Is Rust Valley Restorers Canceled or Renewed? Meet the Cast with Their Net Worth & Bio

Originally posted on April 5, 2020 @ 10:55 am

There is truly something beautiful about making old things new. Think about it, isn’t the ability to restore old inanimate objects to give them a new life, a work of art. This process does not prove any more accurate than for shows like ‘Rust Valley Restorers,’ whose cast who does restoration of delicate and intricate machines that are cars.

After a successful season 2, will Rust Valley Restorers be renewed for a new season or canceled? Find out right here along with the net worth and bio of each cast member.

Meet the cast composing of Mike Hall, his son, Connor Hall, Avery Shoaf, and Cassidy Mceown with their net worth and bio right here. Also, Is ‘Rust Valley Restorers’ Real or fake?

Image of Rust Valley Restorers cast's net worth, bio, and personal life
Caption: Rust Valley Restorers cast’s net worth, bio, and personal life

Is Rust Valley Restorers Season 3 Canceled?

Rust Valley Restorers just put a wrap on its second season, and people already want more. Rust Valley Restorers first premiered on December 6, 2018, and it was such a hit that it also came into Netflix on November 21, 2019. Now that the Rust Valley Restorers season 2 too wrapped up in February after premiering in November 2019, is season 3 appearing soon?

Unfortunately, we can’t say anything this early. So far, there has been no confirmation from either of the Network, History of the production company, Mayhem Entertainment. All we can do is wait for some more to get any updates on the new season of Rust Valley Restorers as we are pretty sure it is not canceled yet.

Caption: Rust Valley Restorers season 2 trailer

However, if the series follows its usual traditions, we know it will once again have eight episodes and premiere only in the ending months of 2020.

Are Rust Valley Restorers Fake or Real?

Reality TV does not always live up to its name. It is an unspoken truth in the business that almost all shows and series classifying as reality TV have specific fabrication of the truth, dramatization, and even allegations of falsifying their entire content. So, is the new show to the game, Rust Valley Restorers real or fake?

It might be the bias talking, but we think that Rust Valley Restorers is probably more real than fake. One of the main stars, Mark Hall himself, says the show is about “90 percent real.” There are many instances leading us to believe why the show is real, but there is too much physical evidence. The “Rust Valley” really exists in British Colombia, and so does Mike Hall’s Junkyard of around 400 cars.

If you really like his collection and you happen to be a millionaire, you can buy all of it, including the property at around $1.5 million. Furthermore, Rust Valley Restorers is not like one of the many similar shows where they take a broken-down car, put it through technology we have never see, and through processes we have never heard of to produce a brand-new stunning vehicle.

On the contrary, this series is all about the use of simple tools and techniques. Also, while they may produce a stunner of a car every time too, they end up losing more money than profiting, which is an accurate portrayal of the business in real life. Therefore, Rust Valley Restorers in Real and now that we’ve put that to rest meet the cast of the show.

Mark Hall’s Net Worth & Bio

Mark Hall is the man who runs the show. He is the owner of a 400-acre junkyard, which is full of nearly 400 scrap cars. However, his business is not the junkyard itself but the restoration of the vehicles there to people who can see the worth behind all the rust. Mark Hall, aka Rasta Blasta for his dreadlocks and hippie-like free personality, has a great business but often loses money for his passion.

Image of Mark Hall's net worth and bio
Caption: Mark Hall’s net worth and bio

Mark Hall’s net worth could easily be in millions, but he lets his free spirit get the better of his career. He faces a lot of loss from undermining costs on a 1966 Lincoln Continental by a large margin for just $15,000 or selling his Chevelle SS 396 along with some engines and transmission for only $10,000. Hall estimates that his business has cost him a ballpark figure between $200,000 and $300,000.

Even with such disparities in his career Mark Hall still gets a considerable salary from his business as well as being part of a reality show. So, Mark Hall’s net worth has managed to remain stable at an astounding sum of around $450,000.

Avery Shoaf’s Net Worth & Married Life

Avery Shoaf is the second-in-command of Rust Valley Restorers. Shoaf knows everything there is about car restoration, and he makes a hell of a team with Mike Hall. He has a way of acting like the Angel on Mike’s shoulder that blocks him from making impulsive buys or other deals as we know it is like an addiction to Mike.

Image of Avery Shoaf's net worth and bio
Caption: Avery Shoaf’s net worth and bio

However, Avery is able to do it with a sense of humor; perhaps he does not just look like comedian Ron Jeremy but also has a similar sense of humor. Despite his appearances and personality, Avery Shaof makes a decent living with an approx net worth of around $200,000.

Avery Shoaf also loves dancing and put it to test in a local dance competition they call Dancing with the Shuswap Stars. It was a fundraiser for Shuswap Hospice in 2019 following the pattern of the hit show ‘Dancing with the Stars.’

Avery Shoaf is a married man, probably. We say it so indecisively because while all signs point out to Avery Shoaf being married, we hardly get to see his wife or hear about their married life. Shoaf does have a son who has his appearances in season 2 of Rust Valley Restorers. However, Avery Shoaf’s son’s name and identity, just like that of his wife, are missing.

Image of Avery Shoaf with wife and son
Caption: Avery Shoaf with wife and son

In the picture above, we catch a small glimpse of him sharing a ride with a woman, could that be his wife? He shares photos with his son a lot on his Instagram page, where he proudly teaches his son about cars. With a father like Muscle MacGyver himself, we are sure his son will grow up to be an even more exceptional car fabricator.

Image of Avery Shoaf with his son who is also in the show
Caption: Avery Shoaf with his son who is also in the show

Connor Charman-Hall’s Net Worth & Bio

Connor Hall is Mark Hall’s son and also his co-star in ‘Rust Valley Restorers.’ He has learned all parts of the trade from his father, but he also has exponential experience from working under Avery Shoaf. Unlike his father, however, his primary focus is always towards business and turning in a profit. So he also becomes the voice of reason to his father’s unpredictable and mostly disastrous plans and deals.

Image of Mark Hall's son Connor Hall's net worth
Caption: Mark Hall’s son Connor Hall’s net worth

If it comes to it, he will nag and bully his father into reducing expenses like a $2,000 metal-forming brake when they are already running low on fumes. A business-oriented young man like him must have a massive net worth. Sadly, for now, Connor Hall’s net worth is still under review.

Maybe if some rich millionaire or billionaire who happens to like classic cars comes along, they will set him and his father up for life. His father’s deal of selling his entire junkyard and cars at $1.45 million still stands. Previously, his father had no luck in 2016 when selling the same whole property for $1.19 million.

Cassidy Mceown’s Net Worth & Dating Life

Cassidy Mceown is one of the only two female casts in the show. Mceown also might be the youngest cast member in our list who loves to work for Mark Hall because he teaches her everything there is to know about cars, and she considers him a “super good boss.” Cassidy was born into the life of vehicles as both her father and mother are car mechanics, so; her whole family is into the business.

She loves Alice Cooper and spending the day at the beach, either swimming or walking down the creek. Pitbulls are other things she loves and owns several of them, including the newest puppy, Sierra.

Image of Cassidy Mcewon loves Pitbulls
Caption: Cassidy Mceown loves Pitbulls

Cassidy Mcewon’s net worth, for the time being, is still under review. We do luckily have some information about her dating life, though. The youngster is dating a boyfriend by the name of Stan Pinyon. While we have to background on Cassidy’s boyfriend, we would request him to be careful as her bio states that she loves to build cars and break hearts.

Image of Cassidy Mcewon's dating a boyfriend by the name of Stan
Caption: Cassidy Mcewon’s dating a boyfriend by the name of Stan

Sarah Ward and Tony Derksen are also the cast of Rust Valley Restorers. However, there is almost no information available about them in the media. Even in the show, they have minimal appearance so, you should see the show if you want to learn more about them.

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