How Did Randy Edwards from Swamp People Die? Cause Of Death & Net Worth Wiki

There are only a handful of people who successfully leave a positive mark on this world. These icons have inspired the younger generations to be a part of something big in their own respective field.

Many of you might have heard about Randy Edwards, who was an expert as a commercial fisherman and hunter in a popular reality television show named Swamp People.

In this article, we are going to talk about Randy’s cause of death, wife, and children. Also, follow up on his career, net worth, and many more.

Image of Caption: Randy Edwards

Caption: Randy Edwards

Who was Randy Edwards? About his family and bio

Randy Edwards was born in 1983, and he grew up in Bayou Sorrel, Louisiana. He belonged to Caucasian ethnicity and had an American nationality. He was born to Junior (father) and Theresa Edwards (mother). Talking about his siblings, he grew up with his older brother, Willie Edwards.

Image of Caption: Junior Edwards and wife, Theresa Edwards

Caption: Junior Edwards and wife, Theresa Edwards

Randy followed the footsteps of his father and liked the ancestors before him. He began as sa fisherman and started hunting from a very young age. The family profession passed from one generation to the other.

So, it was his responsibility to carry on the trait, because of which he managed to make a living out of this profession.

His father trained Randy and Willie to take over their family profession one day, but the unfortunate tragedy stuck as Randy died on September 15, 2018, at the age of 35. Since then, the course of their destiny was forever altered.

Image of Caption: Swamp People cast Randy Edwards

Caption: Swamp People cast Randy Edwards

Randy Edwards From Swamp People

Swamp People is a television show which follows the lives of some proud hunters and descendants of Canadian immigrants. Thus featuring their struggle to preserve and conserve life in Atchafalaya Basin.

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Edwards was a part of this show for many years, including his families as well. Randy was one of the casts from the show, where he worked as an Aligator hunter. With all the work he had done, Randy had a promising future who was soon going to take care of his family business.

Edwards was a staple in Swamp People, and it’s first six seasons. It took him only a little time to be a star after his debut for the show. Now, Willie is all alone in the latest season of the show as his brother passed away in a fatal car accident some time ago.

Image of Caption: Randy Edwards and his brother, Willie Edwards

Caption: Randy Edwards and his brother, Willie Edwards

I have hunted him all season and I got him this morningThought he was a 14 pointer but he is a 11 pointer Can't count…

Posted by Randy Edwards (Swamp People ) on Saturday, February 7, 2015

Caption: Randy Edwards hunt

How did Randy Edwards Die? Was it an Accident or Suicide?

Randy Edwards hunted his final alligator in the show as he died in September of 2018. It was a tragic experience for the entire Edwards family as Randy passed away at the age of 35.

Many of you might be wondering how Randy died. Well, he was in a fatal car accident which happened on September 15. The accident happened in Iberville Parish while his car crashed into a utility pole.

Randy was heading south in Highway 74 in his 2002 Chevrolet Silverado. His car slipped on a curve and hit a pole. The impact on the car was pretty bad as he died on the accident site.

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There were many rumors surrounding the car crash, while the major reason was speculated to be impairment. However, other rumors revealed that he was driving under the influence, which turned out to be false.

Image of Caption: Randy Edwarda fatal car accident

Caption: Randy Edwarda fatal car accident

Randy Edwards Leaves Behind Wife & Children

Caption: Randy Edwards and his family while fishing

Randy Edwards was a married man, and the couple had three children: two sons and a daughter. Regardless of the fact, the name of his wife and children are still under wraps.

He preferred to keep his personal life out of the limelight, which is why there is no information about his family at all. He was a great fisherman, a good father, and a loving husband.

Image of Caption: Randy Edwards and his wife

Caption: Randy Edwards and his wife


Caption: Randy Edwards daughter

Caption: Randy Edwards and two his sons

How much was Randy Edwards Net Worth?

Randy Edwards started his career as a professional hunter from his early days. As a fisherman, it’s important to be patient, and he certainly was.

Not every day was a good hunt, but still, he sold most of what he caught in the Bayou market to make his living. Despite being a television star, he was able to gather limited fortune. However, it was enough for him and his family to live a happy life.

His main source of income was as a fisherman and an Aligator hunter. Moreover, he earned a huge amount of money from the show, Swamp People. So, Randy’s net worth was a figure of $500,000, which he left for his wife and children after his death.

Image of Caption: Randy Edwards and Terri Edwards from Swamp People

Caption: Randy Edwards and Terri Edwards from Swamp People

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