Scott McGillivray not Shy to Boast about his Wife Sabrina, Married Life & Daughters

Originally posted on February 17, 2020 @ 9:52 pm

Scott McGillivray is one of the most famous Canadian millionaires in not just Canada but the USA and other parts of the world too. We are sure Scott McGillivray’s net worth is very impressive, yet the entrepreneur and TV personality take the most pride and overconfidence in his married life to his wife and his lovely children.

So, why don’t we take this opportunity to check out Scott McGillivray’s married life with his wife and kids, his net worth? We are sure you will be just as delighted to get to know ‘Buyers Bootcamp‘ star’s married and family-like just as we have

Scott McGillivray Net Worth

Scott McGillivray is a common name you will hear if you so much as even have a brief interest in real estate and home renovations. McGillivray is the host of ‘Buyers Bootcamp’ as well as other hit reality shows of similar genres like ‘Income Property’ and ‘Moving the McGillivrays.’ He has also been a part of several other projects like ‘Flipping Block,’ ‘Canada’s Handyman Challenge ‘, and’ All American Handyman’ as either a host or a judge or both.

Image of Caption: Scott McGillvray's net worth and married life
Caption: Scott McGillivray’s net worth and married life

It goes without saying that a career as a reality star has its significant contributions to building Scott McGillivray’s net worth. However, people tend to forget McGillivray is a star entrepreneur and investor with a great eye of real estate and property evaluation. He owns hundreds of rental properties all over Canada and the USA, which he uses to collect an income of millions.

It is through this that Scott McGillivray’s net worth as of 2019 was approximately $100 million. In 2020, Scott McGillivray’s net worth shows no signs of decreasing, so perhaps he will resolve to an even more significant net worth this year. Unfortunately, his net worth for 2020 is still under review, so we have no option but to wait even more.

The ‘Buyers Bootcamp’ star certainly has a staggering net worth, which is even more impressive if you consider how his net worth as back as 2012 was just $4 million. Perhaps his salary as an author should also be considered when discussing his humongous net worth. He became the author of his very first book, a home improvement book called ‘How to Add Value to your Home.’ Since then, he has been a co-author for three other books.

Image of Caption: Scott McGillvray with his book
Caption: Scott McGillivray, author of “How To Add Value To Your Home”

Scott McGillivray Married Life to Wife

Scott McGillivray, as we have already said, is not afraid to toot his horn about being an excellent husband but who is his lucky wife who gets to have a great husband like him. His wife’s name is Sabrina McGillivray, whom he married on June 22, 2008. Sarah is a teacher by profession, and according to Scott, a great dancer.

Image of Caption: Scott McGillvray married his wife Sarah in 2008
Caption: Scott McGillivray married his wife Sarah in 2008

One of the reasons Scott boasts about being a great husband is because on Valentine’s Day leading to their wedding, he surprised her with dance lessons as Scott himself was not a very good one. He tried really hard to master an epic dance routine for their wedding, and it seems like he put up quite a performance. Check the dance out below.

Caption: Scott McGillivray dances with wife on their wedding

However, we all know relationships are never one-sided. It is not just Scott, who is a great husband, but Sabrina, who is a great wife as well. She is a good mother to their two kids, and despite valuing her privacy agreed to star in ‘Moving the McGillivrays’ because she wanted to support her husband.

Caption: Scott McGillivray and his wife take a newlywed test

Since we are writing about Scott, though, we will let him bask in glory by mentioning his romantic gestures. Scott, over the past Valentine’s Days, has always done his utmost best for his wife from a surprise trip on a tropical vacation in Hawaii to little things like merely crafting handmade gifts made with the help of his daughters.

Image of Caption: Scott McGillvray surprise trip to Hawaii with wife
Caption: Scott McGillivray surprise trip to Hawaii with wife

Scott McGillivray Kids; Meet his Daughters

Scott McGillivray has two lovely daughters with wife Sabrina. The older daughter’s name is Myah, and the younger daughter’s name is Layla. Scott McGillivray’s children have less than two years of an age gap, with Myah being born on January 25, 2012, and Layla being born on October 29, 2013.

It is clear if you ever follow Scott McGillivray on Instagram that he loves his daughters very much. After Kobe Bryant and his daughter, Gianna’s death earlier this year, in particular, has him even more seriously in love with his kids.

Image of Caption: Scott McGillvray with his two daughters
Caption: Scott McGillivray with his two daughters

Yep, Scott McGillivray’s daughters certainly do seem like beautiful children. If you ever need parenting tips, maybe you can learn a thing or two from Scott and his wife, Sabrina. Below they share some of their tips towards parenting their daughters.

Caption: Scott McGillivray and wife Sabrina talk about raising their daughters

Scott McGillivray Bio

Scott McGillivray was born on April 7, 1978, in Toronto, Ontario. The ‘Buyers Bootcamp’ star divides his residence from between his Toronto, Ontario residence to Fort Myers, Florida, for the purpose of work as well as vacation.

The Canadian 41-year-old graduated in 2001 from the University of Guelph with an honors degree in Commerce. It was a school project that introduced Scott to income properties, which at just 21 years of age, he developed into a business model. Using his student loans, he bought a rental home, and after renovations, he was able to use the profits to buy five rental homes in just two years.

He got his license as a contractor in 2004 and since then has gone from five properties at the age of 23 to hundreds of them all around Canada and the USA.

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