 million Unknown
Thomas Ravenel $6  million Kathryn Calhoun Dennis

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