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American reality series “Ink Master” had been premiered on Paramount network in January 2012. The show has just finished the season 12. In the recent season, the cast members competed for the title “Ink Master,” and one will win $100,000, an editorial feature in Inked. In season 12, the artists competed in teams of men vs. women for the first time in the history of the show.

The show is hosted by Dave Navarro, Oliver Peck, and Chris Nunez. Season 12 introduces 18 artists and divided in two teams on the base of gender. Let’s take a glance at the cast members of the short bio below.

Alexis Kovacs Net Worth & Bio

Lehigh Valley tattoo artist Alexis Kovacs is one of the contestants on season 12. After high school, she tried her hand into the tattoo world. Now, Alexis is 38 years old. She competed on the show to won the title ‘Ink Master.’

Image of Ink Master Cast Alexis Kovacs
Ink Master Cast Alexis Kovacs

This was her first appearance on the reality TV tattoo competition and ended up being the runner up. All the contestants lived in dorms in New York and often worked 15 hours a day.

Kovacs shares her work through her social media platforms, such as Twitter and Instagram. She has posted numerous photos of tattoos made by herself on her social media. Her net worth and salary are still under review for 2020.

Ash Mann’s Boyfriend & Net Worth

Hailing from Newburgh, Ash man is one of the competitors in season 12 Ink Master. She participated in the show to win the title, but, unfortunately, her journey ended in the middle of the show.

Image of Ink Master Cast Ash Mann
Ink Master Cast Ash Mann

In the ninth episode, the team is challenged to create a 3-D sculpture with half a million toothpicks in the flash challenge. In this challenge, the women team won. She inked the tattoos with only two colors, grey, and black and portraits. We are still searching for a figure of Ash Mann’s net worth and salary.

Mann is a married woman. She married her long-term boyfriend in November 2019. However, she hasn’t revealed the name of her husband publicly. But she shared numerous pictures of the two on her Instagram. Moreover, she shared the photos of there on her social profile with a lengthy caption. Also, she is pregnant with their first child.

Ashley Anoneison Net Worth & Bio

The Ink Master competitor Ashley Anoneison has been tattooing for more than four years. Ashley was born and raised in Salem, New Hampshire. After high school, she went on to Bryant University from where she graduated in Marketing in 2011. Soon, she realized that office life wasn’t for her.

Image of Ink Master Cast Ashley Anoneison
Ink Master Cast Ashley Anoneison

Later she decided to make her career and flew to London to pursue a tattoo apprenticeship. But the TV personality can’t afford the lifestyle of London, so she flew to South California and worked under tattoo artist Dustin Yip.

Ashley made her appearance in the reality competition show in season 12 but got eliminated in an episode of six. Her Instagram goes by “anoneison,” where she has over 17k followers. Ashley Anoneison’s net worth, like her co-stars, has a hidden net worth, but we are still working to uncover it to our best ability.

Big Jaz Net Worth & Bio

Big Jaz is a veteran tattoo artist who appeared in the reality television show ‘Ink Master.’ Jaz hailed from Brooklyn, New York, and has more than 20 years of experience in the tattoo field. However, she eliminated in the third episode.

Image of Ink Master Cast Big Jaz
Ink Master Cast Big Jaz

While he was on the show, he handled the work pressure very well. Big Jazz earns a good amount of fortune as a tattoo artist. Moreover, he is the co-owner of Electric Gorilla Tattoo.  Currently, the tattoo artist lives in Bushwick.

Cam Pohl’s Girlfriend & Net Worth

Grand Ledge native Cam Phol, 26, was one of the 18 contestants tp appeared on the Paramount Network series ‘Ink Master.’ Cam got out of the sho in 13 episodes.

Image of Ink Master Cast Cam Pohl
Ink Master Cast Cam Pohl

Pohl started his tattooing journey in 2013. He has never imagined that this profession led him toward success. Cam worked at Fish Ladder Tattoo Company in Old Town for six years. The 26 years of reality star specializes in multiple tattoo styles such as realism, neo-traditional, florals, and female face.

There’s no doubt that Pohl has summoned a significant amount of money for his profession over the years. However, he has n’t anything regarding his salary publicly. One more thing, this guy is already taken and is a relationship with his unidentified girlfriend.

Creepy Jason’s Net Worth & Bio

Hampstead tattoo artist Creepy Jason is also known as Jason Lynn and was one of three finalists of the reality competition show ‘Ink Master.’ In the finale, he competed against Laura Marie and Dani Ryan.

Image of Ink Master cast Creepy Jason
Ink Master Cast Creepy Jason

According to the network, the tattoo artists tested on their technical skills along with their on-spot creativity. Creepy started tattooing in 2005 as an alternative to working 7 to 11. Hie tattoos specialize in multiple styles, including verbal abuse, gynecology, and so on.

He makes a handful of cash from his tattoos and has over ten years of experience. Even with that experience, he does not make enough for us to be able to calculate his net worth yet easily.

Dani Ryan’s Married Life, Husband & Net Worth

Born and raised in Acushnet, MA, Dani Ryan’s age is 28. She is one of the top three spots in the reality competition and long-lived show. Dani Ryan came to us in the year 2016 and worked under Freddy’s.

Image of Ink Master Cast Dani Ryan
Ink Master Cast Dani Ryan

Dani Ryan graduated from the Rhode Island School of Design. Dani Ryan has worked at the tattoo shop in Warren, Rhode Island. She enjoys both black and grey color projects. Further, Dani is married to then-boyfriend Alex Duff. They married in July at New Bedford City Hall.

Elva Stefanie Net Worth & Bio

Elva is one of the contestants of season 12 Ink Master. She roe to fame after making her appearance in the show. Elva began her tattoo career in a small apartment, but now, she is the owner of her tattoo studio ‘The Blank State’ in Poughkeepsie, New York.

Image of Ink Master Cast Elva Stefanie
Ink Master Cast Elva Stefanie

Elva’s unique style and dedicated work allowed her natural talent to flourish. For her work, she has been decorated with numerous awards. Elva Stefanie is a well-respected member of the tattoo community. Stefanie earned a bachelor’s degree in Art History and Ancient World civilizations.

However, she hasn’t disclosed her net worth publicly. She has aimed to become a renowned and influential tattoo artist.

Fon’s Net Worth & Bio

Fon is from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and made his name by himself in the world of tattoo. He appeared on season 12 of Ink Master but eliminated in eight-episode. She was one of the former contestants of the Ink Master.

Image of Ink Master Cast Fon
Ink Master Cast Fon

Fon is very much active on social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. His Instagram username is “@23_fon,” where he has over 18k followers. His Instagram is flooded with tattoos that inked by him.

Fon worked as Money & Ink Tattoo Studio. He has five years of experience in tattooing. Maybe, in the near future, he opened his tattoo shop. Moreover, Fon is a family person and has three years old daughter.

Holli Marie Bio

Holli Marie is one of the most consistent tattoo artists on Ink Master. She participated in the show in season 12. The young and vibrant tattoo artist is from Deep River, Connecticut, and has made her career in tattooing.

Image of Ink Master Cast Holli Marie
Ink Master Cast Holli Marie

Marie has six years of experience in tattooing. She specializes in traditional and non-traditional. Holli has inked several tattoos in her different parts of the body. She made her first tattoo a small grey and black moth on her left wrist.

Justin Nordie Bio

Justin Nordie is one of the casts of the Ink Master season 12. He eliminated in the four-episode. Nordie was born and grew up in Grand Junction, Colorado. He has been working as a tattoo artist for a decade.

Image of Ink Master Cast Justin Nordie
Ink Master Cast Justin Nordie

After college, Justin worked as an art teacher to inner-city students. Later he opened his own tattoo studio, ‘The Raw Canvas.’ His drive for tattooing comes from the storied of clients, nature, and humanities.

Nordie is internationally known for his fine-art watercolor technique. Besides nature, he focused on human faces and also used graphic elements.

Laura Marie Net Worth

Laura Marie was cast in the twelfth season of Ink Master. The Geneseo native tattoo artist has a massive number of followers on her Instagram. Her Instagram goes by “tattoobylauramarie,” where she has over 10k followers.

Image of Ink Master Cast Laura Marie
Ink Master Cast Laura Marie

She has skilled in creating art, and later, she turned it into her career. Now, Laura is a professional tattoo artist. Also, Marie is a co-owner of  ‘Artist, Atomic Rock Tattoo.’ She is the winner of season 12 and won $100,000 cash. After winning the title, his life changed drastically.  She loves to write a comic book. We don’t know her net worth yet, but we expect it to be a massive amount.

Pon Net Bio

Pon rose to fame after his appearance in the reality competition series ‘Ink Master.’ Pon has been in the tattoo business since 1999. American traditional artist works consist of a bold outline, heavy shading, and vibrant colors.

Image of Ink Master Cast Pon
Ink Master Cast Pon

Pon enjoys any tattoo that challenged him to be a better artist. He was cast in the season 12 of Ink Master. Ge worked for Artist, Money & Ink, and has five years of experience.

The Ink Master cast makes pretty good money his profession as a tattoo artist. Besides, he earns extra wealth from his merchandise, where he sells both men and women apparel.

Pony Wave Bio

Multi-talented Pony Wave grabbed the media attention after appearing in Ink Master in the last season. Pony Wave is a vegan tattoo artist, illustrator as well as model. She has featured on the cover of Tattoo Magazine.

Image of Ink Master Cast Pony Wave
Ink Master Cast Pony Wave

Pony was born and raised in Russia, where she started her career as a tattoo artist. Now, the artist lives in Los Angeles. In the beginning, she used a lot of colors, but soon she inked most of her tattoos with black, minimalism, and geometry.

Wave has her own private tattoo studio and makes tremendous money from her tattoo skills. Besides, the tattoo artist earns a good fortune for her self as an actress and has made her appearance on a few projects as well.

Tim Leese Bio

From an early age, Ink Master cast, Tim Lees has been infatuated with art and creative process of making something from nothing. Tim Leese was born in a low-income family in California. He was an avid skateboarder, but he dreamed of becoming a professional skateboarder. He suffered from a knee injury.

Image of Ink Master Cast Tim Leese
Ink Master Cast Tim Leese

On the other side, Leese loves sketching that led him to the tattoo world. At the age of 14, the first tattoo he did was his mother. Following the year, Tim opened his own tattoo shop.

Throughout his career, Tim traveled all over the USA, Mexico, Canada, Hawaii, and Europe while working as a tattoo artist. Currently, Tim Leese worked in his studio, Golden Tarot Ink Club, in the heart of Las Vegas.

Tito Zambrano Bio

Zambrano is one of the 18 contests selected by Ink Master, who participated in season 12. Tito is from Valdosta, Georgia, and been working in a tattoo studio, ‘Hollywood Twisted Needles’, for many years.

Image of Ink Master Cast Tito Zambrano
Ink Master Cast Tito Zambrano

Tito has 12 years of experience, and his work consisting of vibrant color and more realism. His Instagram username is “titozambrano,” where he over 7k followers. Zambrano is a married man and also has a son.

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